Roy PantonRoy Panton (80): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Nick Oldfield.

Family mourners attending: Jessie Panton, wife; Shane Bellamy, grandson; Julie and Richard Bellamy, daughter and son-in-law; David Panton and Lorraine, son and partner; Andrew Barker and Joseph Barker, son-in-law and grandson; Katie and Ashley Fussey, granddaughter and husband; Aimee Panton, granddaughter; James Panton, grandson; Amelia Panton, granddaughter; June Hodginson, sister; Sheila and David Bott, sister and brother-in-law; Eddie and June Shone, brother and sister-in-law; Annie and John Rance, sister and brother-in-law; Martin and Irene Peart, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Mary Pennell, sister-in-law; Gilbert Peart, brother-in-law; Frederick and Susan Peart, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Archie and Cynthia Peart, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. the Peart family); Debbie Mountain, niece; Diane and Andy Pegg, niece and husband; Wendy Quickfall, niece (also rep. Martin, nephew, Martyn, nephew, Robin Peart, nephew and family); Gillian Mansfield, niece (also rep. Ian and Nigel Peart, nephews); Janet and Hamish Mills, niece and husband (also rep. Lynda, niece); Sarah Parkinson, niece; Sue and Paul Wood, niece and husband; John and Julie Shone, nephew and wife; Kirsty Drewery, niece; Jonathan Rance and Vikki Sanders, nephew and partner; Melanie Ellis, niece (also rep. Geoff); Angie Andrews, niece (also rep. Robert); Gary Pennell, nephew; Katie Pennell, great niece; Lewis Jake Peart, great nephew (also rep. Damien John Peart, nephew, and Katie, niece, and Daniel); Lorraine Dixon, great niece; John Lilee; Lynne Bellamy.

Other mourners attending: Raymond Duffy; Andrew Duffy (also rep. Sarah Marshall); Pat and Tom Smith; Ray and Mary Barker (also rep. Kevin Barker); Bill O’Reilly (also rep. the O’Reilly family); Ian Kirk (also rep. Wendy); Tom Scuphan; Danny Burke (also rep. Bob Tasker); Jean and Walter Kirk (also rep. Eunice and Harry Goodhand); Dulcie Sanders; Jamie Cole; Brian and Jenny Ingram (also rep. Sarah and Steve Woolnough); John Dalton (also rep. Angela); Alec and Bobbie Ward; Chris and Pete Teanby; Miss Cindy and Mrs Wendy Clark; John and Gillian Siddons (also rep. Rod and Phil Sharp); June and Malcolm Portus (also rep. Linda Wood and family); Fred Martin; Christine Silvester; Paula and Stuart Cullen; Hugh and Lorraine Docherty; David Atkinson; David Cox (also rep. Sue); Pamela Ritchie; Robert Cadle; Dawn Green; Coleen Hall; Sarah Roberts.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Michael Shreeve (“Mick”, 76): a service took place at St Michael’s Church, Littlecoates, and was conducted by Canon Peter Mullins.

Family mourners attending: Janet Shreeve, wife; Simon Shreeve and Jane Benbow, son and daughter-in-law; Megan Shreeve, granddaughter; Ruby Shreeve, granddaughter; Lucy Tant, granddaughter; Alexandra Tant, granddaughter; Harry Tant, grandson; Richard Tant; John and Ann Shreeve, brother and sister-in-law; Susan and Christopher Lane, sister and brother-in-law; Mary Brown and Ian Reid, sister and partner (also rep. Duncan Brown); Wendy Jarvis, sister-in-law; Steve Jarvis, nephew; Cathryn and Jason Kelly, niece and husband; Laura Shreeve, niece; Alex Shreeve, nephew; Tina and Chris Neill, niece and husband; Chris Downs, nephew; Sandy Neill, great nephew; Patrick and Sandra Sellar, cousin and wife; Frances and John Vaughan, cousin and husband; Penny and Roger Staniforth, cousin and husband (also rep. Emma and Dave).

