Phillip George BELL

Phillip George Bell (67): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Margaret, sister; Liam, nephew; Kerry and Jason, step-daughter and husband; Reece, grandson; Maureen and David Coates, sister and brother-in-law; Anthony Peyton and Allyson Walters, nephew and partner; Daniel Coates, nephew; Andrea Coates, niece; Christopher Coates, nephew; Lewis Jackson, nephew; Maureen Norburn, niece; Sara Bell, niece; Mark and Helen Bell, nephew and wife; Toni Coates, niece; Kaley Jackson, niece; Teresa Tuplin, niece; Beth Jackson,    great niece; Paul Williams, cousin (also rep. Susan Williams); Christine Gray; Douglas and Deborah Bacon.

Other mourners attending: Mandy Khan; Sam Khan; Rebecca Laird; Joyce and Paul Crickmore; Jane and Eddie London; Brian Sylvester; Grant Tuplin; Jeff Cutler; Barrie Hemsley; Antony Michell; Ian and Louise Palton; Geoff Maidens; Rachel and Scott Connor; Sarah Bradley; Malcolm Surfleet.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Sheila NewtonSheila Newton (85): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Jacqueline and Terence Walker, daughter and son-in-law; John and Angie Newton, son  and daughter-in-law; Sharon and Ian Cox, daughter and son-in-law; Emma Cox-Westerman and Lee Westerman, granddaughter and husband; Louise and Steven Bell, granddaughter and son-in-law; Marie and Simon Bollard, granddaughter and husband; Nathan and Helen Newton, grandson and wife; Hayley Spillman, granddaughter; Cheryl Kemplay, granddaughter; Peter Walker, grandson; Scott Newton, grandson; Ian Cox (Junior), grandson; Darren Bell, grandson; Lee Bell, grandson; Callum Westerman, great- grandson; Teanna Newton and Jake Lilley, great-granddaughter and partner; Tarro Newton, great-grandson; Millie Newton, great -granddaughter; Leonie Wright, great-granddaughter; Mason Wright, great-grandson; Sally Walker, great-granddaughter; Megan Westerman, great –granddaughter; Amy Cook, great-granddaughter; Brian and Gloria Stansfield, brother and sister-in-law; Joanne Cox; Bill Cox (also rep. Doris Cox);

Other mourners attending: Tina Moore (Life time friend); Janet Tuplin; Helen Bateman (Church View Care Home); Angela Dulieu (Church View Care Home); Jo Thompson (Church View Care Home).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Mary Elizabeth ‘Betty’ RAVEN

Mary RavenMary Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Raven (85): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Reverend David Rowett.

Family mourners attending: Mike and Mandy Raven, son and daughter-in-law; Julie and Joe, daughter and son-in-law; Steven and Rachel Peart, grandson and wife; Matthew Peart, grandson; Jenny and Jason Chidwick, granddaughter and husband; Emma Raven, granddaughter; Louise and Lucy Peart, granddaughters; Shirley Truelove, sister; Brian and Joyce Raven, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Tyson and Margaret Truelove, nephew and wife; Anne and Paul Gregory, niece and husband; Anne Wright niece, Michael Smith; Sam Blackman.

Other mourners attending: Nanette and Fred Brown couldn’t attend but express their deepest sympathy. Sean Murphy; Jackie Reader; Carole and Andrew Ireland; Betty Drury (also rep. Connie Cook, a very close friend); Hazel Griffiths (also rep. Dave Griffiths); Terry and Marlene Sullivan; Amanda Hanson; Joyce Hanson (also rep. Roy Hanson); Frank Williams; Peter and Monica Fannon; Paul Fannon (also rep. Andrew); Ena Windley (also rep.Marjorie Bowcock); Elizabeth Branson; Bridget Pearson; James Farrant; Kevin Shire; Vonnie and Arthur Kent; Lynne Bilenky; Emma Larder (also rep. Simon Larder and Benjamin); Alison Shaffner; Marilyn Lloyd; John Freear (also rep. Old Winghams Group); Audrey Eastcrabbe (Leeds); Carol Graves (Cambridge); Marilyn Lloyd (Beverley); Bob Brown; Roy Hall; Ian Nowell; Frank and Shirley Williams; Jo Parker (District Nurses Immingham); Cliff Goddard; Pam Selby; Jean Scott; Di Robinson (also rep. Haven Team).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Margaret William FLEMING

Margaret FlemingMargaret William Fleming (86): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt

