John Smith (69): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Reader Ken Richardson.

Family mourners attending: Marilyn, wife; Ian, son; Angela, daughter; Joyce, daughter; Colin, son-in-law; Kayleigh, granddaughter; Toni, granddaughter; Paula, granddaughter; Katie, granddaughter; Dot, aunt; Andy, nephew; Margaret Hignett and Alan Stanley, sister and partner; Tommy and Angie Rooney, brother and wife; Henry Craigie, brother-in-law; Theresa Craigie and Geoff Harrison, sister-in-law and partner; Fiona Harrison, niece; Sam and Alan Young, niece and husband; Richard Moore and Angie Williamson, nephew and partner; Louise and Philip Pykett, niece and husband; Andrew Campbell, nephew; Pauline Harrison.

Other mourners attending: Allan Snape; Ian and Marion Richardson; Mike Sleight (also rep. John Cole and Dave Ferguson); Dusty (HGV); Carl Drant; Richard Bartczak; Eric and Dawn Coleman; Denise McKenzie (also rep. Dave McKenzie); Sylvia Fox and Trevor Dunsten; George Miller; Paul and Ann-Marie Tuplin; Colin and Judith Lond; Darryl Thwaite; David Docherty; Pete and Barbara Coulam; Councillor Sue Bailey (Humberston Parish Council, also rep. Val and Dave Hyde); Malcolm Simonds (also rep. Humberston Allotment Association); Graham Smith (also rep. Humberston Allotment Association); Nigel and Judith Bell; Jeff Chafer; Anne and William Hetherington; Jean and Bowge Negrup (also rep. Mr and Mrs Mike Payne); Robert Harrison and Miriam Hendry; Fred Bendall; Brenda and Brian Green; Jeffrey Johnson; Sandra and Harry Mitchell (also rep. Tracey and Easton Duff); Stephen Jones; Neil Jennings; Justin Timmerhues (also rep. Countryman Pub Staff and Customers); Bill Margraves; Joyce and Bob Biggs; Mick and Margaret Brown (also rep. Rob and Angela, USA); Pat Hawken; Ross and Anne Allen Janet Willmer (also rep. Shirley Portess); David and Joan Willmer; Ian Dalton (also rep. Louise); Rosie and Harry (Plot 70); Paul and Iris Tuplin; Fay Smith; Ann and Dennis Archer (also rep. Mr and Mrs Keeble); Chuck and Linda Johnson (also rep. Paul and Lorraine Johnson); Les Low; Sean Postlethwaite; Christine Wood (also rep. Marie Maskell); Angela Rogers and Mike Denton.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Joyce Elsie PICKING

Joyce PickingJoyce Elsie Picking (91): a service took place at St Michaels Church, Great Coates and was conducted by Reader Jennifer Roberts.

Family mourners attending: Marilyn and Graham Walker, daughter and husband; John and Maureen Cubbison, son and wife; Lisa Nolloth, granddaughter; Alan Nolloth, grandson; Danielle Nolloth and James Faulkner, great granddaughter and partner; Liam Nolloth, great grandson; Laura Nolloth, great granddaughter; Sophie Nolloth, great granddaughter; Dorothy Jarvis, sister; Ann and Roger Walker, sister and brother-in-law; Shirley Clarke, sister-in-law (also rep. John Clarke and Family); Jean and Pete Lonsdale, sister-in-law and husband (also rep. Jackie and Malcolm Midgely); Marion Venney, sister-in-law; Bob and Wendy Walker, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Carol and Ian Templeman, niece and husband; Pete and Sara Venney, nephew and wife; John and Karen Venney, nephew and wife; Richard and Carla Venney, nephew and wife; Steve and Chris Jarvis, nephew and wife; John Jarvis, nephew (also rep. Julie Jarvis); Phillip and Amy Venney, nephew and wife; Julie Jarvis, niece; Marie Carter, niece; Linda and Geoff Gale, niece and husband; John and Karen Venney, nephew and wife; Richard and Carla Venney, nephew and wife; Sheila Laking, cousin; Nicola Jarvis; Clarice Brown.

