John Benjamin (86): a service took place at Corpus Christi Church, Cleethorpes and was conducted by Father Andrew Cole.

Family mourners attending: Julie Harker, daughter; Lee Harker, son-in-law; Matthew Harker, grandson; Suzie Harker, granddaughter; Daniel Doherty, granddaughters partner; Geoff Carsberg, brother-in-law (also rep. Sally Carsberg); Kim and Simon Colvin, niece and husband;Greig and Trish Carsberg, nephew and wife; David Benjamin, cousin; Patrick and Janet Neary, cousin and wife; (also rep. Andrew Neary Helen Olson, Patty Smith and Linda Jones).

Other mourners attending:

Sister Ann Helen; Graham Griffiths; Angie and Mike Brumby (also rep. Irena Kalisz); Stephen Jackson (also rep. Karin Lund);Terry Brecken; Bryan and Madelaine Bateman; Bob Bateman; Claire and Mert Ozguder; Kelvin Wyatt; Sue Peatfield (also rep. Kath and Brian Hutchinson and all Hutchinson family); Chris and Kate Dodsworth; Ray Reddington (also rep. Terry Reddington); Jay Loates; Charles and Ann Reading; Barbara Leadbeater; Margaret Leeming; John Lacey; Kate Diplock; David and Judy McMann; (also rep. Pete Tabois); Heather Brown; Michael Collins; David Atkinson (also rep. Stuart Cooke and Iris); Myra and Albert Jenner; Tom Mackle; Colin Pinder; Roger  Fletcher; Tom Beasley; Margaret Blandford (also rep. Val Thomson); Stephen Bloomer (also rep. Mr and Mrs Gordon Bloomer); John Lally; Bernard Henry; Lynn and John  Drew; John and James Mileman (also rep. David and Helen Gill and Chris and Pearl Wrigg); Val Walsh; Elaine and Ian Dobson; Terry Blackburn; Janet Stennett; Mike Debenham (also rep. Mrs Maureen Debenham); Dave Hall (also rep. Mrs Pat Hall).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Maureen HOWELL

Maureen Howell (68): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover.

Family mourners attending: Mick, husband; Karen Howell and Iain Cameron, daughter and partner; Michael Howell and Kate Daniel, son and partner; Carmen Howell and Dave Townend, daughter and partner; Jake Townend, grandson; John O’Connor and Carol Chalk, brother and partner; Sandra Cawley, sister: Sharon and Dave Dines, sister and brother-in-law; Anne and Keith Phillipson, sister and brother-in-law; Maureen and Ken Howell, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; John and Marion Howell, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Jane O’Connor, sister-in-law; David Dines, nephew; Lee Howell, nephew; Christopher Howell, nephew; Kevin Cawley, nephew; Philip Cawley, nephew; Debbie and Derek Loveday, niece and brother-in-law; Katie O’Connor, niece; Shaun O’Connor nephew; Matthew O’Connor, nephew; James Phillipson, nephew; Wayne  Cawley and Rachel Morgan, nephew and partner; Wayne and Sarah Howell, nephew and wife; Angela Richardson, niece; Diane Howell, niece; Linda Howell, niece; Mark and Sadie Cawley, nephew and wife; Brandon Cawley, great-nephew; Jordan Cawley , great-nephew; John and Bridget O’Connor, cousin and wife; Michelle O’Connor , great-cousin; Trisha O’Connor, great-cousin; Ann Douglas, cousin; Lynn Wilson, cousin (also rep. Keith, Sophie and Anthony).

Other mourners attending: Shelley Hamilton; Nicholas Fox; Chris Arnold; Dot and Dick Thornley; Lynne Pratt (also rep. Kayla and Darren and Tanya); Vivian Wootton; Janet Wootton; Claire Howard; Mary and Bryan Eekhout; Sonia Galyer and Darryl Stevens; Yvonne Doyle; Billy Booth.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Nimbus Vincent COTTRELL

