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Died 2012-06-14.

MARGARET ANN CROSS (77): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Reverend Canon Ian Robinson.
Family mourners attending: Andrew Cross and Deborah Zost, son and daughter-in-law; James and Katy Cross, son and daughter-in-law; Marlene Mitchell, sister; Mr B. Rhoades, brother; Bob and Chris Rhoades, brother and sister-in-law; Colin and Olive Rhoades, brother and sister-in-law; John and Janice Rhoades, brother and sister-in-law; Anita Wade, niece; Julie and John Grimmer, niece and husband (also rep. Unique Improvements); Kathryn Rhoades (also rep. Tina Burns), nieces; Catriona Overton, niece; Leesa and Mark Taylor, niece and husband; Louise Rhoades, niece; Alison Rhoades and Nicki Chamley, niece and partner; Victoria Oakley, niece (also rep. David and Matthew Rhoades, brother/nephew); Lee Rhoades, nephew; Stephen Rhoades, nephew; Ian Gibbons, nephew.
Other mourners: Derek and Fay Corrigan; Ken and Leither Taylor; Pat and John Beck; Sheila Hutson; Valerie and Tommy Hallberg; Ann and John Howard; Les and Milly Nutt; Bert and Barbara Warman; Trevor, Jacqui and Jenna McDonald; Liz and Ken Knight; Shirley Oldman; Mr & Mrs Pallett; Eric and Suzette Denton; Marion Piggott; Jean Taylor; Anne Markham-Bland (also rep. Margaret Plumtree and Denise Wood); Angela Garrett; Jean Heaton; Jean Barney; John and Barbara Donner; Alan and Judy Wiseman; Eunice Kelsey; Peter and Jo Jackson; Ernie and Rita Smalley (also rep. Mavis and Laurie Wright); Alf and Peggy Joyner; Vicky Nixon-Betts; David and Christine Roberts (also rep. Marie Nuttall); John and Norma Wilson (also rep. Reg and Maureen Jones); Alec and Barbara Ainsworth (also rep. Andrea and Sarah); Bernard and Pat Beel; John and Joan Rowbotham; Malcolm and Doreen Turrell; Brian and Irene Barnett (also rep. Roy and Ann Fowler); Dennis Brown; Shirley Townsend; Malcolm and Rose Russell; Barbara Goodwin; Wendy Rogers (also rep. Sharon Thompson); Debi Shiner (Cancer Collaborative); Vicki Beckett (Cancer Collaborative); Beryl Watson (also rep. Margaret Horsburgh (Cancer Collaborative)); Dorothy Hurton (also rep. David Hurton and the Central Hall Dance Club); Representative from St. Andrew’s Hospice; Janet Jensen; Margaret Gallagher; Sandra Needham; Tim and Jean Bird; Mandy Burkitt (also rep. David Burkitt); Rachel Buckley; Rachel Ogley; Pauline Woodforth; Klaus and Audrey Zost; Margaret Reeves; Irene Cottingham; Michelle Sinclair; Jane Dick; Mrs Hickinbottom; Stella Rush (also rep. Molly Rush); Pat Britteon; Jonathan Grimmer; Lisa Denton; Matthew Denton; Terry Overton; Jean and Don Wiseman; Lawrence Smith; Jim and Muriel Eastern; Emily Snell; Amy Snell; Adam Snell; Sam Benterman-Snell; Vince Snell; Gordon and Judith Burley; Mick and Margaret Wright; David and Audrey Jacklin; Phillipa Onions (also rep. Alan and Sue Potter).
Funeral arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

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