Other mourners attending: Joyce Hanson; Christine Topham; Valerie Smith; Janice Hines; Heather Austin; Marjorie and Paul Humphery; Julie and Joshua Green; Frances Mobbott; Sid and Sheila Blanchard; Les and Dawn Baker; Andrea Beeley; Tracey Clarke;  Julie and Tony Whitley; Ann Croucher; Norman Brooks; Patricia Vause; Shirley Crew; Pete Kyme; David and Julie Youle (also rep. Chris and Terry Wright); Rita and David Kelk.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


John WilkinsonJohn Brian Wilkinson (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Joan Lancaster, partner; Nigel and Sue Wilkinson, son and daughter-in-law; Kim and George Jewitt, daughter and son-in-law; Tom and Alexandra Wilkinson, grandson and wife; Daniel and Holly Wilkinson, grandson and wife; Carl and Rebecca Martin, grandson and wife; Samantha and James Armitage, granddaughter and husband; Paul Lancaster, step-son; Dawn Lancaster, step-daughter; Jane Goffin, step-daughter; Tyler Goffin, step-grandson; Ashley Goffin, step-grandson; Marcus Goffin, step-grandson; Philippe Goffin, step-grandson; Aaran Lancaster, step-grandson; Maxine and Geoff Baldock, niece and husband; Lorraine Hall, niece; Paul and Joanne Wilkinson, nephew and wife; Lizanne Wilkinson, niece; Francesca Pickering; Brian Pickering; Roy and Pearl Weldon; John and Gill Wattam; Janet Yates; Neil and Norah Wadd; Andrew and Karen Page.

Other mourners attending: Tony Shambrook; David Wilkinson (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Gerry Blythe (ANEMC); David Broadley (ANEMC and Lincs Louth Motor Club); Pat and Terry Mottram (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Madge and John Jammey (Lincs Louth Motor Club); John Murphy (Lincs Louth Motor Club); John Liles (also rep. Joyce Liles, Dennis and Janet Reed, Past Rotarians); Pat and Dave Brown (Classis Cars, also rep. Keith and Meryl, Classic Cars); Abbey and Shirley Harrison (Classic Cars); Roger Thompson (Classic cars and Lincs Louth Motor Club); Andrew Gunn (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Joseph Brook (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Ken Marsh (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Jeff and Sue Burnham (Lincs Louth Motor Club); George Haxby (also rep. Haxby family); Mike Rands (Grimsby Motor Club); Arthur Martin (also rep. Gillian Martin and Family); Councillor Stephen Harness (Waltham Windmill Trust); Janet Parratt (University Of The Third Age); Terence Willey (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Phil Dunham (Model Engineers, Waltham Windmill Trust); Steve White (Grimsby Motor Club); Mike Date (also rep. Waltham Museum); Anne Mann (University of The Third Age, also rep. Brian and Christine Masters, Pauline and Dave Campbell and Berenice Dudney); Vincent and Jacqueline Sullivan; Dr Pip Carter (also rep. Waltham Windmill and Jim Urquhart); Margaret Cracknell (Waltham Windmill); Alistair and Rachel Russell;  Toni and Robin Beecroft; Dave Buckley; Brian Beckett; Dorothy Cammack; Gary Martin; Jane and Stuart Riggall (also rep. Geoff Hill and Christine Baxter); Gill Clarke (University Of The Third Age, Committee); Janet Cullum (University Of The Third Age, Committee); Jenny Dutton (University Of The Third Age, Committee); Paul Bundy (also rep. Derek and Marjorie Jackson); Keith Wear (also rep. Geoff Handford): Mark White; Edward Colvin; Ann McCarthur; Joseph McCandless; Sue and Tony Saunders; Max Huxford; Janet and Barrie Portas; Jim Colley; Norman Walters; Gordon Wilson; Susan Newborough (also rep. Newborough Family); Maureen and Roger Gibbins; Ian and Pam Davey (Past Rotarians); Councillor Iain Colquohn); Donna Thompson (also rep. Peter Woodliff and Waltham Windmill Trust); Colin Barber; Hilary and David Hay; Ian and Rhona Sherburn; Eddie Coulbeck (also rep. Josie); David Moore; Margaret and Robin Sisson (University of The Third Age, also rep. Geoff Lenthall); Tim Cockerton; Gill Atkinson; Lawrence Walton (University Of The Third Age, Aviation); Pamela Moorhouse (University Of The Third Age); Anne Easterbrooke (University Of The Third Age); Richard Swithenbank (Past Rotarians); Janet and Peter Church; Edward Spooner (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Michael Brickwood (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Alan Conway (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Ron and Celia Middleton (Lincs Louth Motor Club); Jean McEwan; Colin Atkinson (Former Colleague, Telegraph, Louth); Carol and David Petch (Past Rotarians); Barry Haden (University Of The Third Age); Martin Archer (Waltham Windmill); Yvonne Roberts (also rep. Jackie and Tracey); Martin Francis (University Of The Third Age, Birdwatching Group); Frank Marston (University Of The Third Age, Aviation Group, also rep. Geoff Lenthall and David Muir); Geoff Miller; Lesley Leach (Museum Association); Geoff and Cinnie Cragg; Colin and Margaret Clifford (also rep. Chris Rigg and John Fletcher); N Darley (also rep. K Armiger and K Stretch, Lincs Louth Motor Club); David and Ann Kennedy, Past Rotarians (also rep. Jimmy and Mrs Bacon, Past Rotarians, Dal and Mrs Turner, Past Rotarians, Kenneth and Mrs Cameron, Past Rotarians, Keith Craig, Past Rotarian and Rosetta Manders, Past Rotarian).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. 