Nimbus Cottrell 1Nimbus Vincent Cottrell (47): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Pat and Allan Cottrell,,mum and dad; Aaron Cottrell and Laura Abbott, son and partner; Bryony Cottrell, daughter; Aoife (with Nan, Lisa Teanby) granddaughter; Rosie Hollingsworth, partner; Linda and Dave Goodman, aunt and husband; Angela and Martin Webster, aunt and husband; Ann Dawson, aunt (also rep. Percy Dawson); Nicola and Michael Treacher, cousin and husband; Jacqueline and Richard Willerton, cousin and husband; Mark Sargent, cousin; Alan Hope,      cousin (also rep. Claire Hope, wife); Timothy Dawson, cousin; Neil Hope, cousin; Kathleen and Peter Rhoades, cousin and husband; Gemma Sylvester ,cousin; Suzanne Sylvester, second-cousin; Cleo Gray, god-daughter (also rep. John and Michelle Gray);

Other mourners attending: Kim Furze; Jason Dyche; Sabs Sagoo; Richard Forrester;Matt Weaver; Dean Rolland; Nicola Blount; Ian Williamson; Mike Benton; Ian Barker; Peter Johnson; Mark Radforth; Mark Willett; Ducan Milgavc; David Courtney; Rianna  Gulaaura; Michael Unitt; Dawn Hagley; John Booth; Martyn Mortlock; Kay and Derek Teanby; Linda Loadman (also rep. Josey Thornton and Peggy Cadwallader); Keiron McKeever; Kathleen Keaney; Kalvin McKenna; Terry and Maureen Francom; Carol Atkinson; Kirsty Atkinson; Peter Atkinson; Graham Cheme; Sandra Atha; Lisa Appleyard; Mick Chew; Catherine Wilson; Mark Dennis; Dean Williams and Desi Pepper; Jane Hasler; Gavin Mountford; Andy and Kelly Bowles (also rep. Marlene Bowles); Anne and Tony Squire; Pauline Thomas (also rep. Andy); Dave Oxford; Olivia Burns; Angela Croyden; Damian Hotson; Hayley Wills; Tracey Collins (also rep. Dean Collins); Jean Syer (also rep. Marlene Bowles); John Clark; Kathryn Jenkinson; Alice Woolmer-Tyler; Lee Garratt; Debbie Till (also rep. Tim and Mike Cottingham and Cottingham Pharmacy); Emma Huftin (also rep. Sarah, Allen and Rose Crockett); Irene Keaney; Ray and Gail McConnell; Mat Griffin (also rep. Roger and Pam Griffin); Simon Chapple;

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Linda Eccles2Linda Eccles (78): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Nick Oldfield.

Family mourners attending: Elaine Bass, daughter; Kate Windridge, daughter; Michael Bass, son-in-law; Mark Windridge, son-in-law; Louise Bass and Jerome Harper, granddaughter and partner; Liam Bass, grandson; Aaron Windridge, grandson; Dave and Kath Hogan, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Freda Windridge, mother-in-law of (Mums Friend); Phil and Kelly Hogan, nephew and wife; Sue and Dave Jackson, cousin and husband; Les Jones and Debbie Allen, cousin and partner (also rep. Bryn and Diane Jones); Richard Bass and Lynn Smith; David Bass;

Other mourners attending; Albert and Chris Bromley; Wendy Wells; Sarah Dix; Natalie Blythin; Helen Stewart (also rep. Rob, Harry, Robert, Maureen and Gen Fookes); Angela Cockerton (also rep. Graham Cockerton); Maria Hodson (also rep. Michael Hodson); Barry Whittleton; Trudie Mann (also rep. Richard Mann); David and Brenda Hirst; David and Margaret Moore; David and Margaret Brewin; Adam and Angela Hedison (also rep. Nikita and Ben Latta and Michael Best); Walter Allen (also rep. Carol and Sarah); Alan Cant; Chris Ward; Michael and Debbie Saunders; Mandy and Mike Butler.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Ada Bolton2Ada Bolton (88): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Dawn Gladding.

