Michael JAGGER

Michael JaggerMichael Jagger ‘Mike’ (75): a service took place at St Augustine’s Church, Grimsby and was conducted by Alan Walmsley.

Family mourners attending: Wendy Jagger, wife (also rep. Mark Thompson, step-son and Mary Burton); Michael Jagger, son; Susan Jagger, daughter-in-law (also rep. James and Lewis Jagger, grandsons); Lynne Leeman, step-daughter; Lance Leeman, step-son-in-law; Mark Leeman, grandson; Tom Leeman, grandson; Emma Pinchbeck: Tracy Baker, step-daughter (also rep. Michael Baker, grandson and Katie): Lisa Thompson granddaughter: Shannon Thompson,  granddaughter: Wendy Thompson, granddaughter: Chris Thompson, grandson; Sam Baker, grandson (also rep. Freya); Robert Thompson, son-in-law; David and Tarina Thompson, step-son and wife; Luke Thompson, step-grandson; Lily Thompson, step-granddaughter; June Miller, sister (also rep. Peter Miller, brother-in-law); Pete and Jenny Thompson, step- son and wife; Audrey and Ken Barnard, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Patricia Roberts, sister-in-law (also rep. Gary and Jane); Kay Houlder, niece (also rep. David); Theresa Barnard, niece; Martin Barnard, nephew; Dennis Coppin, nephew; Susan Barnard, niece; Linda Miller and Eric Parkinson, niece and partner; Georgina Kirchen, niece; Angela Beecham, niece; Carl Barnard, nephew;

Other mourners attending: Jane Gjertsen and Ian Firmstone; Iris Young; Maureen Winn; Michael and Margaret Floyd (also rep. Alexander and John Semple); Violet Race; Fiona Wright (also rep. Sally Gunby); Phil Chessman; Tracey Townsend; Debbie Beckett (also rep. Isola Best); Michelle Hopkin (also rep. Denise and Trevor Burwood and Jean and Frank Davidson); John and Vere Conolly; Ivor and Ann Appleton; Judith Gilliland; Tony Ashworth; Mike Gooch; Sally Wilkinson (also rep. Abbeys Wine Bar and Nicola  Dennis); Cindy Waumsley.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.