Other mourners attending: John Abe; Mary Benbow (also rep. Glyn Benbow); Moira Benbow (also rep. Brian Benbow); Richard Ellis (also rep. Derek Meggitt); Christine and Nigel Janney; Derek Loveday; Tony Walton; Allen and Kathleen Covell; Tony Ellis; Val Sadler (also rep. Jane and Hannah); Jean and Lyndon Baines; Rosalind Symonds (also rep. Paul Symonds); Glyn Johnson (also rep. Margaret Johnson); Carl Smaller; Jason Moore; Kevin and Julie Whyte; Graham Farr (also rep. Jane Farr); Bob Hoggett; Steve and Janet Wilkins; Colin Newton; Carol Bantock; Christopher and Gill Simpson (also rep. Mr and Mrs Wheatcroft, and the late Mrs Elizabeth Simpson); Jackie Taylor and Edward Andrew – carers; Neil and Kathleen Charlesworth; Martin and Sue Shearsmith; Marlene and Pete Allman; Jo Johnson (also rep. the late Leigh Johnson); Fred Wakefield; Linda and Eric Bowell; Pamela Shackleton; Jackie Inkson; Andy Evison; Maureen and John Molloy; Ken Gerard (also rep. Margaret Gerard); Tony and Valerie Borrill; Mike Fitzgerald; Elaine Ryder; George and Janet Thurgar; Dave and Janet Smith; Allison and Andy Dunlop; John Jolly; Irene Dingwall; Janet Raper (also rep. St Andrew’s Hospice); Charlotte Jenkins (also rep. the Rehab Medical Service); Chris Shillito; Alan Beilby; Jayne Laws (also rep. Ian Laws); Patrick and Lesley Tant; Adam Sadler; Mel and Andy Sangster; Dennis Thomas (also rep. Sue Thomas); Andrew Firth; Stephen Riches; Andy Fawn; Sean and Chris Lea.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Peggy TurrellPeggy Turrell (76): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Jim Jarman.

Family mourners attending: Gordon Turrell, husband; Craig and Glynis Turrell, son and daughter-in-law; Paul and Delyse Turrell, son and daughter-in-law; Vanessa and Jason Lawton, daughter and son-in-law; Luke Turrell, grandson; Charlotte Turrell, granddaughter; Carnie Turrell, granddaughter; Harriet Turrell, granddaughter; Shannon Lawton, granddaughter (also rep. Harvey, great grandson); James Turrell, grandson; Matthew Lawton, grandson; Ann Smith, sister; Mike and Anne Best, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Sheila Wakefield, sister-in-law (also rep. Angela and Greg Powell, niece and husband); Pat Plaskitt, sister-in-law; Rita Brocklebank, sister-in-law (also rep. the Holness family); Colin Bentley, brother-in-law; Mike Wakefield (also rep. Joyce Etteridge, sister-in-law); Wayne and Sally Wells, nephew and wife; Mark and Stacey Wells, nephew and wife; Kelly and Mark Smith, nephew and wife; Caroline and Shaun Kirman, niece and husband; Julie Torrington, niece; Amanda Wright, niece; Paula Green, niece; Sue Baker, niece; Maria Smith and Craig Wright, niece and partner; Libbi Wright, granddaughter; Georgia Wright, granddaughter; Dawn Simpson, niece (also rep. the late Norma Griffiths, sister-in-law); Diane Thompson, niece; Michael Hamilton, nephew (also rep. Lyndsay Smith, Trevor and Sarah Allen); Daniel Hamilton, nephew (also rep. Charlotte and Ian Hamilton); Mick Plaskitt, nephew; Steve Plaskitt, nephew; Julie Pedersen, niece (also rep. Vincent); Colleen Warne, niece; Ken and Donna Bentley, nephew and wife; Kelly Wright, great niece; Lewis Kirman, great nephew (also rep. Scott Kirman, great nephew); Jade Simpson, great niece.