Family mourners attending: Lynn and Les Porter, daughter and son-in-law; Julie and Steve Whyte, daughter and son-in-law; Sharon Bolton and Stuart Kershaw, daughter and partner; Jill Bolton, daughter; Andrew Bolton and Ann Nicholson, son and partner; Kerry Whittle and Dave Hurst, granddaughter and partner; Ellie, Ethan and Evie -Mae, great- grandchildren; Jodie Emslie, granddaughter; Jacob and Tobais, great-grandsons; Stacey Whyte and Dean Stewart, granddaughter and partner; Ashley and Jay Kershaw, grandson and wife (also rep. Oliver, Oscar and Nancy, great-grandchildren); Joshua Kershaw and Holy Mackie, grandson and partner; Louis Kershaw and Demi Ali, grandson and partner (also rep. Leila, great- granddaughter); Thomas Nicholson and Emma Bolton,  grandchildren; Cassie Cass, granddaughter; Lia Morris, (also rep. Jordan Brown,  Grandson); Gary Bolton and Nadia Utkina, son and partner; Kevin and Isobelle Bolton, son and wife; Graham and Maureen Bolton, son and daughter-in-law; Teresa Bolton and Alan Loftus, daughter and partner; Gemma Bolton and Joel Geddes, granddaughter and partner; Kirsty Loftus and Lee Auty, granddaughter and partner; Kayleigh and Dave Wood,    granddaughter and husband; Andy Porter and Carrie Bradley, grandson and partner; Joanne Osgar, granddaughter; Nicola and Lee Sowerby, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Masie and Alfie, great-grandchildren); Adrian and Lyndsey Bolton, grandson and wife; Neil Porter and Sue Wilde, grandson and partner; Victoria Bolton and Lewis Farman, granddaughter and partner; Craig and Lana Walker,   grandson and wife; Ryan Bolton, great-grandson; Liam Bolton, great-grandson; Jaden Walker, great-grandson; Alyssia Bolton, great-granddaughter; Emelia Bolton, granddaughter (also rep. Beau Bolton, grandson); Janet and Ken Ottley, sister and brother-in-law (also rep. Betty Jackson, sister); Sandra Wilson, niece; Paul Johnson, nephew; Gill and David Bolton, niece and husband; Paul Bolton, nephew; Janet and Des Fussey, niece and husband; Deborah Matthews, niece; Karen Grant, niece; Audrey Marland, half-cousin.

Other mourners attending: Veronica Hutchinson; Bill Lewis (also rep. Mick Lewis); Tina Stewart; Jackie Kenneth and Dave Dawson; Ian Johnson (also rep. Janice Johnson and Ivan and Tracey Johnson, Cornwall); Jill Grant (also rep. Spar, Scartho); Ann Dickson; Michelle Gowan; Fiona Faith; David Lissiak; Andrew Welbourn; Daniel Hall (Grove Nursing Home); Louise Uzzell (The Grove Nursing Home); Elaine Smith (The Grove Nursing Home); Carl Goodwin; David Gibbs.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd

Beryl Marjorie LUSBY

Beryl LusbyBeryl Marjorie Lusby (88): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover.

Family mourners attending: Judith and Douglas Bradley, daughter and son-in-law; Pauline and Brian Evans, cousin and husband; John and Beatrice Bird, cousin and wife; Barry and Maureen Saxton, cousin and wife; Joyce Stringer, cousin; Richard Elliot, second cousin; David and Linda Stringer, great cousin and wife; Ian Hodson, godson.

Other mourners attending: Suzanne and Keith Scrivener (also rep. Pat and Dick Davis); Eileen Green; Linda and Philip Bell; Gillian Stewart; Lynn Drew (also rep. John, Siobhan and Aaron); Miriam Brown; Debbie Vrettos; Pam and Robert Forman; Brian Pettit (also rep. Christine Pettit); Paula and Richard Laurence; Margaret Hughes (also rep. Dave and Ann Allen);Vicki Hall; Maureen Hodson; Audrey and David Hill; Rachael Young (Meadows Care Home); Kim Ling (Meadows Care Home); Christine and David Moody (also rep. Edwina Stephens); Debbie Tilby; Hilary Dickens (also rep. Philip Dickens); Dave and Lorraine Ward; Royston Hornby (also rep. Jennifer Hornby); Rachel Booth (also rep. Alison Dingwall); Judith Wright (also rep. Beryl Drakes); Shirley Wolfe; Marion Roberts; Mike and Chris Hill (also rep. Grimsby Electronic Organ Club and Mr J Kirby and Mrs D Perkins); Kelvin Hall; Jean Burton; Christopher Parada.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd

Clifford Brian ROBINSON

Clifford-Brian-RobinsonClifford Brian Robinson (77): a service took place at St Michaels Church, Grimsby and was conducted by Reverend Anne MacCormick.