Family mourners attending: Ken and Regine Fleming, son and daughter-in-law; Jennie Fleming, granddaughter, and Fraser Munroe; Stephanie and Richard O’Carroll, granddaughter and husband; Ann Fleming, daughter-in-law; Lucy Fleming, granddaughter; Abby Fleming, great granddaughter; Iain and Sam Fleming, grandson and wife; Janet and Wahid Aboutejedyne, daughter and son-in-law; Ito and Nina Aboutejedyne, granddaughters; Jamie and Pal Fleming, son and daughter-in-law; Alexander Fleming, grandson; Lindsay Fleming, daughter, and David Thompson; Luke Penfound, grandson (also rep. Khadija and great grandsons, Abu Bakar, Mohammed and Omar); Tom Penfound, grandson, and Katie Webb; Frances Baxter, half- sister (also rep. Bill and Sue Wright); Brownie Wright, sister-in-law; Ken Wright, nephew (also rep. Tricia Wright, niece); Peter Drummond, nephew; Deborah Wright, niece; David and Jude Torrance; Tony Torrance; Gilles and Muriel Charrot (also rep. Michel, Christian and Fabian Charrot).

Other mourners attending: Caroline Fenner; Naomi Newham (also rep. Leanne and Julie); John and Julie Marsden; Sharon Smith (also rep. Patricia Bowan); Selma Marshall; Elaine and Sid Owen; Randall and Jan Lewis (VA friends); Janet Mills; Glenn Mills; Meka Scott; Lesley Sanderson (also rep. Johnson Hunt Wealth Management); David Molton (also rep. Pelham Accountants); Jennifer Critchlow; Denise Sellar; Mavis and Rollie Spencer; David and Carol Brown (nee Boothby); Mandy Wardle; Elsie Campbell; Val Buckingham; Irene Hannigton (Keelby); Jane and Les Appleby; Sylvia Leary (friend and chair of National Osteoporosis); David and Carol Brown (nee Buthby); Barbara Cushing (also rep. the Scott family); Joanne and Glen Hewson; Lorren Hewson; June and Rudi Steen; Martin and Janet May; David and Brenda Hirst (also rep. Doreen); Jane Bacon (also rep. Rosemary and Peter Nicholson); Anthony and Marie Holmes; Sheila Smith; Robert Edwards (also rep. Henrietta and Rita Edwards); Peter and Anne Chapman; Ken and Barbara Davy; Gill Middleton; Jaffer Hussein and Chris Alger (work colleagues of James Fleming); Katherine Overton (also rep. David); Jane Lloyd (also rep. Annabell Lumley); Patricia Gibbon; Vasos Vasiliou; Hazel and Brian Smith (Weelsby Lunch Club); Pauline Dennis; Lila Taylor; Anne Symonds; Rosemary Haworth; Rob and Ann Catley; Rosemary West; Rose Garner; Alan Nutt; Noira Baillie; Brian and June Kirby; Malcolm Mathison; Mel and Andy Sangster; Ros Humberstone (also rep. Bill Brewster); Joyce Roberts (also rep. Lesley and Julie); Dawn Smith (also rep. Sue Broughton and Lorraine Garnett); Dr and Mrs Nikki Carter (also rep. Waltham Windmill); Roy and Caroline Roberts; Janet and Steve Pykett; Janet and Wendy Jackson; Jean and John Hodgson: Rob Barton (also rep. Joan Barton): Claire Sewter; Susan Potter; Ray Wass; Gordon Braham (also rep. Doreen and Paula and Helen); Ian and Liz McKinnon; Andrew and Marisa Hammond; Deborah Hammond; Jayne Humpheries; Erica and Mark Taylor; Martin Maw; Anne and Ronald Austen; Ann Hodgson (also rep. Joe and Tom Hodgson, Megan and Sam, Claire Selina and girls at New Image Salon); Christopher and Beth Bull (also rep. Michael and Nicky Bull, Nigel and Joy Frow, Pamela Goodhand and Mary Topliss); Vincent and Cynthia Byrne (also rep. Savage family, Robertsons family, and Copley family); Layla Taylor; Maria Adela Cantin (also rep. Dr Jean-Pierre Cantin, Drs Sylvere and Laure Dijoux).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Evelyn Jean Esther WHITEHEAD

Evelyn Whitehead‘Eve’ (88)

A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Paul and Gill Whitehead, son and daughter-in-law: Christopher Whitehead, grandson: Stephen Whitehead, grandson: John and Maureen Horton, brother and sister-in-law: Ruth Collinson, sister: Patrick Horton and Val Greenwood, brother and partner: George Collinson, brother-in-law: Margaret Horton, sister-in-law: Jeff and Wendy Horton, niece and husband: Mandy Pope, niece: Ken Collinson, nephew: Diane and Alan Snell, niece and partner.

