George RobinsonGeorge Robinson (91): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Julie Reddington and David Evans, daughter and partner; Stuart Reddington and Sara Hill, grandson and partner; Joanne Chester and Johnathan Till, granddaughter and partner; Louise Reddington and Mitch Fahey, granddaughter and partner; Megan Chester, great-granddaughter; Rhys Chester, great-grandson; Sheila Duffield, niece (also rep. the late Ron Cross, nephew and Pam Cross, wife); Richard and Pam Cross, nephew and wife; Tony and Anna Robinson, nephew and wife (also rep. Gary and Sarah Robinson); Dennis and Ann Mackrill, nephew and wife; John Mackrill, nephew (also rep. Deyanra, partner); Sharon and Frank Holland, niece and husband; John Hill, nephew (also rep. Christine Hill); Susan Cocks, niece (also rep. John); Tom and Shirley Mackrill, nephew and wife; David and Christine Mackrill, nephew and wife; Nigel and Debbie Robinson, nephew and wife; Anne and Colin Vivins, niece and husband; Julie Robinson, (also rep. Steve Robinson, nephew); Joy Hill (also rep. Robert Hill, nephew and Kath Hill); Laura Mackrill, great-niece; Susan Mackrill.

Other mourners attending: Pauline and Ian Bentley; John Smith (also rep. Jean Ann Smith and Laceby British |Legion); Michael and Ann Anderton; Michael Robinson (also rep. Jeanette); Ralph and Margaret Gorman; Matthew Chambers; Becky Lowe; Jean Robbins; Carol and Graham Chester; Barry and Jenny Chambers (also rep. Grahame Needham and Becky and Kevin Scott); Kathleen and Norman Waby; Michael and Christine Blow (ex- Philips Lane, Laceby, also rep. Blow Family); Barbara Eratt; Mabel and Geoff Hudson; Tony and Barbara Burgess; Joan and John Smith; Roy and Marion Jones; Diana and Les Olley (also rep. Cloverdale Nursing Home); Carol Woodcock; Maurice Bell; Ann Bryant (also rep. Peter MacPherson) ;Marie Nuttall (dancing friends); David and Dorothy Hurton (dancing friends); Ron Wilson (also rep. Karin); Vanessa Wiseman (also rep. Ian); Anne Scott; Madeleine Dobbs (also rep. Alaistair and Denise Dobbs); Angela and James Robinson (also rep. Ian and Alicia Robinson and Amy and Geoff  Hume); Jane Waterson; Beryl Rowlinson (George’s Dancing Partner, also rep. Mr and Mrs Swift and Eileen Borman; Tara Robson (Carer); Denise Thompson (Carer); Yvonne Money (Carer); Joyce. Julie and Barry Dixon); Bridget Everett (also rep. Kevin Rimmer); Vivian Jackson); Angela Dulieu (also rep. Simon and Tracey Bartrum).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.