Family mourners attending: Dorothy Brown, sister; Kristien and Helen Logan Brown, nephew and wife; Kevin Brown and Becci Germaney, nephew and partner; Kirk Brown, nephew; Samantha Brown, niece; Jean Hewson, niece; Joyce, niece; Graham and Lesley Robinson, nephew and wife; Clive Robinson and Jirayu Wong, nephew and wife; Karen Kershaw, niece; Peter Robinson, son;

Other mourners attending: Jenny Simpson (also rep. Salvation Army); Gladys Goodwin (also rep. Salvation Army and Valerie Wake); Pamela Mcleod (also rep. Salvation Army); Jenny Wallwork; Pam Chapman (also rep. Brian and Jean Ashwell); Carl Leyerzapf (also rep. Ruth Goodwins); Lilian Isaac; Vicky Snell; Claire and Robert Shadlock; Keith Harrison; Joy Bell; Keith Kirby; Mary Parker; David Money; Lynn Brittain (also rep. Sandra Cook and Freshney Forward); Doreen Perkins; Veronica Valentine;  Ben Finney and Lucy Valentine; Ron and Margaret Driver; Adele Dempsey; Liz Bedford; Sue Wilson; George and Kath Pearce (also rep. Sheila Pearce and family and Bridget and Tony); Ann Robbins (also rep. Fred Robbins, ‘Deano’); Peggy Elliott (Chair of Freshney Forward); Noreen Turgoose (Vice Chair of Freshney Forward); Sue and Graham Crossley; June Green; Geoffrey Elson; Anne Allenby (also rep. Dawn Mosely); Kathleen Kimbley; Barbara Sparks; Sandra Booth (also rep. Gordon and Shirley, Jasmine, and Charlotte Booth); John and Eileen Santos; Jean McCormick (also rep. Alison and Steven McCormick); Sylvia Sykes; Ann Moran; Tony Booth; Caroline Reeve; Tony Pearson; Margaret and Robin Sisson (also rep. Harry Clementson and Kath Burton); Lynn and Tony Money; Phoebe Jones; Sandy Riley; Mark and Janice Sandford; Jean Wright; Debbie Pawson; Dawn Needham; Sid and Sheila Blanchard; Mary Pratt (also rep. Co-op Girls); Jim Blanchard (also rep. Jenny Blanchard); Dawn Baker; Katey Dobson; Wendy London; Dennis Holt; Margaret Pearson; Pam Jennings; Reginald Nicholls; Nick Mussell (also rep. Jenny Mussell); Tegwyn Williams; Reverend and Mrs Wodoon; Heather Simpson; Bryan Jeyes; Ron Chegwin; David and Josie Tappin; Elizabeth and Louise Gibson; Carol Stamp; Alec and Lynda Scott; Brenda Storr; Linda Davies (also rep. Paul Davies); Faith Hamilton (also rep. Julie and John Peace); Anne Green; Michael Haynes and Pat Ritchie; Sue Burnham; Hilary and George Brown; Sandra Appleton; Garry Crosland; Councillor Ray Sutton; Sue McCaughley; Janet Thornally; Louise Alderson (also rep. James Alderson and Willows Community Church); Pastor Simon Willits (also rep. Willows Community Church); Katrina and Dean Jenkins (also rep. Willows Community Church); Stephanie Egrton; Carol Jahanshah ; Darcie Egrton;

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Keith Fleming (49): a service took place at St Nicholas Church, Great Coates and was conducted by Reverend Anne McCormick.

Family mourners attending: Shelley Fleming , wife; Kai-leigh Allen, daughter; Kirsty Janney, daughter; Adam Fleming, son; Amy Fleming, daughter;Yvonne and Norman Fleming, parents;Wayne Fleming, brother; Jake Lewsham, son-in-law; Jeannie and Gary Cawell, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Martin Fox, brother-in-law; Angela Fleming, sister-in-law; Adam Janney, son-in-law; Joel Allen, son-in-law; Paula and Kevin Powell, aunt and uncle; Andrew Sewell, uncle; Wendy Kinsey, aunt; Jeanette Fleming, aunt; Harvey Fleming, nephew;Vicky Caswell, niece; Jamie Fleming, nephew; Josh Fleming, nephew; Peter and Bernadette Fox, father-in-law and mother-in-law; Paul Fleming, cousin; Jamie Fleming, cousin; Jade Fleming, cousin; Craig Fleming and Melissa Edwards, brother and partner.