Walter William ‘Wally’ PICKING

Walter PickingWalter Wally William Picking (82): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Ida Picking, wife; Julie Tuplin, daughter; Malcolm Tuplin, son-in-law; Lily Gostling, sister-in-law; Jayne Carrington, niece; Susan and Michael Harris, niece and husband; Graeme Mumby, nephew; John and Paula Gostling, nephew and wife; Josh Gostling, great nephew; Ashley Drewery, great nephew; Laura and Simon Griffin, great niece and husband; Pete and Margo Kyme, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Kath and Brian Gale (friends); Susan McQueen (friends); Julie Hammond (friends); Pam Stothard (also rep. Bill Stothard, friends); Sid and Sheila Blanchard (friends); Margaret Jones (friends); Glesni Wainwright (friends).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Philip Richard SMITH

Philip Richard Smith (77): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Christine Smith, wife; Richard Smith and Michelle Gladding, son and partner (also rep. Alex and Summer,  grandchildren); Julie and Scott Ashdown, daughter and son-in-law (also rep. Elizabeth, granddaughter); George Smith, brother; Della Dunn, sister-in-law; Stuart Payne, brother-in-law; Karen Payne, sister-in-law; Don and Ann Smith, brother and sister-in-law; Gary and Sue Webster, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. Eliza Webster, niece); Arnold Ashdown, father-in-law to daughter; Debbie Smith, niece (also rep. David Smith, nephew and Family); Tammy Webster, niece; Hayley Payne, niece; Melanie and David Graves, niece and husband; Wendy Payne, niece; Ellie Dunn, niece; Olly Dunn, nephew; Heather Carrington, cousin-in-law; Michael and Christine Stones, cousin-in-law and wife; Lesley Webster; John and Angela Vandervord.

Other mourners attending: Lesley Tant; Janet and Dave Smith; Glynis Bailie; Mike Beckett (also rep. Hazel and Alan Ashton; Graham Kay and Ken Bottomley); Dick King (also rep. King Family and Green Staff, Grimsby Golf Club); Michael Atkinson; Jackie Roddy (also rep. Dave and Toria); Selwyn Shelton (also rep. Julie and Harriet Shelton); Paul Simpson (also rep. Anne); Laura and Frank Parrish; Helen Williams; Jane Platts; Jeanette Fisher; Bob Read (Ex work colleague, Youngs); Steve Norton (Ex work colleague, Youngs); Eileen Kersey (Ex work colleague, Youngs); Martin Borrill ( Ex work colleague, Youngs); Mary Lofthouse; Kevin Swallow (Ex work colleague, Youngs); Roger and Richard Cook; Margaret Barker; Keith Oliver; Jimmy Charlton (also rep. Roy Charlton); Graham and Christine Charlton; Dave Green (also rep. Green Family); Evelyn Shelton; Janet Dumelow (also rep. Les Dumelow); Roy Atkinson; Jane Wells; Ralph Hince.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Betty RUDLAND formerly known as FOX

Betty Rudland (2)Betty Rudland (87): a service took place at St Peters Church, Humberston and was conducted by Kevin Onn.