Other mourners attending: Maureen Riley; Angie Hill (Fountains Nursing Home);

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

John Edward BROWN

John Edward BrownJohn Edward Brown (81): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Carol Smith, daughter; Jackie and Lee Bracey, daughter and son-in-law; Lesley and Nigel Leach, daughter and son-in-law; Kirsty McKenzie, granddaughter (also rep. Ash, Phoebe and Ella, great-granddaughters and Daniel Smith, grandson); Toni Bracey and Andy, granddaughter and partner; Mitch Bracey, grandson; Rebecca and Joshua Leach, grandchildren; Josie and Alwyn Marshall, sister and brother-in-law; Arthur and Sue Marshall, brother and sister-in-law; Terry Brown, brother; Jennifer Brown, sister-in-law; Lily Thurlby, aunt (also rep. Marilyn); Gavin and Rong Marshall, nephew and wife; Joseph Brown, nephew (also rep. Peter Brown, Gemma Darcie and Finlay); Daniel Marshall, nephew; George and Joan Whittleton, cousin and wife; Norman and Jean Clarke, cousin and wife; Marie Clarke, cousin; Lynn Clarke, cousin; John and Denise Whittleton, cousin and wife; John and Mary Whittleton,, cousin and wife.

Other mourners attending: Shaun and Lisa Bracy (also rep. Mollie Bracy); Trevor Leach; Diane and Glenn Bracy (also rep. Luke and Lisa Bracey and girls); Ron Bracy; Nicola Woolliss; Michael Low (also rep. Kay Low and Alan Brumby); Lucinda Robertson; Anne and Tony Parker; Dennis and Helle Williams; John Wooley (ex-work colleague); Kathy Thinnesen (also rep. Alan Thinnesen); Anne Ingham (also rep. Marcel Spencer Mick Major Roger Johnson Paul and Maureen Hallett (also rep. Laura Hallett); Thomas and Marilyn Brown; Heather Fenty; Linda Olgrersson; David and Karen Hughes); Chris and Elaine Pickwell; Valerie Hinchcliff; Susan Black (also rep. Chris and Jill Hawkins); Sarah Davy (also rep. Jon, Alfie and Betsy); Paul Bannister (also rep. Dorothy and David Bannister, also Bannister Developments Ltd and Chris George); Pat Marlow; Martin Borrill; Wendy and Steve Rook; Jess and Karen Borrill; Dave and Gill Baumber (also rep. Cath and  Debbie Baumber and the late Roly and Family); Pete and Carole Nicholls; Kerry McGuire (also rep. Community Nurses); Jane Rogers (also rep. Rogers Family); Martin Archer.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Pauline Ann TUCKER

Pauline TuckerPauline Anne Polly’ Tucker (76): a service took place at Beaconthorpe Methodist Church, Cleethorpes and was conducted by Reverend Katie Deakins. Followed by Interment at Cleethorpes Cemetery.

Family mourners attending: Gordon Tucker, husband; Lee Tucker, son; Grant Tucker, son; Vivien Hall, sister; Marie Tucker, daughter-in-law; Chelsea Tucker and Dave Young, granddaughter and partner; Chloe Tucker, granddaughter; Karley Knight and Joshua Alcock, granddaughter and partner; Lewis Tucker, grandson; Luke Tucker and Charlie Horsfall, grandson and partner; Reggie Tucker,great-grandson; Greta Cave, sister-in-law; Rosemary McLean, sister-in-law; Karina Foxcroft, sister-in-law; Sandra and Steve Tucker, sister-in-law and brother-in-law ;Barry Tucker, brother-in-law; Kevin Hall, brother-in-law; David McLean, uncle; Polly Mumby-Croft niece (also rep. Spencer); Lizzy Hunt, niece (also rep. Craig); Julianna Edwards, niece; Katrina Grayson, niece; Sadie Forge, niece; Simone Atkin, niece; Jessica Edwards, great-niece; Jemmima Edwards, great-niece; Andrew Cave, nephew; Paul Tucker, nephew; Robert and Linda Edwards, nephew and wife; Steven McLean, cousin; Christine Smith, cousin; Wayne Tucker, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Alan and Pauline McHale; Amanda Knight; Ann and Les Fenner; Barrie Watts (also rep. Georgina Watts); Bill and Chris Cobley; Bonita Allison (also rep. Lynsey Constantinides); Mick Carrie (also rep. Mary Carrie); Pauline Milne; Phil and Jenny Stratford; Susan and Nicola Davidson; Tony and Kathleen Walker; Valerie and Peter Shackleton (also rep. Dobbs Family).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