Other mourners attending: Mary and Roy Taylor; Kevin and Karen Pawson (also rep. Luke and Kim); Lyndsay Hopper (also rep. Wayne); Chris Quinn; George and Lynn Vincent; June and Roy Frary (also rep. Audrey Stone, and all sing-along friends); Sharon and Martin Wilson (also rep. Leigh Wilson and Sophie Blow); Carol Mumby (also rep. Bob); Carol Howden; Rob Jaycock; June Hawken; Georgina and John Kirchen (also rep. Gemma, Darren, Sue and Graham Stark); Sam and Saelagh Gregory; Kath Bavin; Nev Bavin; Lesley Hackney (also rep. Graham and Ellie); Chris Murphy; Stephen Brown; Garry and Patricia Hawkins; Jack and Marie Wraith; Glad Tuck; Linda Meadows; Julie Wraith; Ian Dunbar; Ken and Doreen Limb; Josie and Ken Hill; George and Jean Scott; Karen Cross (also rep. Steve, Julie and Ian); Victoria and Roy Wilson; Dave Tuck (also rep. Dee); John Pawson and Emily Duffield; Paul and Tania Sharp (also rep. Leah and Josh Sharp); Joanne Beck (also rep. Marlene and George Stuart); Tracy Akid; Pauline and Mike Barnatt; Carl Young; Jackie Stevens (also rep. Mike); Wendy and Bob Walker; Zackia Elkish; Barrie Darsley (also rep. Gina and Amos); Wayne Akid (also rep. Doreen Akid); Michael Webster.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Kenneth George ‘Ken’ WOODS

Kenneth George Woods (“Ken”, 80): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by the Reverend Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Joyce Woods, wife; Karen and Mick Doughty, step daughter and son-in-law; Hayley Drum, granddaughter; Rebecca Dent, granddaughter; Leigh Woods, son; Gail Woods, daughter-in-law; Megan Woods, granddaughter; Jonathan Woods, grandson; Matthew Woods, grandson; Adam Woods, grandson; Jack and Pam Freshwater, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. Ian and Helen); Simon Davies, nephew; Sarah Jones (also rep. Steven Jones, Clem and Hope); Ann and Ron Hudson, cousin and husband; Mary and Fred Parker, cousin and husband; Jan Woods, ex daughter-in-law; Michael and Maureen Davies, ex brother-in-law and wife.

Other mourners attending: Donna Bellamy; Jeanette Elliott; Maurice Boden; Joanne Armitage; Carl and Cath Osborne; Ann Deans (also rep. George Deans); Mavis Firth; John Holmes; Pete and June Lambord (also rep. Peter Sheffield); Tracy Bird; Michael Hickie; Phil Stratford; Bill Siddle; Andrew Larn; Charles and Maureen Wood; Ian and Julie Potterton; Brian Smith; Ivy Horner.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Mavis BeacockMavis Beacock (82): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by the Reverend Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Ron Beacock, husband; Linda and Mark Perritt, daughter and son-in-law; Sue and Tom Muldoon, daughter and son-in-law; Jordan Muldoon and Tom Olsak, granddaughter and partner; Raymond (Gunner) and Pam Lovesey, brother and sister-in-law; Leslie and Judith Lovesey, brother and sister-in-law; Barbara Atkin (Gelly), sister; Dennis Lovesey, brother (also rep. Mary Lovesey, sister-in-law); Brian Lovesey (Miller), brother; Sheila and Doug Dobson, sister-in-law and husband; Verna Lambert, sister-in-law; Denise Atkin and David Darwood, niece and partner; Richard Atkin and Helen Kitchen, nephew and partner; Mark Dobson, nephew (also rep. Elaine Dobson, niece); Beverley Lovesey, niece (also rep. Keith Lovesey, nephew); Graham Maddison, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Margaret Boon; Brian Stevenson; Rob and Louise Hugill; Michael and Anne Hugill; Michelle Simpson; Maureen Bingham; Linda Thorpe; Grace Pougher; Andrea Armour; Kathryn Sadler (also rep. Tri-Pack Plastics); Wendy Cuene-Grandidier (also rep. Tri-Pack Plastics); Tina and Stephen Olsak; Lynne Thompson; Susan Storr (also rep. Macmillan Nurses); Tina Cousins (also rep. Macmillan Nurses); Noreen Bradley; Michael and Tracy Ebbs; Jack and Anne Wood; Diane Slater; Sally Massey.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Neville CollinsNeville Collins (82): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Ivan Stead.Neville Collins 2

