Maisie Picking 2Maisie Picking (90): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending; Michael Picking, son; Sally Durkin, daughter-in-law; Charlotte Picking and Ash Varley, granddaughter and partner (also rep. Vinnie and Lincoln Varley, great-grandsons); Matthew Picking, grandson; Joe Durkin, step-grandson(also rep. Sam Durkin and Anna step-grandson and partner); Margaret Dickson, sister; Norma Wallwork, sister; Pete and Christine Whitworth, brother and sister-in-law; Lorraine and Steve Murray, niece and husband; Sara Whitworth, niece; Ian and Michaela Dickson, nephew and wife; Mark Wallwork, nephew; Tracey and Keith Simpson, nephew and wife; Henry Dickson, great-nephew; Pollyanna Dickson, great-niece; Emma Wallwork great-niece; Aaron Thompson ,great-nephew; Beth Thompson, great-niece; Craig Dickson, great-nephew.

Other mourners attending; Delta Robinson (also rep. Maurice Robinson); Graham Frosdick and Rebecca Baker; Mandy Sewell (also rep. Gary); Andrea Shepherd; Dennis Barley; Peter and Karen Sparks; Bethany and Luke Sparkes; Lorraine Picking; Marlene Howell; Tony and Helen Shearsmith; Angela Aisthorpe; Karen and Simon Cook; Tina Tyler (also rep. Allan Tyler); Pat Hirst (also rep. Angie Boyd); Sarah (Clarendon Hall); Hayley Sanderson (Clarendon Hall); Stella and Hans Taylor.