Susan ‘Sue’ WOOLSEY

Sue Woolsey (58): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Steve Woolsey, husband; Lee Woolsey, son; Jade Woolsey and David Kirman, daughter and partner; Richard Woolsey, step-son (also rep. Isaac Woolsey, step-grandson); Becky Woolsey and David Rowett, step-daughter and partner; Jake Rowett, step-grandson; Mark Simons and Maggie Handley, brother and partner; Harry and Nick Woolsey, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Helen and Boyd Mawer, sister and brother-in-law (also rep. Elysha Mawer, niece); Alison and Martin Holmes, sister and brother-in-law; John Simons, father; Audrey and Jim Brooks, mother-in-law and father-in-law; Richard and Sarah Cheffings, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Margaret Russell, aunt; Tom Woolsey, nephew; Zac Mawer, nephew; Issy Woolsey, niece; Samantha and Chris Houldsworth, niece and husband ;Will Holmes, nephew; Ben Cheffings, nephew; Andy and Nicky Russell, cousin and wife.

Other mourners attending; Graham and Sarah Frankish; Dean Mawer; John and Chris Hill (also rep. Karen); Ben Barber and Selina Ho; Val Rowell (also rep. Rowell family and Grimsby Alexandras and Dolphins Swimming Club); Helen Johnson; Donna, Robert and Matthew Kirman; Andy and Christine Saville; Morag Doughty ;Graham Brake; Nick Mellor; Terry and Elaine Holmes; Philip Bond (also rep. Tollbar Academy Trust); Joanna Heweth; Joy Hill (also rep. Robert Hill); Rebecca Taylor; Jack Williamson; Danielle Souter; Rachel Rushmer; Ann and Noel Akester; Andrea Page; Kim Briggs (also rep. Tony, Darren, Ryan and Leanne Briggs); Mick Parker (also rep. Mr and Mrs P Croft and the late Grant Thorold Bowling Club); Peggy and Pete Turner; Irina and Ken Sturdy; David and Angela Hampson; Kevin Blake; Sally Kemp; Dawn Robins; Pauline Miller (also rep. Scouting); Chris Newell; Jenny Hodson; Kath and Terry Graves; Paul and Sharon Freer; Sharon and Andy Fountain; Jane Seagrave; Tony Keogh (also rep. Keogh family); Florence Smith (also rep. Colin Smith, Karen and Mario Dingli and Jodie and Craig in Malta); Danielle Gilchrist; Melissa Gilchrist (also rep. Michael Gilchrist); Stephen Fenwick (work colleague);Charlotte Kidd; Marie Allen; Jessica Chapman; Courtney Hinchcliff; Beth Scattergood; Holly Cornford; Mike Hoyle (also rep. Kay Hoyle); Albert Mawer (also rep. Jean and Joanne); Elaine Baxter; Ted Cavill; Tim Cavill; Angela Smith; Colin Pepper.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.