Anthony RobertsonAnthony Robertson (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt.

Family mourners attending: Warwick Robertson, son; Angela Robertson, daughter-in-law; Tony Robertson, son; Hulda Whitehead, partner of son; Shiralee Montgomery, step -daughter; Steve Montgomery, step-son-in-law; Bethany Robertson, granddaughter; Warwick Robertson jnr, grandson; Ava Robertson, granddaughter; Isabella Montgomery, granddaughter; Natalia Woollock, granddaughter; Irene Pearce, sister; Rod and Carol Pearce, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Susan Pearce, niece; Samantha Furnell, niece; Lesley Smith, niece; Stephen and Julie Pearce, nephew and wife (also rep. Pete and Sue Dennis); Maureen Molgaard, ex-wife; Reg and Diane Smith (also rep. Mandy Forrester and Jason Smith); Stephen Rodger and Diane Brown.

Other mourners attending: Carol and Phil Kershaw (also rep. Scott Watson and Mary Cuthbert); Rex and Dorothy Vickers; Tracey Glover; Lynne Parrish; Valerie Rook (also rep. Bernard Rook); Brenda Bennett; Phyllis Cunliffe; Denise Stobbs; Kate and Steve Cowie (also rep. Alfie and Archer Rodgers); Paula Hunt (also rep. Ross and Danny Cook); Nicky Claridge (also rep. Susan Rodgers, partner of Tony); Ian Maver; Norman Humpherys; Jackie Johnson; Margaret Gillies (also rep. Wayne Muress); Bert Shelton; Nick Low; Byron Martin; Dave Jones (also rep. Diane Jones); Barbara Mackie; Ann Mussell; Terence Wood; Dave Kitchen; Robin Hunt; Jack Hunt; Charlie Bass; George and Maggie Freeman; Richard Gough (also rep. Jacquie Gough).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.