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Died 2009-01-17.

The funeral service for the late Nathan John Sate (36)
was held on Wednesday 28th January 2009 at Grimsby Crematorium.
The service was conducted by Nick Oldfield
and the following mourners attended:



Family Mourners


Miss Caroline Kenyon                                        Partner

Mrs Judy Sate and Mr Trevor Bird                      Mother and Partner

Mr John Sate                                                      Father

Miss Marisa Sate                                                Sister

Mrs & Mr Alex and Chris Smith                          Sister and Brother-in-law

Mrs Janet Robson                                               Aunt

Mrs & Mr Beryl and Brian Motley                      Aunt and Uncle

Mr Bill Sate and Mrs Dawn Ward                       Uncle and Partner

Mr Keith Robson                                               Uncle

Miss Hattie Robson                                           Cousin

Mr Marcus Motley and Liz Frampton                 Cousin and Partner

Mr Ted Robson                                                 Cousin

Mr & Mrs Chris and Lynne Dring                      Cousin

Mrs Lynne Hattle                                              Cousin

Mr & Mrs James and Kathryn Laverack            Cousin

Miss Anna Motley and Mr Rob Walker              Cousin and Partner

Miss Coreana Sate                                            Cousin

Mrs Maureen Stevenson, 
also rep. Steve Stevenson                                   Cousin

Mrs Ivy Coldron                                                Great-Aunt

Mrs & Mr Sue and Toni Pilgrim                         (Caroline’s Parents)

Mrs Joanne Gibbons, 
also representing Paul Gibbons and Joe Hattle

Mr & Mrs Les and Jean Mumby

Mr & Mrs Andy and Carol Loades

Mr Sean Loades

Miss Sonya Loades

Mr Vic Wright

Mr & Mrs James and Angela Woodhouse

Mr Mark Kenyon

Mr Graham Kenyon

Mr & Mrs Dean and Mandy Daley

Miss Kathryn Knight

Mr Andrew Smith


Other Mourners 
Mrs Karen Yarborough, also representing Freeman Platts

Mrs Jayne Moore

Mrs Christine Walker

Miss Debbie Hall

Miss Helen Johnson

Mr Lee Hilldrith

Mr & Mrs Dave and Allison Johnson

Mrs Sylvia Anderson, also representing Darryl Anderson

Mrs Elaine Dawson, also representing Louise Dawson

Mrs June Portus, also representing Emma Dyson

Mr David Rear and Mr Ken Rear,

            also representing Dave and Mo Gresham, and John Hornsey and family

Mr Paul Allen

Mrs Pauline Allen, also representing Geoffrey Allen

Mr David Green

Mr Andrew Harrison

Mr Will Ramster, also representing Curly

Mrs Lou Thomas

Mr & Mrs Ron and Sandra Merriman

Mr & Mrs Daniel and Elizabeth Gregory

Mrs Louise Bullimore

Mrs Eunice Malkinson,

also representing John Malkinson, and Jaci and Stuart Rowbotham

Miss Cara Mills

Mr Nicholas Skelton, also representing Sheila Skelton

Mr Chris Good

Mrs Sandra Flegg

Miss Hayley Flegg

Mrs Justine Ridley

Mrs Joanna Grimble

Miss Shirley Barker, also representing Charles Vickers

Mr & Mrs Rob and Fi Taylor

Mrs Julie Fearnley, also representing Brian Fearnley

Mrs Maggie Wilson

Mr Johnny Outhouse

Miss Amy Billings

Miss Rachel Outhouse

Mr & Mrs R. Atkinson

Mr & Mrs Ray and Sue Garton

Ms Jackie King and Mr Peter Martin

Mr Kell Thomsen

Mrs Sally Wright, also representing Stephen Wright 

Mr & Mrs Trevor and Dianne Hendry                ) representing Hendry Electrical

Mr David Hendry                                              )

Mr Mark Brown

Mr Lee Carlton

Mr Mark Baxter                                                ) representing Newey and Eyre

Mr Adrian Sullivan                                             )

Mr James Holmes

Mr Chris Flegg

Mr James Ogley

Mr Ian Boyers

Mr Phil Collis

Mr & Mrs Mally and Annie Clark

Mr & Mrs Steven and Anne Burchell, also representing Sandra Burchell

Mr Craig Tolley and Miss Kim Cummins

Mr & Mrs Ray and Janet Pilgrim

Mr Dave Hill, representing D. Hill Electrical

Mr Rick Smith                                                   ) representing

Mr Peter Elliott                                                 ) Edmundson Electrical

