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Died 2012-02-14.

AMANDA JANE WELLER (38): A service took place at St. Peter’s Church, Holton-le-Clay, and was conducted by Reverend Chris Woadden.

Family mourners attending: Ken Weller, husband; Madeline Weller, daughter; Matthew Weller, son; Stephanie Weller, stepdaughter (also representing Harley (Grandson)); Natalie Weller, stepdaughter; Ann Parrott, mother; John Parrott, father; Helen and Mark Woods, sister and brother-in-law; Claire and Jamie Frear, sister and brother-in-law; James Richardson, brother; Mrs Parrott, grandmother; Mirian Hiles, grandmother; Linda Richardson, stepmother             (also rep. Weldon (Amanda’s late Father)); Jean Weller,       mother-in-law; David Weller, brother-in-law; Terry and Sally Weller, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Caitlin Woods (also representing Jack Woods), niece/nephew; Ritchie (also representing Harry-Joe), nephew; Ray and Jackie Layzell, aunt and uncle; Marion Horn, aunt (also rep. Mr & Mrs Corston, and Mr & Mrs Hatfield and their families); Harry Jones, uncle; Bill Hockney, uncle (and godfather); Jim and Carol Briggs, uncle and aunt; Mary Barratt, great-aunt; Mrs Smailes, great-aunt (also rep. T. Bellord); Sarah and Michael Barratt, cousin; Mr A.M.D. Barratt, cousin; Mary Barratt, 2nd cousin; Patricia and Bill Hallard, 2nd cousin and husband; Alyson Low, godmother; Connor Brown, godson; Mollie Brown, goddaughter; Alan and Kelly Smith (also rep. Bradley and Oscar (godsons)); Tony Weller; Donna Weller; Mark Brown; David Horn; Bob, Cynthia, Rachel and Andrew.

Other mourners: Paul and Nicola Drinkell; Paul and Selina Taplin; Denise Hardy (also rep. Emma Harris); James and Merilyn Hancocks; Keith and Judy Clifton (rep. Clifton’s Dance Academy); Phil and Rachel Booker; Peter Booker; Sue Dennis (also rep. Pete and Steve Dennis); Vanessa Storey; Roger and Sue Deboick; Chrissie Melville (also rep. Tony Melville); Dana Taylor; Michelle Stringer; Rae Draycott; Steve and Sally Wilkinson; Beryl Cumberland; Steve and Erika Hurrell; Stuart and Jackie Tutty; Tracey Harris (also rep. Kev Harris); Stephen and Kathryn Choppen; Carl and Sheena Bostock; Nigel and Sharon Mussett; Jeremy Onley (also rep. Dawnna Mulholland); Gary Finch; Janet Fenner, Jane Halliday and Lynsey Wright (all staff at Betty McKenzie); Elaine Lax; Ivy Whitmore; Natalie Bell (rep. the Rainbow Corner Day Nursery); Judy Brewitt (Nurse – Conoco Phillips); Claire Gale; Tracy George; Mike Dillon; Diane Hodds; Jo Linney; Bernie Bell (Rainbow Corner Nursery); Christine Tabor; Kirsty Terry (also rep. Mr. Terry); Gill Pratton; John Frosdick and Maureen Birch (N.E. Lincs Council – Benefits Dept.); Darren and Caroline Lambert; Stephen Fenty; Wendy Bradley; Sean Tatam; Maria Stead; Victoria Brown (also rep. Mr & Mrs J. Spencer, and Mr & Mrs P. Spencer); Jaz and Sub Dhaliwal; Julie Baker (also rep. David Baker); Simon Fountain (also rep. Albert and Janet Fountain); Matthew Bradley (also rep. David Bradley); Andrew Fountain; Sue McCaughley; Julie Taylor; Ron and Veronica Osborne (also rep. Emma Cresswell and family); Ida Hickinbottom; Emma and Carl Holmes (also rep. Charlotte and Barry Taylor); Lauren Wadd; Denise Kirkham (rep. Governors Services); Irene Coulson (formerly Stratford) (also rep. Tracy Stratford and Allison Moore); Nicola Restall; Rachel Watson; Chris and Zoe Williams; Tony and Christine Beach; Steve and Dawn Warner; Brian and Elaine Duell; Simon Hudson; Mr & Mrs S. Carmichael; Perry Fielding (also rep. Glenda); Bill Nicholson (also rep. Vikki); Jeff Smith; Angelina Tucker; Ken Payne; Maureen Lewitt; Catherine Godbold; Ian and Kaye Bett (also rep. Lauren, Tom and Rachel Bett); Tim Evans; Matthew Firth; Kate Guy; Stephen and Diane Duff; Stephen and Lynn Jones; Shane Jones; Neil and Lorraine Garnett; Natalie Clark; Liz Daniel; Liz Foster (Macmillan Nurse) (rep. the Macmillan Palliative Care Team); Paul Purser; Paul and Carly Bartlett; Kay Hewitt (also rep. Paul Hewitt); Julie Shaw (also rep. Thomas Shaw); Nick Shaw; Claire Burkitt (also rep. John); Margaret Lill (also rep. Alfred Lill); Sheila Stones (also rep. Susan Jebson); Marion Loft; Debbie Redbourn (rep. all Staff at Trackers Pre-School); Emma Stratton (also rep. Shelly Harvey); Kirsty West; June Cornwall (also rep. Zoe Daniel (nee Cornwall)); Sally Tilby; Andrea Studd (Enfield Primary School); Sarah Heinzman (rep. Enfield Primary School, Steve Brown, Moira Watt, Carol Callanan, Nicola Gallant, Hazel Jamieson and Liz Dransfield); Jo Lowe (Enfield Primary School); David Neul; Michelle Neul; Noreen Huddleston; Phil and Pam Welby; Angela Winterburn; Ann Graves; Zane Woods; Becky Leggett (also rep. Steve Leggett); Amy Proctor (also rep. Paul Watson); Carolyn Robinson; Andrew Plowman; Mr & Mrs M. & S. Barker; Mrs C. Cromack; Louise Sargeant; Mrs S. Walker; Mrs S. Brown; Gayle Cardey (also rep. Perry Cardey); Hannah Cardey; Nicola Whall; Rachel and Chris Marshall and family; Mr & Mrs Howden (rep. the Howden family); Mr M. Barratt (also rep. Mr & Mrs A. Barratt); Liz Knight; Carolyn Williams (also rep. Alan Williams, Alison Parker, Natalie Justice); Paul and Sarah Jackson (also rep. Sophie, Katy and Oliver); Sue Burdon; Natalie Pyott; Alison Emerson; Helen Johnson; Jeanette Fleming (also rep. Andrew Duckworth); Carla Austin; Nicola Wood; Andrew Wilkins; Paul and Jennie Driver (and the girls); Len Davidson (rep. the Crows Nest F.C.); Phil and Joanne Robinson; Jayne Flindall; Yvette Brown; Rosemary and David Hubbard (Rainbow Corner Day Nursery); Julie Button; Jodie Newman; Lisa Mitchell; Mick and Miranda Brown; Sharon Wood; Rachel Barratt; Sarah Lonsdale; Sharon Walker; Lindzay Garton; Nicki Watson-Stanforth; Pat Watson; Barbara Henson; Julie Wright; Neil and Emma O’Reilly; Michelle Francom; Rachel Barker (also rep. Jake); Chris Carter (also rep. Mike and Richard); Janet Davis (also rep. Byron, Tim John and Louise); Howard Swain; Fiona Parkinson; Sue Hickman; Jane Bojen; Dave Cook.

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