My Choice, free funeral planning

Funeral arrangements are a worry to many people who want to ensure that their wishes are followed after they have passed away

What we do

Sentiments solve the problem by providing a straightforward but comprehensive funeral pre-planning service (My Choice) absolutely free of charge. The eventual cost of the funeral would be met by the family at the time of need but the actual arrangements are pre-determined by you.

How it works

Sentiments staff will sensitively and expertly sit down and guide you through the arrangement form and write down all your planned wishes. This enables you to consider now what sort of arrangements, ceremony, tributes, flowers, donation contributions and many other aspects of your funeral you would like to pre-determine. If these things are unplanned they can cause a great deal of additional uncertainty and distress to your loved ones at a time when they least need it. There is no need to pay for your funeral now and Sentiments will supply you with certificates which you can hand out to your family and friends so they know who to contact when the time comes. Serving Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding villages.

Please fill in the form below to express your wishes and we will contact your shortly.

Please provide us with the following information so that we ‘Sentiments Independent Funeral Home’ may at a later date, if requested by your personal representative follow out your instructions in accordance with the information provided within this form.

  • Funeral Requirements

    In the following section you will be able to create the service that most suits your requirements, if you would like to personalise your chosen options than please also use the blank information boxes provided.