Sentiments Simple Funeral

Our Simple Funeral Option

A simple, low cost funeral alternative, providing the same standard of professionalism and care that has come to be expected from the team at Sentiments which will not compromise on quality and is provided at a fair price.


Whether it be at the request of a loved one, or possibly due to financial difficulties, whatever the reason, if a ‘Simple Funeral’ is your preferred choice then we would respectfully ask that you make an appointment by telephoning 01472 242783 to arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated team.


Were here to help, so as we’ve mentioned, come and see us, the probability is that once we’ve discussed all available options, we’ll be able to help you!  We’ll gladly point you in the right direction and help you complete any forms when obtaining help towards the funeral costs from various sources.  Our advice is provided without obligation, if your still unsure, ask someone that knows us, or have used our services before, or have a look at the ‘thank you’s’ that have been posted on the website.  We hope this will give you the confidence to realise that you’re in good hands and that your interests are always our primary concern.

The cost of our services for a ‘Simple Funeral’ are £1,995.00

Please note that in addition to the cost of our services there are also third party fees known as ‘disbursements’, for the essential services provided by others that Sentiments will arrange on your behalf.  Two examples have been provided below to give you a comparative, giving the total cost of a simple funeral for both cremation and burial.

Cremation – ‘Our Simple Funeral Costs’ £1,995.00; Plus added disbursements – Grimsby Crematorium charges for a simple cremation (restricted dates and times applied by NELC) £503.50; Statutory Medical Form Fees £164.00; Clergy or Celebrant fees £185.00.

Burial – ‘Our Simple Funeral costs’ £1,995.00; Plus added disbursements –

Grimsby or Cleethorpes Cemetery Charges (including the ‘purchase’ and the ‘interment’ fees charged by NELC) £1,677.00; Cemetery Chapel usage fees (additional charge by NELC) £109.00; Clergy or Celebrant fees £185.00.

What’s included in our Simple Funeral

These are the things that we’ll do for you as part of our Simple Funeral:

  • Sentiments will remove your loved one from their place of death into our care
  • If death occurs out of normal working hours, at home or in a care home, we’ll remove your loved one into our care, out of hours, at no extra cost
  • We will prepare, care for and dress your loved one in a taffeta gown to compliment the interior of our ‘Simple Coffin’
  • Your loved one will rest with us at Sentiments within our mortuary facilities, or if required, a private rest room in our funeral home
  • You’ll be able to visit your loved one during normal working hours at no additional charge
  • We’ll transport your loved one from the funeral home to the crematorium or cemetery in a hearse at the appointed time of the service
  • We will guarantee all necessary arrangements for a dignified funeral
  • Your Funeral Director will be there at the funeral to support and guide you through the funeral

We proudly assure you that we will NOT compromise our quality of service in any way.

What additional services can I choose?

We understand that while you may want to keep your funeral simple, there may be some additional services you’d like, to follow traditions or beliefs.

Our experienced staff at Sentiments will be happy to talk through your needs and help you decide on the options that best suit you – we’ll then be able to confirm any additional costs that may be incurred.

As part of our ‘Simple Funeral’, the following services are also available to you (at an additional cost):

  • We can arrange for the funeral service, celebration or ceremony to take place at your chosen location before attending the cemetery or crematorium
  • We can organise for a chauffeur driven limousine(s) to follow the hearse
  • We can arrange for the hearse and limousine(s) to attend your chosen location before the funeral, and proceed to the funeral ‘in cortege’ as a funeral procession
  • We can carry out hygienic treatment for your loved one if requested

What isn’t included in our Simple Funeral?

Payments made on your behalf to third parties, which are known as ‘disbursements’ aren’t included in the Simple Funeral.

These include fees for the doctor, minister, church and crematorium. We kindly ask for payment for these at the time of making the funeral arrangements.

Any Questions? Contact us and Inquire Today!

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