Family mourners attending: Roger Fox, son; Jane Fox, daughter-in-law; Gillian Lewis, daughter;  Dave Lewis, son-in-law (also rep. Ben, Adam and Brooke); Graham Fox, son (also rep. Glen, Mel and Freddy); Jo Fox, daughter-in-law; Peter and Margaret Pollard, nephew and wife; Charlie Hargreaves, granddaughter; Polly Hargreaves, granddaughter; Macy Hargreaves, granddaughter; Jack Hargreaves, grandson; Barry Fox and Hayley Coulam, grandson and partner; Robert Wallis, step-grandson (also rep. Sam Wallis and Kirsty); Stephanie and Bob Scott, niece and husband; Val and Geoff Robinson, niece and husband; Julie Svendsen, niece; Kai Svendsen, great-nephew; Abigail Svendsen, great-niece; Margaret Brocklebank (also rep. Stella and Chris Taylor).

Other mourners attending: Ben and Fran Dunham; Syd and Julie Willey (also rep. St Andrews Methodist Church); Maureen Norminton (also rep. Peter); Gillian Smith; Karen Louis (also rep. Ray Louis, Fred and Carol Emmerson and Dave and Pauline Owen); Pete Linley (also rep. Tom and Chris Reveler); Phil and Kate Carrington; Bill Connolly; Kim Morton; Linda and David Stringer; Pat Smith (also rep. Andrew and Richard and Families); Greta Cave; Andrew Cave; David Clarke; Eve Charles (ex Albert Road Surgery); Gillian Wallace (ex Albert Road Surgery); Dr Iain Sutherland (ex Albert Road Surgery); Margaret Johnson (also rep. Sleight Family); Nick and Rachael Smith (also rep. Ian and Paula Brocklebank); Pat Smith (also rep. Friendship@Home); Sandra Beckett (also rep. Bert Williamson); Rebecca Stephens;  Anna Morgan;  Helen Lewis; Terry and Janet Woodward (parishioners only); Pat Smith;  Angela Henderson;  Mary and Jim Rock;  Malcolm and Jenny Smith (also rep. Friendship@Home); Irene Hargreaves; Janice Howlett; Chris Burrows (also rep. Margaret Burrows and Adrian and Gifty Burrows); Nick Meaney (also rep. Vanessa and Anita Meaney also Ian Townsend); Paul Walker; Pauline Yeardley (also rep. Mabel Lighton); Chrissy Wray (also rep. Carole Laking and Janet Harrison);  Gill and Jurgen Strempel (also rep. Lindsey Maguire); Gary and Jane Tappley (also rep. Steve, Claire, Will, Katie and Teddy); Dr John Lavin: Margaret Sethi (also rep. Josie Pass);  Kaz and Jacko Jackson; Richard and Sara Vivian (also rep. Paul Mary and John Birch);  Kev and Anne Palmer; Alma Birch.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd


Brenda JacksonBrenda Jackson (85): a service took place at St Andrews Church, Immingham and was conducted by Reverend Julie Donn.

Family mourners attending: Christine Jackson, daughter (also rep. James Bowlstridge, grandson); Marion Hill and Steven Brickett, daughter and partner; John Cottingham and Joy de Croot, nephew and wife; David Cottingham and Dot Burrows, nephew and partner; Rowena Fallaize, great niece; Bryony Chestnut, great niece; Matthew and Diana Cottingham, great nephew and wife; William Cottingham, great nephew; Bill and Sandra Warwick, nephew and wife; Betty Jackson, sister-in-law; Mavis Welch, sister-in-law (also rep. Margaret Broddle, sister-in-law); John and Kath Avison, nephew and wife; Alan and Kathleen Avison, nephew and wife (also rep. Joanne and Jane, great nieces); Rodger and Ann Warwick, nephew and wife; Ralph and Pam Avison, nephew and wife; Dawn Warwick, niece; Alan Warwick, nephew; Kathleen Woad, niece.

