Lilian Horsewood (85): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Paul Horsewood and Dawn Melkevik, son and partner; Andrew and Jane Horsewood, grandson and wife; Paul Horsewood and Stacey Hill, grandson and partner; Tracey Horsewood, daughter; Megan Horsewood, granddaughter; Joanne Horsewood, daughter (also rep. Nicky Horsewood, grandson); Daniel Horsewood and Kirsty Rigby, grandson and partner; Ben Horsewood and Clarissa Hancock, grandson and partner; Andrew Horsewood, son; Gemma Sawdon, granddaughter (also rep. Jamie Sawdon); Bernadette and Joseph Hanley, granddaughter and husband; Jonathan Horsewood, grandson; Valerie and Graham Todd, daughter and son-in-law (also rep. Iain Todd grandson); Mandy Horsewood and Trevor Washington, daughter and partner; Victoria Aisthorpe and Andrew Bannister, granddaughter and partner; Richard Todd, grandson (also rep. Ebony Ward); Julie Humpheries and Ryan Goodall, granddaughter and partner; Nathan Washington and Charlotte Muscroft, grandson and partner; Will Humpheries, great-grandson; Izzie Humpheries, great-granddaughter; Oliver Todd ,great-grandson; Audrey Patrick, sister; Roy and Sue Moore, brother and sister-in-law; Barbara Bore, sister-in-law; Bertina Moore, sister-in-law; Joan Moore, sister-in-law; Graham Horsewood, brother-in-law; Barry Horsewood, brother-in-law; Julie Walker, niece; Gareth Moore, nephew; Allison Johnson, niece; Lesley and Brian Nicholson, niece and husband; Tony and Sue Patrick, nephew and wife; Karen Fox, niece; Lorraine Salmon, niece; Sandra Flegg, niece (also rep. Flegg Family); Caroline Cole, niece; Carl Moore, nephew (also rep. Clive Moore); Lorraine Best, ex-daughter-in-law; John and Dawn Melkevik; Andrea Smith, ex-daughter-in-law; Hayley and Daniel Meher; Ellie Moore; Janet Moore (also rep. Glenn, Diana and Julie); John Best.

Other mourners attending: Karen Duncan; Joyce Dyas; Nathan Booker; Martin Mabbitt; Graham Redgrift; Tracey Fidlin; Hazel and Norman Burnett; Peter Barker (also rep. Pat and Norman Wilsey and Vera Ashford-Smith); Gina Maddison; Ellie Johnson; Janet Barber; Kerry Sylvester; Richard Bowers (also rep Louise); Pip and Kristene Sellers (also rep. Steven and Julie Swallow); David Allington (also rep. Allington Family); Diane Drinkall; Becky Yould; Carol Sanderson (also rep. Sanderson Family); Zoe Sellars ; Emma Wrigtham; Brian Pearson; Tracy Pickles; Carol and Andrew Cook; Nick Yould; Martin Moore;  Cheryl Moore; Julie Wilson; Ken Wilson (also rep. Chris Wilson); Samantha Bemrose (also rep. Hospice); Denise Bloomer (also rep. Deborah Hall); Laura Portlock; June Cox; Sharon Hill; Pamela Hill; Christine and Ryan Smith; Tina Standland; Debbie Soanes; Paula Hulse (also rep. Dougie Hulse, Hannah and Paul Finney); Rick Wraith; Jack Rowbotham; Ian Dudley; Sue Hulse (also rep. Steve Hulse); Linda O’Sullivan (nee Beecham); Dot Bannister (also rep. Paul and Family); Michelle Cook; Amy Laura Cook; Rob Smyth; Andrew Dale; Steve Precious; Julie and Edie Abrahams; Teresa Kershaw; James Marriott ; Geoff and Lesley Todd; Harvey Newby; Mark Trevor (also rep. Trevor Family); Chris Beecham (also rep. Beecham Family); Gary and Michelle Syer; Jo Cleland (Clinical Lead Nurse, St Andrews Hospice).

 Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Eileen KENT

Eileen Kent (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Christopher Kent and Joanne Mason son and partner Joseph Kent grandson Andrew Kent and Debbie Finning son and partner Kurtis Finning grandson Marie Bailey sister (also rep.Tina and Tim Robinson, Australia) Barbara Palmer sister Geoffrey Ingamells brother Nicola Barker niece Gillian and Tony Briggs niece and husband Quinton and Jenny Palmer nephew and wife Alwyn and Joan Kent nephew and wife Les and Alison Kent nephew and wife Roger and Brenda Kent nephew and wife Amanda Cooper niece Christine Loveday and Stephen Mickleburgh niece and partner Janice Brown cousin Adam Holloway Ashley Holloway Paul Rockall Sheila Rockall Claire Rockall Clare Rockall

Other mourners attending: Claire Sparks (also rep. Andy Sparks) Andrew Lee (also rep. Louchrin Family) Jean and Charles Dye Evelyn Davidson Sandra Smith Tommy Smith Jess Wilkinson Michelle Goddard (ex-work colleague Humphrey’s, also rep. Chris Parsons and Sue Thompson) Kay De-Halle (ex-work colleagues, Humphrey’s, also rep. Sheila Lill) Julie Humphery Enid Cullum Maureen Westerman Doris Revell Janet and Derek Stocks Nicola Kent Martin McElhinney Allan Pearson (also rep. Ian, Jane, Keith and Derek) Pauline and Charlie Wood (also rep. Diane and Bryn Jones) Mary Emmitt Patricia Pountney (also rep.Peter Pountney) Brian Hames Norma and Patrick Banks Audrey Hallett (also rep. Linda and Julie) Tony Brown and Julie Ashworth (also rep. Andrew and Sam)

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Franklyn Andrew RUSHBY

Franklin Andrew Rushby (60): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Tracy Rushby, wife; Jonathan Holly, step-son; Kieran Holly,  step-son; Tony Rushby, brother;  Helen Borst, sister-in-law; Emma Kiteley-Connon, niece; Jenny and Bill Morley, mother-in-law and father-in-law; Ann Rushby, sister-in-law; David and Leanna Morley, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Ian Kiteley, brother-in-law; Maureen Surfleet, aunt; Eileen Rushby, aunt; Samuel and Joseph Morley, nephews; Jonathan Connon, nephew-in-law; David Rusby, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Lorna Sharp; Ruth Foster; Steve Barnes; Gary Peck; Neil Offiler (also rep. Alyson Offlier); Nicola Ebbs; Catherine Coleman (also rep. Helen Young); Barbara and David Charles;  Irene and Alan Train; Noreen and Ken Bates; George and Sarah Day; Ray Emmerson; Geoffrey and Annie Cutting; Patricia and Barry Simpson; Harry Burgess; Ann Campbell; Rachel and Dave Codd (ex- work colleagues); Tracey Willis (ex- work colleagues);  Chris Meyer (ex- work colleagues); David Bell (ex- work colleagues); Jen Lyons; Tony Chapman; Nick and Christine Jackson;  David Limbert; Philip and Cheryl Rudd; Andrew and Christina Rudd; Spencer Willis; Peter and Cathy Watson; Walter Hodkinson; David Taylor; Graham and Pauline Sharpe;  Mike Sanderson; Janis and Paul Cook; Karen Thompson (also rep. Thompson and Durrant Family);  Lesley Jones; Rose Read; Lynn Frame (also rep. Frame Family, Binbrook); David Cardy; Heather Jackson (District Nurses, Care Plus); Julie Shaw (also rep. John Shaw); George and Wendy Hallett; Keith Bratley; Ann Cutting.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Ronald TurnerRonald Turner (82): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Sylvia Turner, wife; Ann Rogers, daughter; Colin Turner, son; Joanne Turner, daughter-in-law; Fred Rogers, grandson; Nicholas Spence and Olivia Mason, grandson and partner; Natalie Turner and Jordon Wadsworth, granddaughter and partner; George (Pug) and Kit Turner, brother and sister-in-law; Charles Blanch, brother-in-law; Irene and John Pattersen, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Audrey Cowie, sister-in-law; Eric and Margaret Blanch, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. Steven and Caroline Blanch); Sarah and Jason Kirk, niece and husband (also rep. India Kirk); Graham Cowie, nephew (also rep. Sue Cowie); Mike Turner, nephew (also rep. Debbie Turner and Dudley Smith); Graham Turner, nephew (also rep. Libby, Hermione and Phoebe); Tracey Cooper and Mike Hubbard, niece and partner; Hayley and Darren Clipson, niece and husband; Chloe Gresham, great-niece; Edward and Susan Sayers, cousin and wife; John and Joyce Blanch, cousin and wife; William Seyers, cousin; Joan Pickston, cousin  (also rep. Maureen Briggs, sister); Eric and Sandra Burrell, cousin and wife;  Christopher Sayers, great-cousin; Nicola and David Spence, ex-daughter-in-law and husband; Alan Leeman; Linda and Eric Bowell.

