Gwendoline May MANN

Gwendoline MannGwendoline May Gwen Mann (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Roy Mann, husband; Neil and Hilary Mann, son and daughter-in-law; Jane and Ian Greenbeck, daughter and son-in-law; Victoria Mann, granddaughter; Elisabeth Mann, granddaughter; Nicola Greenbeck, granddaughter; Suzanne Greenbeck and Anthony Bentley, granddaughter and fiancé; Michael Johnson, cousin (also rep. Joan Needham, Joyce Fisher and Sylvia Butterwick, cousins); Wendy and Raymond Proudlock, niece and husband; Dave and Gill Blakey, nephew and wife (also rep. Denise Thickett); Diane and David Grainger, niece and husband; Veronica Wilson and Jim Privett, niece and partner; Susan Harman, great-niece; Ralph and Julie Pinder, cousin and husband; Sue Hall, cousin; Anne and Michael Fitzgerald, cousin and husband; Andrew Holden, great-cousin; Malcolm Holden, great-cousin (also rep. Joyce and Allan Holden); Pete Holden, great-cousin.  

Other mourners attending: Harry and Pat Lewis; Evelyn and Ted Bennett; Di Thompson; Di Turner; Sue and Barry Green; Patsy and Anthony Bryant; Glynis and Terry Robinson; Terry and Marlene Sullivan; Allison Rawling; Ann and John Harrison; George Nuttall also rep. Keith Nuttall and family); Joyce Paddison-Hinch (also rep. Lynne Greaves and family); Mandy Burnett (also rep. Neville Burnett); Marie and Michael Watson (also rep. Louise Firth and Wendy Tutass); Colin and Janice Lusby); Shirley Pexman; Catherine McDermott; Angela Greedy (carer); Jayne Parker; Robert Gillie; Sandra Henderson; Len and Jean Holman (also rep. N.E.L Photographic Society); Jean and Ken Brumby (also rep. N.E.L Photographic Society and Dan Fenwick); Raymond Mitchell (also rep. N.E.L .Photographic Society); Phyllis Scales; Julie Gough; Julie and Steve Sweeting; Dot and Derek Smith; Carol Johnston (also rep. Angela and Lee Vickers); Alan Ashworth; Sharon and Steve Bloomfield; Edna Webster; Charlie and Mandy Anderson

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.