Other mourners attending: Andrew Hill (also rep. Julie Wright); Glenys Pocklington; Carol Gordon (also rep. Tom, and Nick and Jean Day); Elaine Dix; Mary and Alan Hill; Janet Starkie (Pelham Singers); Wendy Pankhurst (Organist and Pelham Singers); Susan Rands; Madge Hughes; Jean Stoten (also rep. Kim and Fern, Pelham Dingers); Derek and Doreen Hinds (also rep. Martin and Margaret Hallett and Rosemary Day); David Holmes (also rep. Julie Holmes and Mr and Mrs G Dobbs); Barbara Fews (also rep. Mavis Newham); Maxine Humberston (also rep. John); Veronica Fox; Peter Sadd; Linda Ladlow (also rep. Pilgrim Rambling Club); Kaye Pool (also rep. Philip, David and Stephen Pool); Fran Bowden (Pelham Singers); Edna Laud; Ann and Chris Gaunt; Doris and Terry Simco; Janet Bruce; Gwen Willbourn; Bernice Webb;  Laura McNally (also rep. Erika McDonald); Eileen Horton (also rep. Dave and Maureen Thompson); Helen Fenwick; Eileen McCready (also rep. Wendy Plumtree); Heather Simpson (also rep. David and Maud Knighton); Di Smart; Lynn Campbell; Shirley Prestwood (also rep. Norman and the Prestwood family); Susan Harris; Eileen Gamwell; Pamela Chesney; David Branton; Joan Cousins; June Kirby (also rep. Brian); Joan Kent; Lilian Johnson (also rep. Stephen and Sam);Walter Thompson (also rep. Margaret Richardson); Susan Hutterby (also rep. Ellis Wilson); Pat Cook (also rep. Bessie Griffin); Sharon Rutland (also rep. Joan and Geoff Moffatt); Elizabeth Ladlow; Annie Holden;  Catherine Davis; Lesley Shaw (also rep. Jeff); Judith Smithson (also rep. Jenny Warwick); Dorothy Cruddas; Joy Marshall (also rep. Heather Simons); Sandra Phillips; Brenda Cottingham; Carol Croft ;Laura Croft; Janet and Jeremy Chapman; Dr. Saha; Brenda McGregor (also rep. Richard and Anne Elford); Raymond and Jane Overton; John Overton (also rep. Sue); Valerie Tuxford (also rep. Martyn); Audrey Kennedy (also rep. Margaret Messey); Pearl Larkman; Fran Gowshall; Diane Hollows; Rose Staples; Sarah Hill.

Eunice Lilian BEEL

Eunice Lilan Beel (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematoruim and was conducted by Olga Short.

Family mourners attending: Brenda Witts, sister- in- law; Steve Witts and Sharon Sharman, nephew and partner; Emma and Ian Chapman, great niece and husband; Vince and Pam Featherstone, cousin and wife; Norman and Anne Featherstone, cousin and wife; James and Kelly Rendall, great nephew and wife; Gail and Graham Little, cousin and wife; Mrs June Laverick, cousin (also rep. Alison and Paul Speed); David Beel; Susan Beel; Valerie Ward; Roy Ward; Pat Beel; Bernard Beel; Mavis Trenthem.

Other mourners attending: Sylvia Miller; Dorothy Larder; Hazel Fisher; Jim and Edna England; Joan Quantrill; Lindy Lovett; Debbie Brown; John and Dorothy O’Mahony (also rep. Richard, Rebecca and Beth Peck); Jenny Sharman; Joyce Dyas; Ann Smalley; Joan Hinch (also rep. David Hinch); George Davis (also rep. Jane Davis); Paula Coppin; Lyn Clark; Marie and Pete Dumbleton; Lynne and Dave Marsden (also rep Ev Baldock); Helen Carlile; Janet and Bernard Phillips; Ken and Christina Denniss (also rep the Royal Marine Association); Evelyn Harrison (also rep. David); Richard and Liz Shillito; Tony and Jan Cox; Amanda Edwards; Audrey and David Jacklin; Janet Rhind; Maureen Price; Ted and Mavis Cullum (also rep. the Cullum family); Arthur and Patricia McUrich; Norman and Doreen Lovis; Joyce Parsons; Ken and Gwen Johnstone; Lou Stevens (also rep. Dick); Margaret and Harry Parsons; Neil Parsons; Norma Lund; Jodie Ireland; Joe and Margaret Bett; Margaret McLellan; Pia McLellan; Eden McLellan (also rep. Joanne); Keith Dean; June and Barry White; Maxine Cooper; Sheila Lamb; Fred and Pam Scarratt; Vanessa Siveyer (also rep. John Siveyer, and David and Sue Pearson); Geoff and Chris Lamb; Sheila Thompson (also rep. Maureen Smalley); Des and Nita Hostad; Joyce Dixon (also rep. the Dixon family); Kathleen Baumber; David and Debbie Baumber; David and Audrey Hutchinson; William and Jackie Toyne (also rep. William); Andy and Carol Skelton; Eddie Wright; Pete Foster; Tony Ewart; Lou Murray; Ginny Samuels; Carrie Samuels; Maria and Steve George; Ann Stones; Susan Jervis (also rep Chris); Elizabeth Jervis (also rep. Lewis and Laurence); Margaret (Slatter); Jan Habelman; Danielle Garrett (carer); Kathleen and Terry Robinson; Brian and Pauline Applegate; Richard Mallett and Suzanne Camber; Donna Johnstone and Karl Widowson (also rep. Lord Street News); Julie and Sonny Ollie (also rep. Rachel and Claire); Paul Daddy (also rep Rachel and family); Jo Woods and Jamelia- Jo (daughter).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. 