Other mourners attending: Joan Wilson (also rep. Pauline); Joyce Bartrip; Pete Allam; Lorraine Burnett (also rep. Paul Burnett); Margaret Bemrose (also rep. Barbara Sparks); Ken and Christine Dennis (also rep. Royal Marine Association); Dean Miskelly; Jim and Jenny Walton; Pat and Jenny Miskelly;  Dave Parry (ex-work colleague); Deborah Cook; Pete Miskelly ; Gemma Miskelly; Wally Davis; Paul Rogers; Tracy and John Cran; David and Marilyn Overton; Ross Tomkins (Bugler); Mick Loftus (also rep. Ann Loftus); Russell Kime; Victoria Cooper; John Mauer (ex- work colleague); Rodney Craven; Roy and June Martin (ex-work colleague);  Jim Cooper (ex-work colleague); Roy Owen (ex-work colleague); Barrie Kime; Lily Browne; Malcolm and Jane Cannon;  Michael and Della Meek; Barry Merrison (also rep. Carol Merrison);  Alan and Christine Chesman (ex-work colleague); Helen Hyldon (also rep. Byron Hyldon); Carol Howard (also rep. Keith and Greg Howard) ; Pauline Smith; John and Norma Atkinson (ex-work colleague);  Gordon and Anne Beckett; Andrew Rogers; Clare Jervis; Helen Spencer; Stanley Sparks;  Wendy Hasthorpe (also rep. Ian, Christian and Emily);  Sandra Charlton; Svetlana Mickevica;  Rachel Fawcett (also rep. Andrew and Louise Coulbeck); Andrea Littlewood; Fiona Barber (also rep. Steve Barber); David and Vanessa Mackie; Tom and Avis Charlton (ex-work colleague); Marion Piggott; Barbara Rendall; Paul Schubert; Colin Stanley; Terry and  Lorraine Johnson; Lily and Julie Starkey; Peggy Pattinson; Martin Ramsay; Michael Harrowing; Andrew Whittaker (also rep. Humberside Police); Darren Horton; Derek and Linda Laverick; Barry Adkins; Eric and Pauline Lawson; Pat Hawkey; Denise and Jack Catley; Laura Rimmer (also rep. Church View District Nursing); Carol Horsley (also rep. Laura and Emma); Malcolm and Diane Fleet; Vanessa Marley-Harris (also rep. Pleasant Family); Mike Pleasants; Pete Halliway.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Joan Irene IVATT

Joan IvattJoan Irene Ivatt (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Linda and Michael Freer, daughter and son-in-law; Julie and Brian Goodwin, daughter and son-in-law; Mark and Paula Ivatt, son and daughter-in-law; Andrew and Helen Barlow, grandson and wife (also rep.Lola Sue Barlow,great granddaughter); Kevin Barlow, grandson; Craig Goodwin, grandson; Leanne Goodwin and Gavin Cannon, granddaughter and partner; Claire Ivatt and David Needham, granddaughter and partner; Becky Freer and Andy Holmes, granddaughter and partner (also rep. Danielle Freer and Daryl Edwards); Holly and Lee Fishwick, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Sienna, great granddaughter); Shirley and Ralph Riggall, sister and brother-in-law; Martin and Sharon Riggall, nephew and wife (also rep. Emma and Matthew, great niece and nephew); David and Tracey Riggall, nephew and wife (also rep. Johnathon, Daniel and Charlotte, great nephews and niece); Graham and Linda Barlow, son-in-law and partner; Rena and Gordon, friends; Avril and Brian, friends; Lynne Habgood, niece (also rep. Alan and Margaret Habgood); Ann Swinburn-Beesley, niece (also rep. Brian Beesley); Sheila and Bob Goodwin, niece and husband; Keith and Linda Thompson, nephew and wife; Theresa Goodwin, great-niece (also rep. Robert Goodwin); Peter Goodwin, great-nephew; Drew and Di Swinburn, great- nephew and wife; Victoria and Adrian Pearce, great-niece and husband; David and Angela Swinburn, great-nephew and wife; Sue Storr, cousin; Margaret Walsh, cousin (also rep.Tina Coulam, Birds Eye); Nicole and Joe Shepherdson; Janet Goodwin (also rep. Barry, Lindsey and Victoria Goodwin); Dennis Goodwin and Maggie Vickers; Nicola Jamson, step-granddaughter; Linda Ivatt ex-daughter-in-law.

