Dorothy Muriel MEACHEN

Dorothy MeachenDorothy Muriel Meachen (94): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Angela and Roger Marsh, daughter and son-in-law; Sheila and Dave Cowley, daughter and son-in-law; Linda and Jeff Ley, daughter and son-in-law; Julie and Buzz Allenby, daughter and son-in-law; Brian and Tracy Meachen, son and daughter-in-law; Stuart Meachen and Zoe Hall,  grandson and partner; Robert Meachen, grandson; Louise Meachen, granddaughter; Wesley Allenby, grandson; Michaela Dauvilliers,      granddaughter; Kelly Dougherty, granddaughter; Katie and Dave Whitehead, granddaughter and husband; Tina Gillies, granddaughter; Jaysea and Susan Cappindale, grandson and wife; Pam and Dave Selby, niece and husband (also rep. Louise, Elaine, Claire and James); David and Helena Hebson, nephew and wife; Pauline Meiszner, great-niece (also rep. Ann Dobbs, niece).

Other mourners attending; Len Rook (also rep. Ken Pocklington); Julie and Alan Wright; Joan Bloomfield (Rivan Grove); Diane Brocklebank (also rep. Brocklebank family); Jayne and John Saunders (also rep. Saunders family); Jackie and Gerald Howes; Margaret Winship; Dave and Jeanette White; Stan Burdass; Frank and Vesta Bailey.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.