Family mourners attending: Carrolle Collins, wife; Stephen Harries, son; Angela and Simon Horne, daughter and son-in-law; Karen and Paul Wakefield, daughter and son-in-law; Patricia and Stephen Elwis, daughter and son-in-law; Darren Harries, grandson (also rep. Luke, Jamie and Alice, great grandchildren); Thomas Horne and Hayley Etchall, grandson and partner; John and Becky Horne, grandson and wife (also rep. Rueben, great grandson); Laura Horne and Thomas Peirse, granddaughter and fiancée; Rachel and Myk Duncalf, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Nathan and Emily, great grandchildren); Simon Wakefield, grandson; Claire and Richard Elwis-Drayton, granddaugher and husband also rep. Dillon, Noah and George, great granchildren); Billy and Pat Collins, brother and sister-in-law; Derek and Phyllis Collins, brother and sister-in-law; Wendy Austwick, sister (also rep. Brian Collins, brother); Neil Collins and Sue Smith, brother and partner; Leslie and Barbara Collins, brother and sister-in-law; Stephanie and Kevin Plastkitt, sister and brother-in-law; Keith and Sandra Middleton, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Jack Middleton, nephew; Samantha Middleton, niece (also rep. Brian Middleton, brother-in-law); Pauline and David White, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Peter and Janet Collins, nephew and wife (also rep. Pat Collins, sister-in-law); Lee Collins, nephew; Julie Cadey, niece (also rep. the Cadey family); Abbey Cadey, great niece; Joanne and Simon Chapman, niece and husband (also rep. Sharon Thomas, niece); Brian Topham (also rep. Veronica, and Ken and Deirdre); Jamie Hart; Christine Hargreaves.

Other mourners attending: Connie Elwis; Patricia Todd and John Chapman; Angela Boon; Kirk Todd (also rep. Andrew); Steve and Tina Merriman; Barbara and Vic Chorlton; Ros and Ken Mallinson; Bud and Tracy Cran; Ernie and Marlene Braithwaite; Jean Page and Linda Cookson; Fred and Kit Turner; Audrey and David Hill; Julia and Tony Woods  (also rep. Ben and Sarah, Danni and Liam); Ray and Glennis Emmerson  (also rep. the Emmerson family); Peter and Lizbeth Gardner; Julie Southern; Norman and Maureen Blow; Charles and Lesley Withers; John and Mary Ellis  (also rep. Jason and Jack); David Cullum; Liz Cullum; Joanne Wright; Derek McAndrew; Anthony and Sally Hoyle; David and Amber Bryant; David and Glenis Vessey; Karl and Pam Pedersen; Stephen and Linda Read  (also rep. Bob Lawless); Simon Hill  (also rep. the Hill Family); Karen Jolley  (also rep. Peter and the Family); Steve and Janice Wakefield; Harold Wakefield; Carl and Kate Roberts; Alf Reeves.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Jean PedersenJean Pedersen (76): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by the Reverend Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Villy Pedersen, husband; Bryan Pedersen, son; Andrew Pedersen, son; Peder Pedersen, son; Jeff and Anita Perritt, brother and sister-in-law; George and Jackie Perritt, brother and sister-in-law; Tom Pedersen, grandson; Daniel Pedersen, grandson; Rebecca Pedersen, granddaughter; Dale Pedersen, grandsons; Bernadette Pedersen, daughter-in-law; Maria Pedersen, daughter-in-law; Sam Salmon, daughter-in-law; Sharon Starkey.

