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Thank You Cards

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Thank you
Thank you To Gary & team
As a family we would like to extend our sincere thanks to you for your kindness and professionalism.
It meant so much to us to feel that both Peter and ourselves were in safe and caring hands.
with best wishes
Vivien, Katie,
Keela & family

Thank you
Thank you To Gary & the whole team at Sentiments, sincere thanks to all of you for being so professional, helpful and for your kind words while organizing the funeral of our lovely Mum.
It made such a difference during a very sad time.
Take care
Anne Whyte & Louis Byrne

Thanks To Julie & the team
Thank you so much for the care and attention you gave to us at a very upsetting and sad time.
It was very much appreciated.
Thank you once again.
Mr Whitworth, Elaine Spearen & Jayne Genney

Thank you so much
Thank you so much To Gary & the team,
Thank you so much for helping us through a difficult, emotional time, with kindness and care.
The service was beautiful and your team were very helpful and effective throughout.
Once again thank you
The Boyd Family

Thank you
Thank you For Laura Cerrino
Thank you very much to all Sentiments staff for the care and comforting service.
Christine Norman & Family

St Andrews Sleepwalk
St Andrews Sleepwalk Mr G Axworthy
Sentiments Funeral Home
17 Chantry Lane
DN31 2LP

Dear George
Just a quick line to thank you so much for the wonderful job that the Sentiments Team did on Friday evening/Saturday morning at our sleepwalk 2013. There has been a lot of positive feedback from the event and especially how well the registration process went, and again the recording of the ladies coming back in.
Without your kind support it would make it very difficult for the event to go ahead and you help with undertaking this role is very much appreciated.
Initial estimates, based on the pledge cards that the ladies handed in on the night, suggest that the event is on course to raise in the region of 48,000.00 a figure that we would not have been able to reach without the help and support of everyone who got involved on the night.
Once again thank you for all your help and support.
Yours sincerely
Angela Greenfield

Thank you
Thank you To all Sentiments staff
Thank you very much for your care and comforting service for the late Laura Mary Cerrino.
Christine Norman & Family

St Andrews Hospice Sleepwalk
St Andrews Hospice Sleepwalk All the team from Sentiments just getting ready to help and sponsor the St Andrews Hospice Sleepwalk 2013.
A massive job well done.

Thanking you
Thanking you To Julie & everyone at Sentiments
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the beautiful service you guys did for my Dad this week.
I realise we chopped and changed things a bit, but you guys were truly amazing and i just wanted to let you know how much Mum and I appreciated everything you guys did leading up to and on the day.
Again, thank you!!!
Matt Maclean

Thanking you so much
Thanking you so much Dear Julie
I would like to tell you how absolutely wonderful your personal handling of my father's care and funeral has been. As a family we have been overwhelmed by your kindness, professionalism and absolutely unswerving dedication to fulfilling our wishes. I am so glad that my Dad chose your company. I would especially like to thank you Julie for the kindness you showed my step mum when she came to see my Dad, she had not been eating or sleeping and I was worried about her, but after she had seen him she said she could not believe how much better she felt, she said he looked so nice and handsome and serene. She told me you had been very kind and helped her a great deal that day.

My Dad always appreciated an attractive lady and indeed, they seemed to appreciate him too, so when you asked if we were happy with you leading the way, we thought it amusing as no one could have been more appropriate than your lovely self. He would definitely have been impressed by the whole day.

Each and every one of the team at Sentiments that we met were equally wonderful. I would like to mention specifically two occasions when I was extremely touched by kindness besides your own.

The first was on the very day that my Dad died, I believe it was Steve that came to the home of my Dad and step mum, he was so gentle and kind, yet equally he took control and steered us through the day when we were still in shock. He was also very understanding and courteous with regards to my own faith and the religious rituals that I wished to carry out before my Dad was taken away.

The second was on the actual day of the funeral, and more specifically when I and my daughters were carrying my Dad on the last leg of his last journey. Personally I was, totally unexpectedly, shaking quite violently and struggling to breathe as we walked down the aisle of the Crematorium, but the man behind me whispered reassuringly that all was well. And then he and the man on the opposite side of the coffin (without anyone seeing) steered me and my eldest daughter as we had to curve round to place the coffin on the stand. My husband said we appeared in total control and very professional, so our sincere thanks for helping us to do what was a very difficult but desired act of love for my wonderful and totally adored father.

With warmest regards
Susanne Spicer

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