John Allan RATTRAY

John RattrayJohn Allan Rattray (66): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Rev Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Wendy Rattray, wife; Sally Ridding, daughter (also rep. Ian Ridding and Merryn Ridding, granddaughter); Joanne Rattray, daughter; Abbie Jennings, granddaughter; Joan Law, mother-in-law; David Rattray and Sandra Hardy, brother and partner; Brian Rattray, brother; Geoffrey Rattray, brother; Christine Rattray, sister-in-law; Robert Rattray, nephew; Aaron Rattray, nephew; Joe Morton, cousin; Michael Law, brother-in-law; Julie Arlott, sister-in-law; Denise Thomas, sister-in-law.

Other mourners attending: Steven Taylor (also rep. Josie); Doreen Cribbes (also rep. the Cribbes family); Liz and Jamie Pickett; Richard and Kathleen Sutherland; Steven Nuttall; Paul Cullum; Debbie and Pat Wright; George Hardy; Ian Bontoft; Gary Shepherd; Susan Lill; Lee Carter; Mary Oscar; Helen Thompson; Gina Dalton; Geoff Fox; Julie Riggall; Mandy Thurston; Arthur Procter; Ian Belcher; Elizabeth Blandford; Victoria Moore; Anne and Bill Read; Mary Parkin; Ann Jennings; Rob Jarvis; Colin Short; Bernard Phillips; Wendy Sutcliffe; Mark Wood; Ian Cheffings; Mary and Bob Sadler; Louise Stevens (also rep. Richard Stevens); Mick Parker; Robert and Kim Gregory; Derek and Margaret Loveday; Dave Tilson; Barry and Pat Kirk (also rep. Nicky Scrimshaw); Jude Aisthorpe; Becky Powner (also rep. Mrs Mabbott); Lisa Winn; Fiona Thirde; Jo Gollings; Stacey Haughie; Karen Haughie.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Brian Snell (85): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending; Joan Snell, wife; Alan Snell, son (also rep. Diane, Kelly and Lewis Snell and families); Kevin Snell and Linda Freeman,    son and partner; Roger and Carol Snell, son and daughter-in-law; Helen Masters, granddaughter (also rep. George and Harry Masters); Neal Snell and Stacey Scott, grandson and partner (also rep. Zac and Leo); Daley and Catherine Snell, grandson and wife (also rep. Harry Snell, great grandson); Carl and Kelly Snell, grandson and wife (also rep. Freddie, great grandson); Lindsey and Mark Birley, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Niamh and Ruby, great granddaughters); Lynne Day, niece; Joan Gray, niece; Diane Yorston, niece (also rep. Julie and Richard Sharp, niece and husband, and the Sharp Family); Brian and Joan Snell, nephew and wife; Karen Tutty, great niece (also rep. Paul Tutty); Alison Day, great niece (also rep. Thomas Day); Andrew Gray, great nephew (also rep. Sally Gray).

Other mourners attending; Karen Snell; Joan Saville; Rhona and Herbert Emsley; Thomas and Marilyn Brown; Alison and Graham Kay; Edna Barrett; Chris Clifton; Lynda Dalton (also rep. The Palliative Care Team, and also Jo Whitfield); Yvonne and Bryan Jessop; Lesley Smith; Bill Heron; Abdulla Aldeek; Peter Zeremba; Maureen and Peter Haylett; Dennis Holt; Nelly Glover; Eileen Watson; Colleen Race; Rose Tappin; Marcia and Ron Maclauchan; Jean Francis; Mandy Oliver (also rep. The Haven Team); Jackie Wicks (also rep. The Haven Team); Deborah Grant (also rep. The Haven Team); Dawn Croft; Martin Cornthwaite; Alan Matthews; Sue and Peter Fenwick (also rep. Dave Chidwick).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Jane Salah 2Jane Salah (53): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Sean Salah, husband; Abi Salah, daughter; Bradley Salah and Chloe Percival, son and girlfriend; Keith Hooper, brother; Avril Graham, mother-in-law; Avril Thompson, sister-in-law; Sue and Phil Huntley, sister-in-law and husband; Jim and Karen Salah, brother-in-law and wife; Mike Salah and Shell Buffam, brother-in-law and partner; Katie Salah and Rick Keetley, niece and partner; Chris Salah and Kiaya Tams, nephew and partner; Connor Salah, nephew; Kia Salah, niece; Jackie and Silvano Bencic, aunt and uncle; Rachael and Matthew Twigg, niece and husband; GaryThompson, nephew: James and Georgie Hooper, nephew and wife; Clare Hooper, niece; Rachel Hooper, niece; Harry Twigg, great nephew.