Other mourners attending: Susan Haith; Sally Dillerstone; Stacey Manship; Carol and Dick Leshone; Wendy McKenzie; Diana Salmon; Sue and Barry Ornsby; Carol Kershaw (also rep. Mariners Darts Team); Jorgen Olesen; Clare Meek; Victoria Brown; Kay Pickford; Ann Crossley; Audrey Foster; Rose Crockett (also rep. Jim and family); Jane Hasler (also rep. Danny Keaney and family); Pam Leeman (also rep. Phoenix Quilters, Immingham); Gill Davidson (also rep. Margaret Hill and Phoenix Quilters, Immingham); Lesley Gregory; Pauline and John Martin (also rep. Jon); Tony Grant; Christine Brabben; Ann Loftus; Mike and Marie Genney; Albert Genney; Sheila Grayson; Aimee Lockwood; Michelle Dixon; Dorothy O’Kane; Joyce French; Joanne Moore; Diana and Bruce Smaller (also rep. Phoenix Quilters, Immingham); Chris Bellini (also rep. Jane Goodhand and Haven Quilters); Pat Christy (also rep. Haven Quilters); Rita Hall; Tina Walker (also rep. Haven Quilters); Sheila Housman; Dianne Pexman; John Close; Pauline Hosbjerg; Betty Sanford; John French (also rep. Debra); Rick Royall; Anne and Mike Cheesebrough; Jenny Jones; Jean Shearer; Robert Bray; Mark Lewis; John Keetley (also rep. Keith Neilson).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Gordon Tidswell Gordon Tidswell 19Gordon Tidswell (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Tony Jewitt.

Family mourners attending: Lynn Vince, daughter; Poz Tidswell, son; Clare Vince, granddaughter; James and Rebecca Vince, grandson and wife; Joe Vince, great grandson; Natalie Tidswell, granddaughter; Luke Tidswel, grandson; Paul Vince, grandson; Poppy May Vince, great granddaughter; Harry Gordon Tidswell, grandson; Josh Tidswell, grandson; Peter Tidswell, grandson; Albert and Jean Dass, nephew and wife; Angela Stephenson, great niece; Jane Stephenson, great niece; Matt Dass, great nephew; Mary Yates, cousin; Syd Sylvester, cousin; Chris and Tara Watkins, nephew and wife; Laura Watkins; Shane Watkins; Audrey Key, sister-in-law; Godfrey and Yvonne Key, nephew and wife.

Other mourners attending: Lynda Olgeirsson; John Fenty; Lyndsay Fenty and Jack Grant; Fiona and William Caswell; Chris Howe; Steven and Shirley Vince (also rep. Leigh and Tom Minns); Sandra Brown; Chris Binns; Mike Binns; Jean and John Cutter; Amanda Regan; Debbie Cooper; Dean Mawer; Kerry Victory-Faulkner; Kim Victory-Dowling; Tanya Smith; Andrew Fountain; Tony King (also rep. Joanne King); Keith and Bev Hopkinson; Steve and Carol Parsons; Darren McLean (also rep. Philip Grant); David Lister; Mark Connor; Lynne and Bert Woolliss; Alison Woolliss; John Woolliss; Bill Andrews; Roy and May Townsend; Graham Woolliss; Stephen Glentworth; Debbie Shum; Lesley Blakey; Yolande Wilkin; Roy and Tracy Farr; Mark and Debbie Waumsley; Andrew Woolliss; Diane Molle; Scott and Rachel McLean; Paul Walker; David Wood (also rep. Andy Cody); Jo Joel; Russ Grant (also rep. Beverly); Alf and Eileen Harries; Ian Wood; Dick Stratton; Gordon Tuxworth; Pete and Judy Eggleston; Mick Ansett (also rep. the Ansett family); Pete Ansett and Sue Shearsmith; Steve Capps; Steve and Claire Brown; Lucy Brown.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Leonard John McCARTHY