Other mourners attending: Jackie and Bob Jackson; Anne Thompson; Jimmy and Pauline Green; Valerie Peck; Margaret and David Quantrill (also rep. Sheila Shaw); Sandra Abbott; Joan Dennison; Audrey Patrick (also rep. Mr and Mrs Salmon); Amanda Bray; Janet Firth (also rep. Terry Firth, Jenny Stuk and Brenda Plumtree); Angie Chaplin (also rep. Mike Chaplin); Rob Angove Walton (also rep. James Angove, Ashley Lidgard and Ashbourne Hotel and Brackenborough Hotel); Mick and Maria Hodson; Sid and Jen Smith; Audrey and Ken Barnard; Mick Mason; Neil, Chris and Paul Barlow; Paul and Kim Handsley; Jenny Halt (also rep. Chris Halt); Rob and Marion Braithwaite (also rep. Kat and Tom Richardson); Pat Kirk; Tess and Teresa Drury; Maureen Gowan (also rep. Hazel Crockart); Alex Summers: Becky Summers; Elizabeth Summers; Vicky and Jim Bavin; Granville and Janet Norburn; Cheryl Bacon;June Green; Vicky Ottley; Lorraine Stimson (also rep.Kay Saxon and Shelly Pursglove); Gill Thompson; Joyce Salters; Gill and Carl Blakley; Chris Bell; Pauline Johnson; Michele Cook (also rep. Tracy Farr); Steve and Beth Priestley; Paul and Karen Wakefield; Steve Wakefield (also rep. Harold Wakefield); Ian Robinson (also rep. Claire Stansbury); Paul Cowie; Sarah Bullock.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd


Roy JollyRoy Jolly (77): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Vicky Jolly, wife; Susan, daughter; Helen, daughter; Steve, son-in-law; Cliff, son-in-law; Darcy, Harvey, Ruby and Oliver grandchildren; Topsy and Fred Brett, sister and brother-in-law; Pat Vause, sister; John and Dot Jolly, brother and sister-in-law; Kath and Keith Boldock, sister and brother-in-law; Brian Jolly, brother; Mick and Ellie Jolly, brother and sister-in-law; Beryl Brett, sister; Fred and Jill Brett, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep.Freddy Brett, nephew); Robin and Sally Robinson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Keith and Wendy Brumby, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Les and Diana Springall, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Sue Gardener, sister-in-law; John Freear, uncle; Richard Baldock, nephew; Kay Lewis, niece (also rep. Martin Lewis and Kelly Lewis); Angie Moore, niece (also rep. Andy and Ryan); Allyson Brett, niece; Jane Spotton, niece (also rep. Dave); Dave and Christine Holness, nephew and wife (also rep.Katie Serls, great niece); Lynn Rothwell, niece (also rep. Neal, husband, Tom, great- nephew and Sophie, great-niece.); Luke and Sarah Gardener, nephew and wife; Karen and Steve Bristow, niece and husband; Karen and Ian Whittaker, niece and husband; Linda McRae, niece; Christopher Robinson, nephew; Richard Robinson, nephew; Zoe Gledhill, great-niece; Lucy McRae, great-niece; Jo Goulby, great-niece; Chloe Moore, great-niece; Louise Blyth, great-niece; Sam Shirley, great-niece; Stevie Smith, step-granddaughter; Christine Holness (also rep. Darren Holness, nephew ).