Mark Arthur ‘Caveman’ SMITH

Mark Smith 1Mark Arthur Smith (53): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Angela, wife; Harry, son; Mary, mother; Ian, brother; Gary, brother; Neil, brother; Shirley Gray, mother in law; Barbara Smith, sister in law; Christine Pinchbeck, sister in law; Beccy Smith, sister in law; Andrew Gray, brother in law; Chris and Sharon Gray, brother in law and sister in law; Nicholas and Sharon Gray, brother in law and sister in law; Edith Cordell, grandmother; Les Smith, uncle; Robert and Linda Cordell, uncle and aunt; Ann and Richard Wright, aunt and uncle; Billy Barnet, nephew; Katie Smith, niece (also rep.Emily Smith, niece); Leah and Ross Milson, niece and husband; Brandon Barnet, nephew; Ross Barnet, nephew; Philip Gray, nephew; Rebecca Gray and Chris Partinton, niece and partner; Lewis Gray, nephew; Jamie Gray, nephew; Wayne Oglesby, cousin; Dawn Linton, cousin; Sharon Cordell, cousin; Pauline and Dennis Porter, cousin and husband; Hazel Grimbleby, cousin; Diane Fish, cousin (also rep. Susan Smith, cousin); Louise and Tina Cook, cousins; Michael Gray, cousin; Joanne Martin, cousin; Matthew Wright and Hayley Matthews, cousin and partner; Emma Wood; Kim and Gwen Oglesby; David Oglesby; Brian Gray.