Other mourners attending: Jane Betmead; Mandy Atkin (also rep. Anita Atkin); Maria Waller; Helen Dobbs; Karen Potter; Janet Smith; Kerrie Hannath; Fred and Bella Smith (also rep. Jane Loveday); Jennifer Frankish (also rep. School Governor of Macaulay Academy); Stella Kinnard (also rep. Lesley Frampton); Mandy Short; Bev Dunham (also rep. Chris and Dan Dunham); Dianne Willerton; Andrea Lake; Ryan Simpson and Beth Woods; Sue Crawford; Julie Bell; Ann Finch (also rep. Michael Finch); Elaine Gardener; Paul and Jill Shorter; David Rouse; Julia Connor; Pamela Parkinson; Louise Bowers; Joanne Salt; Tina Walker; Annmarie Mabbitt; Julie Atmore; Dawn Downy; Scott Bensley; Anne and Tom McMahon; Rod and Marjorie Mumby; Michelle Kennedy; Bethany Kennedy; Lynn and Paul Tanney (also rep. Cathy Stones); James Tanney; Carla Probert (also rep. Mark Probert); Lesley Beckett; Helen Denford; Jayne Osborne (also rep. Judy Codd); Karen Stringer (also rep. Cheryl Favell); Sue Clifton (also rep. Carol Lamb); Emma Lister; Cheryl Chilton (also rep. Macaulay Academy S.M.S); Kathryn Pell; Phil Benson (also rep. Pete Costall); Christine and Andrew Shorter; Freya Smith and Joshua Love; Linda Frosdick (also rep. Julie Childs); John Burley; Julie Saunders (also rep. Delta Academy Trust); Polly Yarborough; Mica Shaw; Sarah Clarkson (also rep. Macaulay Academy, also Chris Dixon and also members of E.A.B of Macaulay Academy); Julie Skelton (also. rep Dawn Howard); Mandy Woods (also rep. Debby Whydell); Lynda Bradley; Melody Morgan; Jane Swanson; Joanne Bramley; Patricia McRae.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Michael ‘Mick’ LOWRY

Michael Lowry (Mick, 66 ): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Lily Lowry, wife; Paul Lowry and Teresa Brewitt, son and partner; Lauren Lowry, granddaughter; Kaylun Lowry and Blain Dale, granddaughter and partner; Daniel Lowry, grandson; Barbara Barnes, sister; Geoff Lowry, brother; Sue Eddington, sister; Stephen Lowry, brother (also rep. Robert Lowry, David Lowry and Kev Troop); Eileen Syer, sister-in-law (also rep. Rachel Syer, niece); Karen Lowry, sister-in-law; Sally and Billy Eddington, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Keith and Jean Syer, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Maria and Mark Smith, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Brenda Isherwood, sister-in-law; Kenneth and Iris Wright, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Steve Syer, nephew (also rep. Diane Syer, wife); Alan and Leanne Barnes, nephew and wife; Michael Lowry and Megan Gutteridge, nephew and partner; Rachel Lowry, niece; Claire Barnes and Dion Bradwell, niece and partner; Barry Isherwood, nephew; Carl Goody, nephew (also rep. Paul Goody, nephew); Jayne Syer, niece (also rep. Kevin Cawley and family); Julie Isherwood, niece; Tommy Isherwood, nephew; Liam Smith, nephew; Terry Tomlinson Burch, nephew; Ian Burch, nephew; Kieran Tomlinson Burch, nephew; Jennifer Watson, great niece; Sue Banfield, cousin; Donna Benson and Richard Ferrari, grandchildren’s mother and partner.

Other mourners attending: Kath Kenyon; Carol and Michelle Wright (also rep. Lance and Elisha); Jean and Cyril Cole; Pat Gibson (also rep. Terence Gibson and family); Carol and Barry Kelson; Stephen Dayton (also rep. Anne); Michael and Nora Briggs; Steve Harris; David Dawson; Elaine Flowers; Patrick O’Brien (also rep.Angela); Dave and Linda Dobson; Alan and Kathy Smith; Mick Olden (also rep. Pam King); Lynne and Jeff Benson; Lindsey Benson (also rep. Andy and Sarah and Beccy Benson); Sam and Val; Rita and Doug Tomlinson; Kim Hotham; Sheila Wharton; Linda Gibson; Phillip Kershaw; Colin and Jayne Altoft; Debbie Dennis (also rep. Raj Medical Centre); Michael and Carole Robinson; Tony Cox (also rep. Janice); Graham Briscoe; Ray Hammerton; Jim Braithwaite; Keith Hallibone; Joe Lawless; Arthur Proctor; Steve Best; Mark Borman; Mark Cawley; Kevin Johns; John Bateman; Pat Briggs (Complex case Manager); Susan Asher; Kev and Dawn Troop.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Allan LoftsAllan Lofts (72): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Julie Lofts, wife; Gary and Kirstie Lofts, son and daughter-in-law; Wayne Lofts and Nicola Heenan, son and fiancée (also rep. Maddison);