Other mourners attending: Sandra Marwaha; Annette Taylor (also rep. Bruce); Chris Plant (M.B.E); Derek and Pamela Meggatt; Raymond Evison; Elaine and Glyn Atkinson (also rep. Neighbourhood Watch); Dave and Anita Banks; Annie Downs; Sid and Sheila Blanchard; Joan and Walt Smith; Pauline Blythin; Jean Beecham; Lynn Hawker; Bob Oxley (ex-work Colleague); Carl Rushby; Tracy Gibbett (Eaton Court); Kerry Barnard (Eaton Court); Paul Newens; Joan and Geoff Brown (also rep. Brown Family); Sue Goeminne (also rep. Wendy Secker); Lou Goeminne; Sue Tippler (also rep. Mike Tipper); Debbie Beckett; Denise Dales; Sherry Steel; Mark Wilkins; Rebecca Wood (also rep. Mary Wilkins and Stijepo Stuk); Lindsay Evans; Pat Liles; Michael Triffitt; Roger and Evelyn Baldock; George Lee; Steven Osborne; Frank and Pat Owen; Barbara Hodgson; Alan Charlton (also rep. Christine Charlton); Pat Burman (also rep. Burman Family); Diane and Garry Waddingham (also rep. Waddys News); Sheila and John Rhodes; Rodney Curtis (also rep. Steve Morley); Rachel Goeminne; Fred and Pat Yull; Arthur Evison; Katie Chatburn (also rep. Stroke Association); Ann Lyon; Jim T (also rep. Helen, Mike and Tony); Maureen Traill (Carer); John Sadler; Ken Crofts (also rep. Sue Crofts); Susan Crofts; Angela Triffitt; Valerie Lyon; Barrie and Kay Trueblood; Barbara Vince (also rep. John Vince); Mark Vince; Rob Booth (ex-work Colleague also rep. Dave Bryan); John Robertson; Bob Walker; Dave Nixon; Len Harvey; Errol and Nicky Gordon; Teagon and Tilly Gordon; Keith Ellis.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd

Mavis Joan HEWSON

Mavis Hewson 1Mavis Joan Hewson (78): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Jason, husband; Lulu and Steve Barton, daughter and son-in-law (also rep. Lachen Leigh, Grandson); Gary and Warren, sons (also mother of the late Zigi); Hayden, grandson; Timothy, grandson; Lego, grandson; Ricky, grandson; Katie and Channie, granddaughters (also rep. grandmother of the late Carrie Anne); Kevin Medex, nephew; Julie Fairbanks, daughter-in-law; Jolene and Phillip Last, granddaughter and husband; Bailey Last, great-grandson ;Ida Johnson, sister (also rep. Roger); Lesley and Jennifer Ling, brother and sister-in-law (also rep. Tammy and Rob Brownlee niece and husband, Dwayne, Nephew and Lisa. Gordon and Marion Ling, brother and sister-in law (Netherlands); Alan and Tina Hewson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Christine Saville, sister-in-law; Carol Hewson, sister-in-law; Susan Hewson, sister-in-law; Rose Ling, sister-in-law; Brian Hewson, brother-in-law; Christine Hewson, sister-in-law; Glen Hewson, nephew; Andy Hewson, nephew; Susan Hewson and Simon Austin, niece and partner; Kimberley Ling, niece (also rep. Daniel Walton); Donna Johnson, niece; Michelle Ling, niece; Claire Pickett, niece; Craig Hewson, nephew; Carol and James Perry, niece and husband; Brian Hunter, cousin (also rep.Michael and Tony Hunter); Linda and Alec Widdowson, cousin and wife; Chrissy and Pete Turner, cousin and wife; Janice Fay (also rep. Elaine Hutchinson, Tracy Fisher and Denise Hunter);

Other mourners attending: Kelly Green (partner of Lego); Kelly Day (partner of Hayden); Kalli Day; Rachel Day (partner of Timothy); Ian Hewson (also rep. Ivan Hewson and the late Margaret); Elouisa West; Samantha West; Annette Wright; Ann Gracie; Brenda Day; Terry Barton; Friends Debbie and Pampla; Mavis’ best friend of all Chintzi.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Dorothy Ethel ‘Dot’ JAMES