Other mourners attending: Gary Horton; Andy Kinnaird; Mick Hornsby “Dick”; Matthew and Sharon Hewitt (also rep Sam Hewitt); Alan Mudd; John Meadows; Keith Johnson; Paul Walker; Darren Shelton; Dave Croucher; Lee Whotton; Spike; Steve Withers (also rep. Neil Gallagher); Fisho; Paul Peacock; Robbo; Ian; John; Richard Bass; Craig; Tony Glover; Steve Mitchell; John Smith; Rick Stemp (also rep. Shell Stemp); Charlie Rising; Darren Bleasdale; Mark Burton (also rep. BP Classic Cars); Nicole Peacock; Paul Peacock; Mandy Borrill; Tim Radcliffe; Steve Carlberg; Lee Plunkett; Leanne Scott; Tim and Sue Fletcher (also rep. Jon, Kelly and Hannah Fletcher); Sarah Jane Thomas; Graham Scoffin; Jane and Ian Sharp; Joe Sharp (also rep. Sam and Richard Sharp); Paul Wood and Caroline Hazel; James Young and Nicola Pattinson; Ann-Marie Goodhand (also rep. Bradley Goodhand and Bodhi); Donna Knights (also rep Dave Knights); Guy Aisthorpe (also rep. Louise); Simon Bottomley; Kim and Adrian Major; Robert Wilkinson; Robert Stewart; John Barton: Trevor Jennings; Rod Jones; Andy Rose; Marcus Drinkall; Emily Clark; Dane Stocks; Geoff Sutton; Ray Pell; Paul Johnson; Keith and Beverley Collins; Richard and Trudie Mann; Samantha Goodale; Simone Barr; David Glover; Susan Broddle; Hannah Pearson; Andy Chadwick; Andy Knapton; Richard Pearson; Ray Corry; Gill Ramsden; Tracy and Darren Grimble; Chrissie McEvoy; Kerrie and Gary Lambert; Debbie and Paul Walker; Hazel and Russell Cooper; Mark Cooper; Maria Jaines; Harrison Jaines; Tracey and Tony Gallyer; Rick and Angela Oxton; Susan and Gary Horsfall; Chris and Helen Whotton; Darren Ayres; Julie Ayres; Vanessa Kirk; Pete and Jules Holmes; Stephen Frizzell; Tony Jackson (also rep. Alan Milburn); Andy Todds (also rep. Mark Fitzgerald); Colin Barber; Malcolm Wadd; Dean Hutton; Chris Hughes; Paul Crawford; Michael and Elaine Bass; David and Joanne Greenside; Mel Wall; Lisa and Shaun Bracey; Jim and Sheila Cook; Martyn and Debbie Matthews (also rep. Mark and Julie Thompson); Lee Williams; Dennis Williams; Nik Hutchinson; Julie Nichols; Steve Craigie; Karen Smith (also rep. Paul Smith and Olivia Kavanagh); Helen Melin; Vanessa and Keith Proctor; Glenn and Diane Bracey; Pat and Barry Simpson (also rep. Carole); Steven Simpson (also rep. Martin); Jessica Teanby; Valerie Teanby (also rep. Jordan and Katie Teanby); Owen Cherrell; Tracey Blackburn: Dave and Gil Baumber (also rep. Jessica and Joel); David Sutherland; Wendy Horsfall; Shihab Alghowail; Mollie Masters.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Brenda MillerBrenda Miller (84): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Reverend Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Gillian Chappell, daughter; Gary Miller, son; Michael Miller, son; Trevor Chappell, son in law; Lorraine Gillbanks-Miller, daughter in law; Chris Lond, grandson; David Miller, grandson; Tommy Chappell, grandson; Lucy Gillbanks-Miller, granddaughter; Alex Gillbanks-Miller, grandson; Zara Denny, granddaughter (also rep. Archie and Charlie, great grandsons); Pete and Diane Waters, brother and sister in law; John and Pauline Waters, brother and sister in law; Barbara Waters, sister in law; Steven and Deborah Nowell, nephew and wife; Steve and Sue Brewer, niece and husband; Johnathon and Kate Waters, nephew and wife; Tara Waters, niece; Sarah and Christopher Brodie, niece and husband; Ginny Waters, niece; Michelle Waters, niece; Jane Helsten, niece; Sharron and Sam Hewitt, niece and husband; Mary-Lou Nowell, great niece; Kelly Brewer, great niece; Jasmin Brodie, great niece; Macy Brodie, great niece; Samantha Hewitt, great niece; Matthew and Christine Hewitt, great nephew and wife; Pat and Tony Brown, cousin and husband; Daisy Bell, cousin (also rep. the late Tony Bell); Pam and Len Goodfellow, cousin and husband (also rep. Neil, Nicky, Karl and Kyle); Ann Chappell (also rep. Frederick and Margaret Chappell); Sheila Kavanagh; Lee Popham; Lisa Gillbanks (also rep. Mr & Mrs DG Gillbanks); Karen and Richard Whiteoak; Debbie Wells; Beverley Wells; Mike and Tracy Thompson; Pam Hunter; Pete Benn (also rep. Helen); Min and Ken Bartle; Jenny Whitehouse (also rep. Daniel, Maegan and Cameron); Pat Giles (also rep. Vic and Carol Darbon); Roger Brown (also rep. the late Kathleen Robinson); Paul and Joanne Kirk; Paige Kirk; Jackie Eddington (also rep. Bob); Joan De St Croix; Sharon and Alistair Houghton; Ann Young (also rep. Maureen and Ray Revell); Ann Finch; Noni Hoe (also rep. Adrian); Claire Kendall; Mark Denny; Muriel Carratt; Vida Carratt; Jackie Wright; Carol Taylor; Susan Marriott (also rep. David); Chris King: Diane Maddison: Alan Mudd and Rebecca Rogers-Thomas; Darren Shelton (also rep. Callum and Leanne); Tony and Sharon Rose; Julie Harner; Jenny Leeman.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

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