Craig Lofts, son; Caroline Stannard, daughter; Lewis Lofts and Eleanor Scott, grandson and partner; Jake Lofts, grandson; Joseph Lofts, grandson; Amy Stannard and Ollie Dickens, granddaughter and partner; Ellie Stannard, granddaughter; Molly Holmes, granddaughter; Sophie Turner, granddaughter; Sam Turner; Gordon and Glynis Lofts, brother and sister-in-law; Jeff and Sue Lofts,   brother and sister-in-law; Brian Page, daughter-in-law’s father; Malcolm and Tricia Lofts, nephew and wife; Andrew Lofts, nephew; (also rep. Margaret Evans, née Lofts); Joanne Lofts, niece; Julie and Richard Mason, niece and husband; Stuart and Jodie Lofts, nephew and wife; Tony Flarty; Dawn Cook; Sharon Saunders, (also rep. the Saunders family); Christine Heenan.

Other mourners attending: Lynda Armitage (also rep. Ernie Armitage); Sandra Henderson; Verity and Daniel Noton; Max Page; Frank Cox (also rep. Valerie Cox); Albert and Jane Wilson (also rep. Michael Parkinson); Irene Smith; Anne Scott (also rep. Susan Scott); Carl Pickston (also rep. Ann-Marie Pickston); Nicola Reeve; Darren North; Rick Bryne; Gemma Copley; Lynne Harris (also rep. Marion and Tony Chapman); Mark Stuart; Richard Stannard; Ellen Prior (also rep. Eaton Court); Rita Dorey (also rep. Eaton Court); Rob Hedison (also rep. Wayne Hedison); Peter Barker; Clive and Marie Atkin; Sue Smith (also rep. Helen and Paul); Vincent and Cynthia Byrne; Mave and Ryan Ellis (also rep. Sue and Chris Cox); Sandra Clarke; Pam Prankard (also rep. Bob Prankard); Lynn and Gary Summers; John Kirk; Roz and Trev Marshall.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Annie Stent (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Ralph Stent, husband; Paul Stent, son; Michelle Stent, daughter-in-law; Gail Reeves, daughter; Norman Reeves, son-in-law; Ronnie Moorhouse, brother; Graham Moorhouse, brother; Lee Stent and Samantha Fowler, grandson and partner; Nicole and Tim Hodge, granddaughter and husband; Jamie and Jemma Reeves, grandson and wife; Jason and Elaine Denton, grandson and wife; Aaron Denton, great grandson; Ellie Denton, great granddaughter; Terry Grainger, brother-in-law; Lesley Moorhouse, niece; Amanda Moorhouse, niece; Neil and Nicola Grainger, nephew and wife; Paul Grainger and Fay Edwards, nephew and fiancée; Gwyneth Grainger, sister; Simon Hodge (also rep. Pamela Hodge).

Other mourners attending: Zoe; Donald and Barbara Fletcher; Pam Gresswell; Allan and Sheila Lambley; Rita and Clifford Evans; Jean Hickson (also rep. Tony Drinkell); Aline Cook and John Clark; Jane Regan (also rep. Tony Regan and family, and Cath and Barry Dunson); Sid Best; Frank and Marina Chesman; Pauline Wilkins and Brian Hayward; Lynn Robinson; Pat Tice; Hayley Ambrose; Sheila Blanchard (also rep. Sidney); Ernest Brett; Angela O’Brien (also rep. Jason O’Brien and Katie Manders); Pat Pinder; Audrey Hale; Linda Portess; Nellie Swanson; Angela Rowbotham (also rep.William); Merle Clarke; Ken Eckley; Jack and Pam Freshwater; Maureen Lawrence; Albert Wressell; June and George Horner; Roger and Evelyn Baldock (also rep. Ann Bennett family); Beryl Percy; Sally Gilbey (also rep. the Kirman family); Kevin Carr (also rep. the Carr family); Val and Jim Wardle (also rep.the Cromwell Club); Dave Howard; Denise Glentworth; Pamela Parkinson; Dianne Robinson; Pat and Lewis Jones; Tammy Dennis (also rep. Paul Dennis); Margaret Vinson; Don Burnett; Margaret Bateman; Marian Cooper (also rep.the Cooper family); Linda Loftus; Julie Green; Ben Green; Carol and Bob Mumby; Ann Litchfield (nee Swaby); Jeanette Thomas; Christine Reed; Josie and Ken Hill; Steve Hopper; Kaz Hopper; Sandra and Norman Bruce.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. 