Mrs Victoria Parkes (Reeves)

Mr Tony Leggett, also representing Graham Chard and City Electrical Factors

Mr Archie Bell

Mr Tom Percy

Mr Ben Tindall

Mr Kevin Wilson

Mr Nick Brown

Mr Paul Kavanagh

Mr Simon Kavanagh

Miss Sharon Vessy

Mrs Julie Staples

Mrs Natalie Taff

Mrs Lisa Parker

Mr Terry Branson

Mrs Clare Jervis

Miss Sarah Rogers

Mr Paul Bushell

Mr Mark Outhouse

Mr Sean Boylan

Mr & Mrs Daniel and Justine Ramsden

Mrs Karen Nuttall. also representing John Nuttall

Mr Chris Hopper

Mr Lee Backrath

Mr Charlie Spall, also representing Linda and Simon 

Mr John Foster

Mr Mark Baldwin

Mr Phil Taylor

Mr & Mrs Richard and Rosalie Drakes

Mrs Pam Harris, also representing Mick Harris

Mrs Janet Hanson, also representing Steve Hanson

Mr Sean Roche

Miss Jo Plumtree, also representing Brenda Plumtree

Mr & Mrs Graham and Lyn Rouse

Miss Clare Avison

Miss Rachel Bell

Mr Trevor Boom

Mr Martin Boom

Mr & Mrs James and Emma Davis

Mr Sheldon Davis

Mr Paul Lusty

Mr Mike Tindall

Miss Kate Marshall

Miss Esther Board

Miss Amy Lowther

Mr Matthew Ward

Mr Paul Smith

Mr Phil Smith

Mr Mark Elliott

Mr Chris Emerson and Mr Peter Heath,

            also representing Barry and Lee Towill, Paul Wilson,

            and all staff at B.D.M. Environmental Ltd.

Mr Peter Hurst

Miss Beckie Hall

Mrs Amanda London

Mr & Mrs Derek and Sue Chapman

Mr & Mrs Colin and Doreen Deans, also representing Stuart Deans

Mr David Ashcroft

Mr Darren Hibbins

Miss Marie Robbins

Mrs Chris Robbins

Mr & Mrs Andrew and Gina Waterhouse

Mr Steve Allen

Mr Paul Blackbourn

Miss Sarah Lawrence

Mr Stef Goodwin

Mr Barry Taylor Jnr. 

Mr Barry Taylor Snr.

Mr Martin Atkinson

Mr Dean Miles

Mr Richard Foster

Mrs Emma Taylor

Mr Dave Allen, also representing Paul and Carly Bartlett

Miss Abby Woods, also representing Nathan Woods

Mr Gary Hall

Mrs Sharon Day

Mrs Kathleen Dove

Miss Liz Frampton

Mr Ben Taylor

Mr Dave Brown

Mr & Mrs John and Christine Towle

Mr Michael Harty

Miss Adele Brydges

Mr Simon Green

Mr & Mrs Venney

Mrs Jo Wigfield, also representing Paul Wigfield

Miss Becky Brown

Miss Louise Sanderson

Miss Claire Marston, also representing Matthew Durrant

Mr Richard Brown, also representing Stuart Godfrey

Mr Matthew Hendry, also representing Kevin Waddingham

Mrs Tina Willis, representing Cromwell Industrial Supplies

Miss Samantha Southern

Miss Nicola Whall

Miss Maxine Plummer

Mr Julian Vickers, also representing Paul Melhuish

Miss Sally Ashfall

Mr Paul Courtley

Miss Nina Porritt

Mrs Natalie Cartwright

Mr Dave Jarratt, also representing L.E.W.

Mr Paul Atkinson

Mr James Priestley

Mr Peter Raw

Mrs Rachel Lewis

Mrs Caroline Brown

Miss Nicola Parker

Mr Darren Ennis

Mr Stuart Artist Miss Marie Creer 

Mr Matt Campbell

Mrs Nuca Starks

Mr Louis Harris

Mr Dave Smith

Mr & Mrs B. Davis

Mr Granville Norburn, also representing Mrs Norburn and family

Miss Janine McIntyre

Mr Steve Crawford

Mr Peter Collins

Mr Adrian Baker

Mr John Foy

Miss Maxine Benzie

Mr Andrew Harrison (Andrex)

Miss Fiona Smith

Miss Lorna Whitehead

Mr & Mrs Mark and Alyson Dring, also representing Paul Dring and family

Mr Peter Foster

Mr Nick Flegg

Mr Simon Madison

Mr Derek Brown






















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