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Died 2009-09-06.

The funeral service for the late David Richard MacDougall (22)
was held on Friday 18th September 2009 at Grimsby Crematorium.
The service was conducted by Lee Grant
and the following mourners attended:



Family Mourners


Brenda MacDougall                                            Mother

Jimmy Hall                                                         Father

Daniel Richard MacDougall                                Brother

Jimmi MacDougall                                              Brother

Richard MacDougall                                          Grandfather

Margaret MacDougall                                       Grandmother

Paul Richard MacDougall                                  Uncle

David MacDougall                                            Uncle

Shaun Porter                                                     Uncle

Jacqueline Porter                                              Aunt

Sharon Morris                                                   Aunt

Miss Julie Svendsen                                          Aunt

Crystall Garrod                                                 Close Friend

Miss Heidi Pirie                                                Cousin

Miss Donna Pirie                                              Cousin

Mr Andrew Leworthy                                      Cousin

Miss Claire Porter                                            Cousin

Mr Artie MacDougall                                       Cousin

Kim and Sean East                                          Cousins

Mr & Mrs Duncan and Vanessa Young           Cousins

Miss Kate MacDougall                                    Cousin

Miss Lauren MacDougall                                Cousin

Mr Michael Svendsen                                     Cousin

Miss Eloise Svendsen                                      Cousin

Mr & Mrs East                                               Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle

Mr & Mrs Ron and Brenda Pirie                     Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle

Mrs Eileen Horsefield                                     Great-Aunt 

Mr Jim Cooper                                               Good Friend

Other Mourners

Mr Luke Humphreys

Mrs Melanie Thompson, also rep. Mrs Brenda Wollington, Mrs Valerie Hutchinson,

and Woodlands Primary School

Mr & Mrs Billy and Pamela French

Mr Zane French

Miss Claire Deakins

Mr & Mrs Rob and Kay Webster

Mr John Phillips

Mr & Mrs Kevin and Rachel Deakins

Mr Kyle Grange

Miss Jessica Grange

Miss Claire Dowling

Mr McDonald, also representing Barbara and family

Mrs Debbie Senior

Mrs Jane Cornthwaite

Miss Cheryl Netherton

Miss Tracey Gale

Mr & Mrs Ian and Michelle Grice, also representing Scott, Shelley, Sam and Elly

Mr Luke Scales

Miss Chantelle Paduch

Miss Francesca Paduch

Miss Michelle Wright

Mr & Mrs Matthew and Amy Seargent

Miss Vicki Garrod

Miss Sharon Miller

Miss Chelsea Birkwood

Miss Joleen Miller

Mr Lloyd Miller

Mr T. Lawson

Mr S. Trott

Mr Wayne Evans

Mr Andrew Evans

Miss Leanne Stephens

Mr Andy Clarke

Mr & Mrs John and Jeannette Garrod

Miss Christianna Humphries

Mr Ryan Pulford

Mr Jamie Smith

Miss Marita Pulford

Miss Kimberley Pulford

Miss Julie Johnson 

Mrs Phyllis Johnson

Miss Michelle Johnson

Miss Cassie Johnson

Mrs Stacey Allen

Mrs Lorraine Jesney, also representing Michael

Holly, Hayley and Ryan Braithwaite

Miss Emma Johnson

Mr Andrew McQuillan

Mr Jeffrey Pullen

Mr Mark Mitchell

Mr Kenny Poole

Mr Araan Pettiford

Mr Ben Yull

Mr Daman Halligan

Mr Liam Laughlin

Miss Sam Yull

Miss Sita Yull

Mr Stephen Fleming

Miss Amy Cox

Mrs Lorna East

Miss Chelsea Young

Mr Tom Walker

Mr Richard Smith

Miss Tina Cook

Mrs Kathleen Laughton, also representing Billy and Ian

Miss Joanne Laughton, also representing Andrew Cooper

Miss Maxine Laughton

Mr Danny Roger, also representing Angela Cuthbert

Mr David Wildgoose (Goose)

Miss Suzanne Smith

Mr Shane Dunn

Mr Jason Snook

Mr Damien Zarzyna

Mr Mark Jennings

Mr Matthew Gale

Mr Luke Netherton

Mr Jason Jackson

Mr Kyle Braithwaite

Mr Daniel Hornigold

Mr Aiden Hughes

Mr Dale Mason

Mr Kristian Osborne 

Mr Liam Baldock

Mr Daniel Power, also representing Stephen Power

Mr Craig Standland, also representing Gavin Schofield

Mr Michael Waterman

Mr Sean Ford

Mr Lee Ford

Miss Debbie Ford

Miss Rachael Crossley

Mr & Mrs John and Sandra Finn, representing the Finn family

Mrs Paula Dalton

Mr Matthew Coombs

Mr Pete Storr

Mr Dave Leonard

Mr Andrew Coppin

Mrs Margaret Mawer

Mr Thomas Dayton

Mr Denni Toms

Mr Ross Miller

Mr Darren Toftegaard

Mr Per Svendsen

Miss Debbie Hand

Mr Aaron Hand

Miss Beckie Riley

Miss Leanne Rossingdale


Mr Sean Borrell

Mr George Johnson

Mr David McMullan, representing the Matrix Club

Miss Natalie King

M Neil King

Mr George Clough

Mr & Mrs Phil and Val Woods, also representing Emma and Ed

Miss Niki Puchalka

Mr James Doody

Mr Merryck Swallow, also representing John Turner






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