William Valentine WOOTTON

William Valentine Sam Wootton (77): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Janet Wootton, wife; Vivienne Wootton, daughter; Janice Plaskitt, sister; Owen Plaskitt, brother-in-law; Scott Porter, friend; Barry and Paula Cocks, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. Matt and Rob Cocks); Val Newell, sister-in-law; Sandy Knights, sister-in-law; Andy Knights, brother-in-law; Tony and Marilyn Corrigan, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Tracy and Philip Cocks, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; John and Sue Cocks, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. Bill Melin from America); Albert Cocks, uncle; Joyce Moore, aunt; Rosie and Allan  Lovesey, niece and husband; Andrea Plaskitt and Ian Harrison, niece and partner; Nicole Knights, niece; Stephen Knights and Kelsey Gittens, nephew and partner; Ryan Knights, nephew; Joanne and Michael Corrigan, nephew and wife (also rep. Sean Corrigan and Ben Small); Jean and Derek Cocks, aunt and uncle;  Jodie Knights, niece; Debbie and Dave Ward, niece and husband; Danielle Chappell, niece; Graham Plaskitt, nephew (also rep. Sue,Wendy, Ben, Ellie and Katie Wootton); Charlotte Ward, great-niece (also rep. Shane Ward); Aimee Lovesey, great-niece; Arthur and Claudine Wray, cousin and wife; Carl Moore, cousin; Paula Holmes, cousin; Jacqueline Cooke, cousin; Linda Coleman, cousin (also rep. Ron Coleman); Jan and Alan Cocks, cousin (also rep. Michael and Josephine Hemmings).

Other mourners attending: Ray and Nicky Garlick; Martin Robinson (also rep. Jane Robinson and Ian Sylvester); Lindsey Conway (also rep. District Nurse Team); Julie Coombes (also rep. District Nurse Team); Sophie Austwick (also rep. District Nurse Team); Maureen Hornett; Debbie Nicholson;  Reg and Linda Stembridge; John Cook; Brian and Lynn Marris; Carol and Mike Green (also rep. Richard and Philip); Roly and Jean Plaskitt; Alf Hardcastle (ex-work colleague); Gary Blanchard (also rep. Cathy Blanchard and Holly and Alex); Keith and Pat Mellor; Steve Robinson (also rep. Richard Genney); Graham Wright; Len and Maureen Brocklebank (also rep. John and Barbara Brocklebank and Dick and Kay Nutall); Bill and Wendy Richardson (also rep. Susan and Margaret West and North Thoresby Cricket Club); Marlene Mackay (also rep. Jock McKay); June Shone; Jenny Ingram; Dave Jackson; Geoff Smith; Colin and Carol Plaskitt; Alan Ferriby; Fred and Judith Coney (ex-work colleagues, also rep. Andrew, Alison and Nicola); Graham and Joan Reed; Jim Clarke (also rep. United Union);William and Lillian Shakespeare (also rep. Paxton Family); Dave Hornet (also rep. Marie Hornet); Marie Skelhorn; Margaret Snow; Donald Johnson (ex-work colleague); Dianne Conway (also rep. Alan Conway); Wendy Nicholson (also rep. Ian Nicholson and Lisa Reynolds); Ian Fraser (ex-work colleague); Leyland Penn; Aubrey Clark (also rep. Clark Family); Debbie and Nigel Robinson; Betty Moncaster (also rep. Michelle) Malcolm and Margaret Ostler); Michael Robinson (also rep. Angela Chaplain and North Thoresby Cricket Club); Janet Stone and Alan Fisher; Katie Smith; Louise Howie; Kevin Hall; Bill Hudson; Lorraine Barker (also rep. Nick Barker); John Keetley (also rep. Keith Neilson); Gary Wilson (also rep. TH Brown Ltd) Frances Anderson (also rep. Munday Family); Pauline Wood (also rep. YCC District Nurses).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