Dorothy Ethel James, Dot (76): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Ted James, husband (also rep. Family in Malaysia and Canada); Stacie Barker and Michael Wright, granddaughter and partner; Mick and Carol James, brother and sister-in-law; Joan Rowe,       sister; Garry and Pauline Barker; Kerry and Graham Wright; Barry Allenby, brother-in-law; Nicholas and Rosemary James, nephew and wife; Chris and Harry Hall, niece and husband; Kayley Taylor-Moore, great niece; Emma Allenby, great niece; Claire Allenby-Thorpe,    great niece; Stanley and Jane Price, cousin and wife; Alan and Susan Yearing, cousin and wife;  Ron Sleight, cousin; Ann Plowman, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Nick, Chris and Louie; Jean and Tom Monteith (Regimental Association); Christine Potter (also rep. Norman Potter); Ann Willerton and Dave Needham; Roy Bonnett (Wednesday Bingo and Cartergate Social Club); Valerie Campbell; Pauline Letch; Shirley and Jock Marshall (also rep. Wendy and Kevin Shepherdson); Linda and Dick Rostron; Stephen Rostron; David Craik; George and Margaret Craik; Linda Stewart; Katie Stewart (also rep. Angela Dent); Jo Carling and Simon Sutton; Lynda and John Hyldon; Ron and Kate Fairweather; Lucy and Susan George; Pete and Diane Waters (Chairman of Cartergate Social Club also rep. Cartergate Social Club); Anne Burchell; Karen Scattergood (also rep. Michael Jacombe); Julie Turner (also rep. Ken Turner); Joy and Chloe Spreadborough; Martin George; Julie Harper; David and Chris Stead; Jayne Bartlett (also rep. Steve Bartlett and the Bartlett Family); Anne Reed (also rep. Reed family); Anne Stafford; Anne Roche (also rep. John Roche); Bren and Jenny Watts; Ian Studholme; Eric and Maureen Jacombe; Paul and Dianne Sharman; Mike Sanford; Mandy Barker (also rep. John Barker); James Bartlett; Pam Crook; Charles Long (also rep. Heather Long); Ray and Sue Starkey; Dennis Williams; Helle Williams; Tony and Ann Wallace; Colin and Lisa Wright; Ivan Pannell (also rep. Vikki, Charlotte and Niomi ); Janet and Norman Littlewood (also rep. Julie and Graham Taylor); Sheila Wray (also rep. Robert and Lynne Wray); Jennifer Hewitt (also rep. Andy Hewitt); Jean and Colin Short (also rep. Chris Danvers).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

James Brian FREER

James FreerJames Brian Freer (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt.

Family mourners attending: Shirley, wife; David Freer, son; Brian Freer, son; Susan Stephenson, daughter; Andrew Stephenson, son-in-law; Abby Stephenson,granddaughter; James Freer, son (also rep. Jessica Freer, granddaughter, Canada); Louise Freer, daughter-in-law; James and Loren Freer, grandson and wife; Diane Freer, daughter (also rep. Leighanne O’Mahony, granddaughter, Martyn O’Mahony,grandson,(Australia) Mary Diana O’Mahony, great-granddaughter); Gregory Bligh, grandson (also rep. Sharon Freer, daughter, (New Zealand) and Robyn Bligh, granddaughter (France); Steve Rimmer, great nephew; Julie Rimmer, great-niece; Frank Rimmer, nephew (also rep. Lyndsey and Irene); Martyn and Vera Shepherd, nephew and wife; Paul Rimmer, nephew (also rep. Carol Rimmer); Peter Rimmer, nephew (also rep. Deborah, wife); Dennis and Lesley Rimmer, nephew and wife; Ron and Gillian Shepherd, nephew and wife; Maureen Linford and Dave Westhead, niece and partner; Yvonne Morrice, niece; Matt Dutton, nephew (also rep. Janet Dutton, sister and Paul Dutton, nephew); Pearl and Bill Kirk; Frank and Dee Pritchard.

Other mourners attending: Alan Clarke: Wayne Patterson: Dennis Atkinson (Bluebird Care): Dawn Geddes (also rep. Doug and Sharon): Jenny Shaw (also rep. Julie and John Gresham): Captain Malcolm Mathison (Parade Standard, also rep. David Knighton): John Seawolf (Escort to The Standard, also rep. George Shirley and Seafarers of the Merchant Navy Association, Immingham): Frederick Thompson (also rep. Beryl Thompson): Marlene Ward: Frank Thompson: Simon and Sarah Godbold: Boots (also rep. The Walton Family): Sue Stiff (also rep. Julie Kingston): Danielle Wilson (also rep. Wilson Family): David Barratt: Ted Jervis: David Ingamells (also rep. Jack Allitt): Brian Larsen (Work Colleague): Norman Dibbert (Work Colleague): Graham Hussey (also rep. Steven Sheppard, Monogirl and Spurn Haven): Drew Thompson: George and Maggie Freeman: Gemma Boulter (Bluebird Care): Amanda Burton (Bluebird Care): Lorna Merryweather (Bluebird Care): Mel Coultas (also rep. Lynda Coultas): Roy Courtney (Shipmates): Neil Courtney (Shipmates): Wally Wheatley: Marianne and Martin Rowles; Nicola Bailey (Bluebird Care); Harry Drury; Ken Bellamy; Richard Jebbett; Wayne Drury; Eric Jacombe: Eddie Smith (also rep. Mr and Mrs Pat Smith).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. 