Leonard McCarthyLeonard John McCarthy (67): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Margaret Peyton, partner; Liam McCarthy, son; Anthony Peyton and Allyson Walters, step son and partner; Maureen and Steve Norburn, step daughter and husband; Lydia Norburn, granddaughter; Jacob Norburn, grandson; Teresa and Mike Tuplin, step daughter and husband; Danielle Tuplin, granddaughter; Jamie Tuplin, granddaughter; Beckham Tuplin, grandson; Pat McCarthy, brother; Glen McCarthy, nephew; Gaynor McCarthy, niece; Sharon Legge, niece (also rep. Paul and Ian McCarthy, nephews and families); Niamh Legge, great niece; Cathy and Brian Sirl, sister and brother-in-law; Michael Sirl, nephew; Beth Sirl, great niece; Alison Smythson, niece; Phillip Bell, brother-in-law; Luke Bell and Amanda King, nephew and partner; Mark Bell, nephew; Maureen and Dave Coates, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Daniel Coates and Kelly Lindley, nephew and partner; Andrea Coates, niece; Kaley Jackson, niece; Beth Jackson, great niece; Lewis Jackson, great nephew; Doreen James, aunt; Christopher and Toni Coates, nephew and wife; Ron Johnson.

Other mourners attending: Dick Fleming (also rep. Jean); Geordie Storey; Anne and Dave Parkin (also rep. Gemma, Richard, Alun and Vicky Parkin); Andy and Bridie Ryan; Tony Jackson; Stella Rush; Norma Rice; Jim Cribb; John Yull; Andrew Gale; Mark Smith (also rep. Lucas Contracting); Richard Parkin; Mick and Marie Burton; Kerry Sharp; John Ainslie; Bob Baker (also rep. Lucia and Rob Baker); Kath and Alan Smith; Pete Bell; Clive Thornally (also rep. Brian Plant); Christine Emmerson (also rep. Adrian Smith and Ted Forest); Patrick and Anne McMahon; Owen McMahon; Barry Aldam (also rep. Ian Hurst and Simon Beveridge); Jake Marshall; Alfie Burke (also rep. Paddy, Tracy, Budgie and Janice).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Peter Barry ‘Pete’ GANNON

Peter GannonPeter Barry Gannon (“Pete”, 49): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Sue Clarke, partner; Derek Gannon, brother; Keira and Charly Hopkinson, granddaughters; Olivia Hopkinson, granddaughter; Aaliyah Hopkinson, granddaughter; Bobby Hopkinson, grandson; Jamie-Leigh Hopkinson, granddaughter; Lisa Hopkinson and Matthew Blyth, step daughter and partner; Katie Hopkinson, step daughter; Jason Gannon and Harriet Huntley, son and partner; Paris Gannon, daughter; Taran Hilliman and Robert Capes, daughter and partner; Lindsey Gannon and Adrian Hall, niece and partner; Paul Gannon, nephew; Mark Gannon, nephew; Scott Gannon, nephew; Sheila Gannon, sister-in-law; Steven Gibbons (daughter’s partner); Lou and Fred Dobbs; Susan and Kev Smith; Bev and Chris Mawer (also rep. Reg and Jo Dobbs); Jody and John Batey.

Other mourners attending: Gill Kershaw; Leon Gibbs; Glenn Russell; Lucy Kershaw; Ryan Gibson; Roy and Beverley Clayton; Mike Edwards; Michael Webb; Brian Bradwell; Catherine Russell; Karen and “H”; Roy Paddison; Chelsea Peake; Ben Holmes; David Pritchard; Matthew Robinson; Donna Clayton; Caroline Sale; Sam Davies; Debbie Davies; Sean Chester; Karen Drury; Harold Burns; Toni Tilling; Ellarna Matthews; Laura McGuire.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.