William John MAY

William John May (79): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Sonia May, wife; Tracy Clarke, daughter; Karen French, daughter; Debbie George, daughter; Steven May, son; Suzy Deakins, daughter; Joanne Mussell, daughter; Tina Irving, step-daughter; Teresa Rothwell, step-daughter; Martin May, brother; Robert Irving, step-grandson; Stephanie Irving, step-granddaughter; Isobella Rothwell, step-granddaughter; Duane Marshall, grandson; Kye Marshall, grandson; Jordan Mussell, grandson; Aaron Marshall, grandson; Davie Lawson, grandson; Damon French, grandson; Gemma Mussell, granddaughter; Stacie Mogg, granddaughter; Kallie Deakins, granddaughter; Kayla Deakins, granddaughter; Keata Lawson and Craig Holloway, granddaughter and partner; Amber Mussell, granddaughter; Karly Mussel, granddaughter; Callum Lawson, great-grandson; Kyle Lawson, great-grandson; Kendall Lawson, great-grandson; Ellie-Mae Lawson, great-granddaughter; Dave Mussell, son-in-law; Chris Deakins, son-in-law; Alec Clarke, son-in-law; Colin George, son-in-law; Andy French, son-in-law; Sandra May, sister-in-law; Diane May, niece; Alison Woolliss, niece; Paul May, nephew; Nigel Beaumont, cousin; Geoffrey Beaumont, cousin; Sue Ellis, cousin; Chris Ross, cousin; Di and Mall Fleet, cousin and husband; Anita Way, son’s partner.

Other mourners attending: Don Purdy; Donald Purdy; Helen Purdy; Gwen Purdy; Alf Withers (also rep. Janet Withers); Colin Last (also rep. Fred Nevin); George Smith (also rep. Grimsby and Cleethorpes Umpires Association); Pauline Cox; Ciggy Woods (also rep. Sue Woods and Pete Wells); Sid Best; Barrie and Kay Trueblood; Brian Beckett: Jim 0’Connor; Malcolm Richardson (also rep. Pete and Brenda Graham and Jim Watson); Malcolm Finning; Brian Underhill; John and Mary Sutton; Jim Rolf (ex-work-colleague); Gary Johnson (also rep. National Reserve Club); Michael Mawer (also rep. Janet Mawer); George and Barbara Willingham (also rep. Stallingborough over 50’s Club); Ray Harvey; Chris and Peter Moss; Arthur and Jenifer Doyley (ex-work colleague);Ralph Hinch; Brenda McIntyre; Bob Cheffings (also rep.Colin Last); Steve Poper; Bill Stuart (ex-work colleague); David McNally (ex- work colleague); John and Dorothy O’Mahony; Charlie Wood; Terry and Sheila Braham; Joan May; Lynda and Roger Raithby; John Moralee; John Bygott; Sally and Alan Wallace; Bob Newton (ex-work colleague); Margaret Davis (also rep. Diane and Andy Usher); Peter Laithwaite; Patrick O’Mahony.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Doreen GREEN

Doreen GreenDoreen Green (93): a service took place at Old Clee Church, Grimsby and was conducted by Reader Ken Richardson.

Family mourners attending: Frederick; Heather; Marie; Joseph; Patrick; Eileen; Bonita; Sherry; Angela; Karl; David Trevor and Louise Green, grandson and wife; Tony Bradwell, brother-in-law; Sarah Green, granddaughter; Jay, Grandson; Lydia Green, granddaughter; Sarah Jackson  , daughter-in-law; Tracy Green, daughter-in-law; Steve Mullen, son-in-law; Jean Green, daughter-in-law (also rep. Patrick Green, grandson); Maureen Cousins, granddaughter; Rebecca Wraith, great-granddaughter; John Clark, great-grandson (also rep. Craig and Terry); Ray Corry, son-in-law; Gemma Cale, granddaughter; Paul Cale, grandson; Nicola Cale, granddaughter; Caroline Whelpton, granddaughter (also rep. Daniel Borrell, John Whelpton Junior, and  John Whelpton Senior and Andrew Whelpton); Paula Wright and John Footitt, granddaughter and partner; Becky Morfatt, grandsons fiancé;  Joshua Probert, great- grandson; Rita and Tony Powell, niece and husband; Lorraine Christensen, niece (also rep. Carmen, Pierre and Family); Paul Christensen, great-nephew; Rosanna White, cousin; Sharron Barton, great cousin; Mike and Mandy Butler, nephew and wife; John Taylor, son-in-law; Maria McCarrison, niece.

Other mourners attending: Stephen Harris (also rep. John and Janet Harris) ;Jean Hines; David and Linda McCarthy; Maggie Kirby; Steven and Samantha Croskill; Vicky and Jackie  Hughes (also rep. Peter Hughes) ;Rose Lacy; Angela and Family.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

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