Bertha Ann MARSH

Bertha MarshBertha Ann Marsh (67): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: David Marsh, husband; Caroline and Stephen Lightfoot, daughter and son-in-law; Michael Marsh, son; Hannah Marsh and Ryan Willingham, daughter and partner; Victoria Lightfoot, granddaughter; Harry Lightfoot, grandson; Margaret and Derek Miller, sister and brother-in-law; Chris Kevan, sister-in-law; Roy and Karen Miller, nephew and wife; Heather and Ian Ingham, niece and husband; Andrew and Jeannie Gilding, niece and husband; Andrew and Sharon Kevan, nephew and wife; John Marsh, cousin; Simon and Patricia Prendwille, cousin and wife; Byron and Myra Adams; Louise Leah, god-daughter; Jo Drean, god-daughter; Jennifer and Alistair Snow, god-daughter and husband.

Other mourners attending: Angela Nickson; Liz and Keith Harris; Frances Winterford; Patrick and Valerie Kelly; Natasha Welford; Katie Hart; Sarah Parker; Kate Atkinson; Neil and Terri Batey; Diane and Rick Broddle; David and Lee Willey (also rep. Alan and Bev Tyrer); Brian Jois; Tom and Rose Evans; Jacqueline and Douglas Scott; Geoff and Denise Leah; Katie Leah-Ell Georg- Ell and Ottilie Leah- Ell; Margaret Marelli; Jackie Parker; Phil England; Annette and Ron Bibby; Andrea Westerberg; Patrick Glennon; Alwyne and Chris Bell; Liz and John Bishop; Kay and John Evans; Martin Lawton; Clive Young (ex- teaching colleague); Freddy White (ex- teaching colleague); Marlene Castledine (WI); Heather Wilson (McMillian Nurse, also rep Winetta Coin); Kaye Clarke; Sylvia Nightingale; Simone Clements; Mark Dring; Emma Clarke; Deirdre Clarke; Kristian and Louise De-Ste-Croix; Les Belk (Walkwell and Bowls); John Semple (Walkwell); Kim Tristmager (Bosom Buddies); Laura Peacock and Richard Philpott; Kay Hoyle (Lakeside WI); Val Barlow (also rep. Christine Cornthwaite and Diane Bond also Walkwell Friends); June and Brian Fowkes; Patsy Cooper (also rep. Russ, Paul Matthew and Stuart); Julie Whitelock; Lee England; Ali Baker (ex- Teaching Colleagues); Nick Brown (ex- Teaching colleagues); Sue Burham (Bosom Buddies); Pam Omond-Tong ( Bosom Buddies); Carol Cromack (Bosom Buddies); Janey Kay (Bosom Buddies); Lisa Fox (Bosom Buddies); Graham Crompton-Howe; Lawrence Crompton-Howe; Mark and Rachael Hinkley (also rep. Jeff and Lynda Hinkley); Richard and Jennifer Hedley; Paula Dunn; Becky, Dave and Bradley Fish; Gemma and Robert Hall; Sarah Gibson; John and Sheila Hewson; Pat Chesman (WI); Frances Rimmington (also rep. Lakeside WI); Sarah and James Parkinson; Lyndys and Shaun Jacklin; Karen and Jonathon Stevenson; Sue and Simon Onyou (ex-Teaching Colleagues); David Marsh and Peter (Bowls); Maurice Kendall; Anne Kitchen; Liz (St Andrews); David and Christine (Neighbours); Mike and Enid (Neighbours); Tony and Julie (Neighbours); Phil and Keeley Broddle; Jim and Margaret Kirman.

Dave and Family would like to sincerely thank all mourners who attended.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

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