Geoffrey ‘Geoff’ TRIFFITT

Geoffrey TriffittGeoffrey Triffitt (47): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Nicola Triffitt, wife; Daniel Triffitt and Chloe Raymond, son and partner; Jack Triffitt, son; David Triffitt, father; Gary Triffitt and Samantha Capes, brother and partner; John and Dawn Triffitt, brother and wife; John and Pauline Pullen, father-in-law and mother-in-law; Stephen and Janet Pullen, brother-in-law and wife; Jasmine Pullen, niece; Harry Triffitt, nephew;  Callum Triffitt, nephew; David Triffitt and Maria Greenfield, nephew and partner; Eddie Triffitt, uncle; Shaun Triffitt, uncle; Tony and Vanda Triffitt, uncle and aunt; Carol Hall, aunt (also rep. Dave and Hilary Edwards); Sheila Triffitt, aunt (also rep. Jolene Cullum); Josie Revell, aunt (also rep. Wayne and Amanda Revell, cousin, Canada); Alan and Janet Gibson, uncle and aunt; Wayne and Jenny Collins, cousins (also rep. Chloe and Lauren Collins); Dean and Tracey Collins, cousins; Debra Breakell, cousin; Samantha Triffitt and Paul Beel, cousin and partner; Vanessa Creswell, cousin (also rep. Daniel and Victoria Triffitt, cousin); Holly Cowdroy, cousin; Caroline Low, cousin; Vanessa Seddon, cousin; Sharon and William Jenkins, cousin and husband; Andy Cox, cousin; Alan and Carla Gibson, cousin and wife;Adam Gibson, cousin; Jessica Gibson, cousin; Misha Gibson, cousin; Nicola and Luke Hardy, cousins; Sandra McDonald, cousin; Joanne Wishart, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Martin Mills; David Dalton; John and Cheryl Parker; Toni Parker; Lyndsey Downs (also rep. Matthew Downes); Keith Appleton (also rep. Sarah Appleton); Nicola Innes (also rep. Steve Musson,  Kim Anderson and Wayne, Elaine Munson and Leanne Godwin); Keith and Dianne Arnold; Trevor Green; John Jennings (also rep. John and Jade Lingard); Chris and Anna Poulter; Rachel Fitzgerald; Natalie Harris (also rep. James, Georgie and Ryan); Michelle and Darren Bloomfield; Lee Poulter; Tracey Vase (also rep. Paul and Hayley Vase); John Allott (also rep. Phillip and Andrew Allott); David and Tania McLaughlin (also rep. Garry McLaughlin and Colin Shreeve); Jeff Petty; Katie Austin; Tillie Cook; Shelly Jamieson; Jase Dennis; Ben Mumby (also rep. Alan Smith); James Rex; Barry Howlett; Joe Dobson; Paul Milthorp; Emma Cooper; Stephen Duffy; Jim Flemming (also rep. Jenny Flemming and family); Garry Mumby; Paul Gude (also rep. Kevin and Dean Gude); Scott Ling; Alan Horsefall; Jason Smith (also rep. Annabell Wood); Martin and Helen Mortlock; Matthew and Christina Hewitt; Elle Milburn; Liam Morris; Alf and Gladys Harding; Andrew and Joanne Cooper; Annie Watt; Aaron Watt; Dean and Tracy Fisher (also rep. Dave and Liz Starkey); Jordan Fisher; Lee Howell; Kev Keightley; Gordon, Carole, Katie and Sophie Glasson; Steve Austin; Steven Johnson; Gary Blanchard; Lewis Smith; Paul Atkin; Andy Parker; Ray Johnson; Hazel and John Wheatley; Wayne Needham; Tom Delaney (also rep. Leigh Delaney, Maria and Mike Newton, and Paul Draper); Adam Grainger; Peter Toff; Kevin Davis; John Skudder (also rep. Andrea Skudder); Paul Kicks; Paul Bingham; Lee Cuthbert; Rachel Jone (also rep. the White family); Steve and Melissa Rhoades; Dave Waumsley; Chloe Walker; Joshua Devaney; Danny Samuels; Elliott Broughton; Eddie Grant and Cheryl Jones; Gareth Arthur; Ken Goodwin (also rep. the Goodwin family); Robert Smith; James and Ann Tuplin; Garry Cressey; Colin Cressey; Mark Keenan; Paul Larsen; Brian Hunter (also rep. Janice Fay); Malcolm Whiting; Dave Freer; Brian Freer (also rep. Glynn Burton); Debbie Rispin (also rep. Phillips 66); Asa Fisher; Kyleigh Fisher; Shaun Lawson (also rep. Phillips 66); David Wright (also rep. Phillips 66); Becky Procter; John Burnett; Glenn Kershaw (also rep. Michelle Kershaw); Tom Baker (also rep. Denise Baker); Marc Farman; Mark Copley; Luke Sutcliffe; Daniel Tolson; Donald Tolson; Graham Richman (also rep. Dave Campling); David