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Thank You Cards

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So very understanding
So very understanding So very understanding

May I please, through your website, thank most sincerely from the bottom of my heart, Sentiments Funeral Home.
I recently and very suddenly lost my beautiful grandson, Kain at the age of just four years old.
The kindness and compassion you showed to us and the attention to every little request we made and the thoughtfulness throughout, was absolutely second to none.
A particular big thank you goes to Steve, who attended our needs with so much attention to detail.
Steve and all the associates of Sentiments, were truly professional, but at the same time so very understanding.
Mrs Janet Cain
Clerke Street, Cleethorpes

Thank you
Thank you A big Thank You
Just a short note to say a big thank you to all the people of Sentiments for the work that was done at my mother-in-laws funeral on the 10th November 2008, it was very very nice and the staff was very smart indeed. I do think you are spot on. I had you for my husband when he passed away last year that was the 2nd July 2007. I had Steve he was very good too. I had the black horses they were very nice.

Well thank you very much indeed for everything and I wish you all the best.
Yours truly
B Richman (Mrs)
Adelphi Drive

Above the call of duty
Above the call of duty Above the call of duty
I wondered if I could thank Sentiments Funeral Directors.
My nanna passed away suddenly and Sentiments have dealt with the appropriate funeral arrangements. At a time of grief and loss, Sentiments has given utmost empathy, compassion, consideration and courtesy.

Nothing has been too much trouble. They have given constant kindness to my family, always been at the end of the phone to help my mum and dad in arrangements, and have gone above the call of duty.

My family cannot give enough thanks for their kindness and dignity shown to my nanna, Isabel Mallett.

Their support is beyond recognition and has truly helped in the loss of our loved one.
Particular thanks to George, who has been there for us all.
Joanne Robbins
Lawson Avenue

Thank you
Thank you Thank you
I cannot thank you enough for how every little detail was handled and that it was ensured that what was provided was what I wanted and not as I have experienced before, what the funeral director wanted me to have.

I would certainly recommend you to anyone who has lost a loved one. Just knowing you were there at the end of a phone and that you would really listen to whatever concerns or queries I might have and try to resolve them for me, made it so much easier for me to cope.

Please accept my grateful thanks for providing an exceptionally good service which you should be very proud of.

Yours sincerely
Heather Blair
Ajax Close

Just to say
Just to say Thank you
Thank you so much for such a wonderful website as it allowed us to contribute some memories of Kev.
With kind regards
Margaret & Kevin Joel

Thank you so much
Thank you so much George,
We have been associated with three Funerals over the past few years just like many other such people in the Grimsby area. But all our family have been truly impressed by your companies staff for there kind help, consideration and most of all "True Professionalism" during the sad loss of our "Dad".You have a company to be very proud of, and of course supported by your excellent staff! Gary Walters is a true professional, and all the family wish to express our sincere thanks.Many people at the Funeral passed several very rewarding comments, not only for your own staff but also to Lee Grant who conducted the proceedings the way we all wanted.
Many thanks to you all.Kind Regards, Martin Graham & Family.

Thank you
Thank you Mr Malcolm Nutbrown
Just to say a big thank you to everyone for your care and understanding, and for looking after us on each and every visit we made to the funeral home after my husband Mally's very sudden and sad death and even more so on the day of the funeral.

Special thanks to Gary for looking after us through-out with so much caring help and support, nothing was too much trouble for you. This is naturally a very sad time for anyone faced with a bereavement but it was made a little easier to bear with your help in dealing with everything for us. You are true professionals at your job.

Your motto is "Say goodbye the way you want to" this is so apt and so very true of Sentiments. It's the little things that count so much as well, like Mally's wedding ring given back to me in a proper ring box, and the memorial cards given to us, such lovely and touching thoughts for us to keep and treasure.
George, you have a business, staff and funeral home to be very proud of.
Many thanks again
Jo Nutbrown and Family

Just wanted to say
Just wanted to say Keith & Sue Baldock-Grimes
On behalf of my family I should like to express our sincere thanks for your assistance in guiding us through this difficult time. Thankfully, bereavement is not something which happens often but this unfamiliarity can make the situation even harder to deal with. We are particularly grateful to Gary whose calm and professional approach helped us through the practicalities and allowed us to concentrate on the loss of our father. We felt confident and reassured that our father would be treated with respect and care and this was a huge comfort.
Once again we are extremely grateful for your help and would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Thank you
Thank you I ever I was so lucky enough to win the lottery you would be my very first person to give money to. But then Sentiments would be a very sad place without you.

That would be no disrespect to Sentiments Funeral home because I could never express the gratitude to you and Sentiments. The service from start to finish and all the care taking care of my Bob was so wonderful. Everything I requested you to do for me Julie you did and in such a caring way. I will never forget it. All my Bob’s family in the U.S.A was so impressed with the service and they all passed wonderful comments on you walking in front of my Bob’s coffin. They said you walked with such dignity and respect, and how wonderful your attire looked on you. The same was also said in all my family here in the UK.

They said the whole of Sentiments did a wonderful job sending my wonderful Bob to heaven some people say angels are only in heaven. That is not true. They come in human form on this earth. I know because you are one of those angels, I thank God for sending you to me in my time of such need. Once again Julie thank you for making everything go to plan on Bob’s funeral. X

I will be forever grateful to you Julie

My angel, my friend


Jenny & Family

Thank you
Thank you Julie
Thank you so much for all your help, understanding and sensitivity at such a difficult time. Words cannot express our appreciation. Your patience, endless!
Please pass on our thanks to all concerned.
Kindest regards
Cheryl & Leigh
(Daughters of the late Don Near)

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