Brian Edward CLARKE

Brian ClarkeBrian Edward Nobby Clarke (74): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover.

Family mourners attending: Cindy and Russell Watts, daughter and son-in-law (also rep. Andrea Clarke, daughter Peter, Daniel, Tanya Paris and Jordan, grandchildren); Maxine Clarke,    daughter; Rebecca Clarke and Christian Love, daughter and partner; Claire Nichols and Paul Markham, granddaughter and partner (also rep. Liam Markham, great-grandson); Danielle Nichols, granddaughter; Bethany Watts and Dale Leathley, grand- daughter and partner; Reece Clarke and Melissa Freeman, grandson and partner; Donna and Paul Fitzgerald, step-daughter and husband (also rep. Leanne Newell, Shane and Scott Fitzgerald); Ann Mussell, niece (also rep. Abbie Gallagher); John Clarke, nephew (also rep. Shirley Clarke); George Clarke, cousin (also rep. Edie, cousin).

Other mourners attending: Shaun Murtagh; Brian Nichols and Susan Ingham (also rep. Glen McAteer); Lance Larn; Sarah Barber; Scott Barber; Doug Riggall (also rep. Ralph) Bill Stark); Brian Riggall; Bridget Hunter (also rep. Tony); Denise Hunter (also rep. Hunter family); Frank and Paula Watts; Bob Cheffins; James Cheffins; Ray Cullum; Charles Withers; ‘Satch’ (also rep. Shirley Gallagher); Mandy Barber (also rep. Glennis Barber); Coleen Ruspin; Dawn Holdsworth; Luke Beecham (also rep. Steve and Emily Beecham); Brian Hunter; Roly Sullivan ;Cliff and Sally Barber; Reg Smith; Paul Wright (also rep. Jayne Osborne and Jimmy Rowe); Jack and Lisa Evison; Kelly Wood (also rep. Christine Wood); Rob Metcalf; Geoffrey Mullins; Mike Dalton; Peter and Pauline Hewson (also rep. Arthur Hewson); Michael Smith.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.