Keen; Kevin and Cynthia Rowson; Spud Rowson (also rep. Vicky); Bob Middleton; John and Jenny Nicholas; Ian Cheffings (also rep. Gary Sampson); Lou Kershaw; Debbie Kershaw; Bob King (also rep. Sharon King); Tim Porter; Joe McGuire; Barry Howden; Lee Rhodes; Michael Bain;  Andy Rayner;  Aaron Cox;  Chris Blackburn; Dean Nicholson; Rory Campbell;  Sam Wroot;  Luke Coggon; John and Francine Gibbons; Chris Brown; Ian Holmes; Dave Simmins; Lilly Cartwright; Samantha Cartwright (also rep. Mally Cartwright); Kelly and David Clark; Nigel McLean; “Boots”; Shawn and Rachael Cottingham; Phil Brown; Mark Schofield; Christopher and Lynn Allott;  Gary Neilson (also rep. Jane Torrington-Baron); Steve Galley; Paul Easton; Carl Hallam; Spider Wilson; Daly Addison; Graham Austin; Mick Webber; Geordie Storey (also rep. Chris); Dick McCormack; David and Julie Clixby; Sarah and Martin Cook; Aiden Cook; Jean and Clarry Bateman; Doug and Denise Wright (also rep. Steve and Sara Dennis, and Simon White); Pete Rose; Jason Moore; David Wright; Tony Rogers; Cheryl Dalziel; Hayley Ledwidge; Julie Sampson (also rep. “Monsoon”); Cliff Barber (also rep. Sally); Chris Blythe (also rep. Tina); Pete Burton; Angie Young; Joanne Horsewood (also rep. Kerry Sylvester); Hayley Roberts (also rep. Shelley Ward); Tony Roberts; Darren Swinton; Mark and Julie Stead; Chris and Christine Stark; Glenn Dobbs;  Michael Smith;  Malcolm Trott;  Wayne Webber;  Phil Bradley;  Ben and Hilary Williams;  Matthew Harris;  April and Mark Fitzgerald (also rep. Mike and Rachel Beecham, and Lee Oldham); Andrew Waumsley;  Ian Brown; Shane and Angela Brown;  Simon Gude;  Graham and Christine Makey; Darren Walker; John Bensley; Caroline Davis; Kim Blackburn; Ross Sampson;  Ian Walker;  Sean Melhuish; Paul Gowshall;  Vicki Holt;  Simon Pearson; Tom Hobson;  Haydn Davies; Jack Munson; Jordan Walker; Charlie Ridley; Peter Freeman; Kyle Gresham; Lewis Regan; Will Soady; George Lee; Jason and Sharon Robinson; Gary Hunt (also rep. Lynn); Keith and Jean Syer Sue Eddington (also rep. the Eddington family); Samuel McLaughlin (also rep. the McLaughlin family); Joe and Denise McLaughlin; Ronald Keenan; John Dobbs; John Sadler (also rep. Colin Fitzgerald); Carl and Karen Dale; Lee Bemrose; Nick Cottingham (also rep. Steve Worrell); Mike Czuczman (also rep. Leigh Southern); Jim and Elaine Hutchinson (also rep. Laura and Eleanor Hutchinson); Lisa Cole (also rep. Troy); Bowie and Tina Cole; Steven and Susan Hulse;  Billy Proctor;  Samantha Hewitt; Amy Bratley (also rep. Myles and Beth); Robert Fenwick; Andrew Gemmell; Debbie and Steve Ramsden; Kim and Bob Mason (also rep. Stuart, Helen and Esther Triffitt); Mick Witty; Matt Tomlinson; Paul Weston; Louie Olley; Mick Olley; Den Smith; Ian Hewson; Bernard Finn; Steve Smith; Jason Morley; David Martin; Mick Howard; Stuart Simons; Chris Johnson; Kev Loveday; Jim Macadie; Ian Garner; Andy McDougall; Merrill Rowan; Mark Chapman; Gavin Munson; Jackie and Dave Webb (also rep. David Jnr. And the Webb family); Alan Playford; Peter and Jo Stark; Terry and Julie Warrener; Clive Winterburn; Craig Winterburn; Paul Wigfield; Leesa Rhoades; Lee Rhoades (also rep. Lisa); Janice and John Rhoades; Sandy and Keith New; Aaron Rhoades; Beth Gollings; Andy Moore; Sarah and Richard Raymond; Bob and Tina Pike; Bob Warrener; Graham Bramwell; Steve and Ann Barley; John Goodey; Mark Johnson; Adi Wright; Jamie Bemrose; Sophie Barber;  Kevin Storr; John and Petra Grant (also rep. Rebecca and Shaun Wood); Sarah Penny (also rep. Joshua Penny); Richard and Lesley Beckett; Mark Parrott; Fred Allison (also rep. Christine); Stacey Allison; George and Marie Playford; Paul Chapman; Antonia Cox; Jackie Cox; Martin Pullen (also rep. Mandy, Tiffany, Leah, Paige and BH Construction).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Denis WatsonDenis Watson (62): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Tony Jewitt.