Other mourners attending: Mick Raper (N.E.L.T.C); Kevin Forrington; Chris Blease (also rep. Graham Vials N.E.L.T.C); Steve Broderick (also rep. N.E.L.T.C); Ben Green (also rep. N.E.L.T.C); Jim Green (also rep. N.E.L.T.C); Richard and Margaret Norton (also rep. Ros, Humberston); Steve Davidson (Secretary N.E.L.T.C) and Marj Davidson (also rep. Richard); Jack Chapman; Megan Coates; Gaynor and Andrew Coates; Matthew Coates; Clive Pemberton; Craig Strawbridge; Tim Giles;Kate Frarary; Shaesta and Naeem Butt; Jay Allen;Wendy Butterworth; Hannah Sheperd; Caroline Goodliffe; Hayley Tuplin; David Johnston; Emma Hallas; Shaun Hering; Victoria Hubbard; Lee Lister;Penny Connell; Sally Bown (also rep. Bown Family and Mish Wilkes and Family); Karen Thompson; Zoe Adams; Leigh Southern; Michelle Meila; Leanne Wood (also rep. Adam Johnson); Neil Wood; David Goodwin (N.E.L.T.C); Geoff and Karen Horton; Johnathan Simmons; Jordan Fidlin; Martin Kilgallon; Phil Richardson; Sue Middlehurst; Hannah Coupland (also rep. Signet Industrial); Paul Bloomfield; Paul Rickett (also rep. Peter Coulson and Andy Germaney); Chris Golding; Ella Dzieweczynska; Dion Bullard; Darren Beasley; Trevor Gove; Sally Stephenson; Lin Stephenson; Alan and Geraldine Scholtz; Chris Robinson; Danny Rumsey; Derek Whale; Scott Sinclair; Michelle Booker; Pete Gyngell; Lydia Taffe; Samantha King.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Muriel ‘Mo’ MUSSELL

Muriel Ruth Mo Mussell (69): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: George Mussell, husband; Steve and Mandy Mussell, son and daughter-in-law; Paul Mussell and Anna, son and partner; Betty Gresham, sister; Doris Matthews, sister; Maxine Smith, sister; John and Julie Gresham, brother and sister-in-law; Alec and Val Mussell, brother and sister-in-law; Carol and Trev Hardy, sister and brother-in-law; Babs and Martin Ringguth, sister and brother-in-law; Roly Gresham, brother; Ann Mussell, niece (also rep. Graham Mussell, nephew); Paula Gresham, niece; Alison Noakes, niece (also rep. Robert Noakes, husband); Christina Smith, niece; Michelle Gresham, niece; David Gresham, nephew; Lee Gresham, nephew; Shane Gresham, nephew; Dean and Sharon Mussell, nephew and wife; Jason and Cheryl Gresham, nephew and niece; Alan and Kathleen May ,cousin and wife (also rep. May Family); Mandy Barber, god-daughter; Lorraine and Neville.