Family mourners attending: June Watson, wife; Jackie and Tom Appleby, daughter and son-in-law; Tracey Watson, daughter; Kerry Watson and Chris Perkins, daughter and son-in-law; Layla Watson, granddaughter; Eileen Brain (also rep. Jo Stephenson, sister); Paul Watson, brother; Graeme Watson, brother; Linda and Terry Pearce, sister and brother-in-law; Terry and Janet Watson, brother and sister-in-law (also rep. Maria Watson and Jaz Watson); Colin and Janet Watson, brother and sister-in-law (also rep. Paul Watson-Brown, step son); Margaret Pearson, sister-in-law; Philip and Jeanne Pearson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Steve and Jean Watson, brother and sister-in-law; Susan Pearson, sister-in-law; Arthur Hannah, uncle; Jean Wilson, auntie; Janet Drakes, auntie (also rep. Malcolm); Jamie Pearson, nephew; David Watson, nephew; Mike Watson, nephew (also rep. Jamie Barrett); Jamie Watson-Stanforth, nephew; Scott Sadler and Terri Gaiger, nephew and partner; Machaela and Mark Stuart, niece and husband (also rep. Joseph and Harry); Chris and Zoe Stephenson, nephew and wife; Kristy Brown, niece; Kelly Watson, niece (also rep. Lennon); Karen Swift, niece; Nicki and Richard Watson-Stanforth, niece and husband; David and Anne-Marie Sadler, nephew and wife; Mark and Sarah Sadler, nephew and wife; Gemma, David and Isla Hammond, niece, husband, great niece; Stephen and Michelle Watson, nephew and wife; Bev and Pete Watson, niece and husband; Trevor and Janet Wilson, cousin; Fiona Bruijn, cousin; Christine Brown, cousin; Fred Watson, cousin (also rep. Angela Watson, from Norwich, and Michael Watson, from Australia); Sandra Norris (also rep. Graham Norris, cousin); Lesley and Tony Sadler, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Martin and Marie Jackson (also rep. Vikki and Iain Flynn, niece and husband); Colin Hay; Harriet Dales; Pat Watson; Jan Boden; Thomas Appleby and Kirsty Harrison.

Other mourners attending: Graham and Frances Perkins; Tim Smith; Philip Clark; Peter Barnes; Susan and John Hemmings; John Brennen; Michael and Sheila Linnett; Irene and Frank Rimmer; Lynsey O’Beirne; Tony and Sue Mallon; Tim Heale; Mick Bonsall; Stephen Meekcoms; David Smith; Patrick Purchase; Michael Nixon; Scott and Sheila McCartney; Peter and Sadie McKeown; Ed and Carmel Leyland; David Sadler; Keith Moore; Clare Stanforth; Hayley Thomas (also rep. First Steps Nursery); Nick Mussell (also rep. Mrs Jenny Mussell); Barry and Joanne Seaton; Brian Hall, M.B.E.; Keith Farmery; Eddie and Jane London; Gary and Tania Lincoln; Derek Hocking; Stephen and Jackie Dale; Steve Lander; Belinda Wilson; Paul Morton; Nigel Newman (Spud); Pete Smith; Annette Chaffey; Mick Thorpe; Michael Scales; Steve Nunn; Tony Nash; Gary Collins; Gary and Anja Johnson; Paul Plant; Derek Hant; Bob Hayton; Steve Tune; Phil Warrlner; Kev and Carolyn Miller; Anthony Ali; Pete Jolly (also rep. Karen Jolly); Arthur and Mandy Whyte; Pauline and Rowly Potter; Pete and Gill Barnard; Ian Binns; Jade Binns; Mick Abbs; Alf Todd; Gillian Pulling; Fred and Bev Bullock; Simon Andrew; Carol and John Behan; Marj and Dave Thornley; Bez and Linda Beswick (also rep. Janet and Michael Flynn, and Roland White); Roger Brunt (also rep. Kevin Hodgson, Mike Beard and Steven Brunt); Kevin Websdale; Richard and Jennifer Brown; Andy and Carol Thomas; Ken Taylor; John and Pat Upsall; Rebecca Upsall; Mark and Lyn Osman; Nigel and Rosie Barker; Wayne and Claire Stocks; Lynne Tuplin (also rep. Charlie Tuplin); Tracey Tuplin (also rep. Mark Hinchcliffe); Chris and Steve Buzzard; Michael Reams; Fraser Finlay; Graham Guild; Arthur Andrews; Glen Harrison; Susan Harrison; John and Rachael Limb; Shaun Ollerton; Paul Simons; Bill Heycock; Chris Colyer; Phil Tilley; Richard Green; Fred Corbett; Steve Staines; June and Tiny Rose (also rep.Allen and Ina Corney); Mick and Pauline Scott; Sam and Pauline Martin; Liz and Mickey Dowland; David Gash; David and Elizabeth Goude; Tom and Tina Wesley; Lynne Tyas; Jo Seaton; Julie Carter; Noreen Warrinor; Robert and Barbara Wolfe; Chris Groom; Alan Ralph; Felix Ralph; Mel Swann; Donna and Craig Kirwin; Jean Taylor; Carolyn Croft; Annette Nowell; Pete and Andrea Smith; Les Bendle; Sue and Denis Commons; Natalie Robbins; Amy Farrow (also rep. Steven Farrow); Paul and Maria Hollis; Paddy Gray; Mick Spring; George Fairweather; Eddie Chase; Andrew and Linda Clark; Pete Love; Deryck White; Pete and Jo Hopkins; Sue and Pete Sheppard; Larry Kell (also rep.the late Jim Kell and family); Kieron Knight; Ski Okopskyj; James Walters; Adam O’Sullivan; Tracey Edgar; Deborah Spry; Sarah Appleton; Sue Anderson (also rep. Vic and Gill Anderson); Charlie Long (Standard Bearer, Grimsby Branch of the Royal Lincolnshire and Royal Anglian Regiment); Joe and Jackie Hefferman; Roysten Cousins; Bernadette Searle; Greg Carter; Paul Ablitt; Hugh Smith; Derek Combes; Archie Gray; Sue Carey; Alan Gorman; Nigel Crawford; David and Mandy Moore; Julie Sullivan; Harry Pearman; Susan Swaby; Peter Swaby; Stuart Baxter; Janine Carn; Jane Thorpe-Green; Ken Vincent; Kelly Clark; Chris Whatley; Caron Waugh; Tim Campbell; Steve Smith (also rep. Carl Wingate); Ciaran Hannigan; Lesley Cooper; Dennis and Sasha Powley; Martin Kilby; James Pancoust; Fiona Josephs (also rep. Alison and Erin); Caroline Josephs (also rep. Alison and Erin); Peggy Blyth (also rep. Fred Matthews); Dene Carter; John Kitchen; Marcus and Marty Green; John Belham; Laura Belham; Paul Davies; Sally Lamming (also rep. Steve and James Lamming and David Norman); Mike and Rose Edwards; Bill and Sue O’Driscoll; Daniel Gibbs; Edward Gibbs (also rep. Mark and Kerry Stephens); Dianne Gibbs; Liz Gibbs; Colin and Barbara Makin; Jane Whiteley; Jeffrey and Eileen Usher; Matthew Ellis; Jamie Taylor; Andrew McCurdy; Theresa Sadler; Ethel Sadler; “Porky” and Pauline Hale; Mags Hind; Tammy Webster; John and Carole Parker; Corporal Sunman (Drummer); Michelle Wilkinson; Dawn Bateman; Mick Pollard; Ross and Sue Collins; Peter Smith; Nick Sanders; Jeanette Kirk; Coral Carter; Nigel Hall; Rosie Briggs; Colonel David Denson and Stephanie Denson; Mick Howell; Sally Clayton; Peter Marshall; Roger and Brenda Kent; David Austin; Malcolm Griffin; Billy Friend and Marlene Oldfield; Alistair and Sarah Fox; Carol and Pete Wright; Catherine Searle; Gerald Dorritt; Richard Starbuck; Gary Campbell; John Fox; David Emmerson; Lyndsey Osbourne; Patrick Kissane; Ian Wilkins; Bill Page (Royal Anglican Association); Mick Colbourne; Allan Lee; Karl Richards; Bernadette Godfrey; Paul Brown; David Warby; David and Barbara Dunthorne; “Pop” Bannon; Stuart Addison; Tony Johnson; Renville Brown; Jenny Steel; John and Pat Freiberg; Janet Chandler; Chantelle Brown; Richard Robinson; Les Ward; Martin Wright; Simon Taylor; Phil Eccles; Steve Gaster; Paul Ford; Pete Woodcock; Dave Gardiner; Andy Clark; Paul Gibbett (also rep. Maria); Harry West; Martin Wallington; Walter and Pat Morley; Demi Gilbertson; Chris Hay; John Harrand; Cara Harriman; Michael Swaby; Richard Hackfath; Tom and Sheila McBride; Gail and Bill Maund; Sandra Seath; Les Dobbs; Mary and Paul Thornhill; Dave Whitehead; Brian Martin; Laura Smith; Natalie Carratt; Mark Simpson; David Castledine (G.M.B); Wayne Heeley; Stuart Shaw; Joanne Green (also rep. ushers at Grimsby Magistrates and Combined Courts).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


June RobinsonJune Robinson (87): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by the Reverend Pat Woolliss.