Other mourners attending: Sue and Joe Lewis;Tony Hunter and Bridget Bateman; George and Kath Pearce; Tina Standland (also rep. Lee Standland); Karen Stringfellow (also rep. Brian Stringfellow); Debbie and Stephen Soanes; Rhyana Clarke; Sophie Barber; Glennis Barber; Ray Cullum; Barbara Mackie; Linda Gibson; Maggie Riley; Maria MacNaught (also rep, Tom MacNaught); Jennifer Webb; Beat and Don Plater; Coleen Rispin; Courtney Rispin; Donna Rispin; Dawn Holdsworth; Joe Holdsworth; Gareth Arthur (also rep. Wendy Arthur); Lesley Redgrift; Tracey Redgrift; Tina Redgrift; Cynthia and Kevin Rowson; Dave Ward (also rep. Donna Vincent and Marian Ward); Jo Mcatter; Carol and Michelle Wright; Roly and Jayne Sullivan (also rep. Andy Rivett); Denise Ellix (also rep. Geoffrey Ellix); Corrin Ellix; Bob Cheffins (also rep. Margaret); James Cheffins; Dot Hart ;Sharon Pennock and Dave McIntyre; Paul and Linda Davies; Sheila Lambley (also rep. Allan); Mary and Frode Hogsberg; Pete Nielsen; Angela Soneman (also rep. Paul Soneman); Debbie Call (also rep. Vicky and Spud Rowson); Ron and Brenda Perrie (also rep. Trevor Richardson and Jack Barker); Nicola Kent; Stacey Meek; Carl and Heather Kurz; Brian Hunter (also rep. Hunter Family); Ann Robbins (also rep. Fred Robbins); Joanne Gibson; Marie Rispin and Duane O’Pray; Dean Rispin; Danielle Brown; Hayley Board (also rep. Debbie Nicholson); Jay Reader; Jay Kivlin; Margaret Royall; Michael Ball; Shaun and Katie Jackson; Jeff and Val Blyth; Neville Best; Harry; Mick Smith; Boots; Kooie and Kev; Nobby Clarke; Geoff Mullins; Glenn Moore (also rep. Janet Moore); Mary Pratt; Jim Blanchard (also rep. Jenny Blanchard); Benny and Denise Dawson; Heather Downey (also rep. Michael Downey); Ida Elliott; Lauren and Dayna Forsythe (also rep. Jackie Smith); Cliff Sally and Scott Barber (also rep, Sarah and Emily); Kim and Fred Slingsby; Craig and Danielle Jones; John and Susan Roscoe; Katrina Grayson; Karina and Glenn Foxcroft; Kelly; Darren Toftegaard; Freda and Phil Steer; April Fitzgerald (also rep. Mark and Rachel); Violet Schulte; Sue and Glenn Barber; Rob Jacklin and Sam Shirley; Ian Oxton; Kirk Hemmingway; Craig Standland; Liam Baldock; Tom Forsyth; Barbara Allen; Lesley Burwood; Doreen Toftegaard; Markham Family x 6.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Raymond Harries 1Raymond Harries (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt.

Family mourners attending: Karen Lockett,daughter; Jackie Harries, daughter; Philip Harries, son; Rachel Harries, daughter-in-law; Emma and Wayne Camm, granddaughter and husband; Laura and Jay Wivell, granddaughter and husband; Kate Lockett, granddaughter; Nadia Harries and Chris Gibbins, granddaughter and partner; Rebecca and Paul Sparling, granddaughter and husband; Liam Harries, grandson; Amy Harries, granddaughter; Alfred and Eileen Harries, brother and sister-in-law; Daisy Williams, sister-in-law; Mary Moore, sister-in-law; Andrea and Alistair Mitchell; Shirley Horton, niece; Andrew Harries, nephew; Mark and Carole Thompson ,nephew and wife; Stephen Harries, nephew; Martin Harries, nephew (also rep. Carol Harries, wife and Victoria Harries, great-niece);Wendy Smith, niece; Christine Hill, niece; Peter McGuire, nephew; Dave and Lynne Tuff, nephew and wife; Nigel Harries and Audrey Webb, nephew and partner (also rep. Mike and Tanya Harries); Lesley Kalyoncu, niece; Kathryn Parker, niece; Cliff  Thompson, nephew (also rep. Elaine Thompson); Maxine Donnelly, niece (also rep. Kerry Donnelly); Brenda Kerrison, niece; Anne Whyte, niece (also rep. the late Bernard  and Valerie); Debbie Dobbs, niece; Kath Short, niece; Tracy Gabbitas, niece; Sue and Malcolm Twemlow, niece and husband; Paul Tuff, nephew; Pete Tuff, nephew; Shelly and Wayne Laws, niece and husband; Kerry Kirk, great-niece; Tanya Kalyoncu, great-niece; Gemma Skelhorn, great-niece; Hazel Harries, sister-in-law; Nadine Harries; Gaynor Coates; Megan Coates; Phil Mogg; Frank and Elaine Faulkner; Oliver Howard and Lighaermisone, great-nephew and partner.

Other mourners attending: Michael East (also rep. Linda East); Murdo Macinnes (also rep. DA Peacocks and John Williams); Ray and Janet Evans; Peter and June Harrison; Susan Jagger; Derek Brown (also rep. Barry Armond); Charlie Walker; Pam Peart (also rep. St Margaret’s Nursing Home); Susan Keightley; Alan White; Bill Page (also rep. Lynne Page); Pat Phillipson (also rep. Billy Hardie); Christine and George Bryant; Kim Locking; Eddie Grant.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

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