Family mourners attending: Janet Morton, daughter; Bev Kirk, daughter; Helen and Tony Ashworth, granddaughter and husband; Jon and Lorainne Rushby, grandson and wife; Rachel Kirk, granddaughter; Emma and Stuart Inch, great granddaughter and husband; Rebecca and Scott Redfern, great granddaughter and partner; Ryan and Hiedi, great grandson and partner; Lewis Rushby, great grandson; Ellis Rushby, great grandson; Madge and Wilf Jackson, sister and brother-in-law; Rhys Kirk, great grandson; Leigh Kirk, great granddaughter; Tony Stuart, brother-in-law; Marlene Button, sister-in-law; Lisa Goodwin, niece; Sue Younger, niece; Deb Younger, niece (also rep. Phil Younger, nephew); Marilyn and John Scrimshaw, niece and husband; Louise and Chris Smith, niece and husband; Margaret and Peter Jensen, niece and husband; Paul and Wendy Jackson, nephew and wife (also rep. Jay Jackson, great nephew); Jason and Lisa Stuart, nephew and wife; Luke Goodwin, great nephew; Shani Fytche, great niece; Lauren Stevens, great niece; Gary Fytche (also. rep Jayne Fytche, niece); Julie Button (also rep. Ian Button, nephew); Brian Goodwin; Julie Green; Henry and Violet Taylor; Martin Nicholls; Ann McLachlan.

Other mourners attending: Barrie Kirk; John Rushby; June Webster; Doreen Cribbs; Joanne Johnson; Denise Langley and Tony Wells; Ronald Smith; Pamela Ackrill (also rep. Valerie and Bernice); Sandra Booth (also rep. Margaret Perry); Margaret De Silva; Irene Lane; Tony Bathurst; Sarah Broughton; John and Margaret Howden; Kerry James (also rep. Richard); Mary Stuart (also rep. Bill); Yvonne Blakey.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Elizabeth Tait WISEMAN

Elizabeth WisemanElizabeth Tait Wiseman (69): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Ken Gleadle, partner; Iain Wiseman, son; Lynne Allen, daughter; Chelsea Allen, granddaughter; Amy Allen, granddaughter; Rebecca Allen, granddaughter; Alex Thomson, brother; James Thomson, brother; Grace Thomson, sister-in-law; Yvonne Thomson, niece; Alex Thomson, nephew; Susan and Howard  Appleyard, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Matthew Appleyard, nephew.

Other mourners attending: Carol and Colin Charlton; Mary Moore (also rep. Ron, Lee and Dawn Moore); Peggy Hodson (also rep. the Hodson Family); Yvonne McKechnie (also rep. Ulceby Truck Stop); Nicola Mallinson (also rep. Ulceby Truck Stop); Donna Ormond (also rep. Ulceby Truck Stop); Teresa Gorbutt (also rep. Ulceby Truck Stop); Erica and Shelly Curry (also rep. Ulceby Truck Stop); Angela Glover; Ronald and Vivien Grant; Maureen and Dave Thompson; Pauline Collins (also rep. Terry and Evelyn Dimbleby); Jean and Tony Williams; Donna Williams (also rep.Couplands Immingham); Angela Heap; Dianne Humphrey; Violet Taylor; Julie Green; Chloe Leshone; Clare Leshone; Julie Playle; Bruni Plaskitt; Natasha Diamond (also rep. John Plaskitt); June Hazelwood; Branka Hazelwood; Sybil Raby (also rep. Shirley and Rachael); Maureen and Dennis Cook; Emma Margetts; Teresa Berney; Steve Sutton; Karen Perrin (also rep. Jeff Perrin); Elaine Norton; Sandra Ailsby; Charmaine Hughes; Kerry Yarborough; Shirley Altoft (also rep. Robert Altoft); John Milnes; Ada Coates; Bernadette and Bill Price; Steph McCann; Johnathan and Paula Palmer; Emily Palmer; Patricia Roberts; Pauline Hull; Maureen Jacombe; Jo Nutbrown (also rep. Deb Gadie); Gordon and Margaret Ferguson; Andrew Vincent; Ronnie Wiseman; Kim Badics; Pam Allen; Daniel Allen; Roxy Allen.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.