Andrew Martin NOTON

Andrew NotonAndrew Martin Noton (54): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Arron Noton, son; Josh Noton, son; Lyndsay Kershaw, daughter-in-law (also rep. Amelia and Aliyah, granddaughters); Sylvia and Brian Tiffney, sister and brother-in-law; Theresa and Michael Ellerby, sister and brother-in-law; David and Carol Noton, brother and sister-in-law; John and Rebecca Noton, brother and sister-in-law; Tim and Tina Noton, brother and sister-in-law; Philip and Benna Noton, brother and sister-in-law; Nick and Garry Webster; Maureen and Jim Lynch, aunt and husband; Eric and Janet Noton, uncle and wife; Ella Noton, niece; Eve Noton, niece; Sammy Noton, niece; Frankie Noton, niece; Alex Noton, niece; Matthew Ellerby, nephew; James Ellerby  and Cindy Mountford, nephew and partner (also rep. Dave); Joe Archer, nephew; Tom Archer, nephew; Bethany and Michael Howes, niece and husband; Daniel and Verity Noton, nephew and wife; David and Joanne Noton, nephew and wife; Rachael and Craig Wilson, niece and husband; Karen and Rob Middleton, cousin and husband; Ruth Mackenzie, cousin; Simon Carrington, cousin (also rep. Mavis Carrington, aunt); Jane Martin, cousin (also rep. Sylvia Keyworth); Debbie Brown, cousin; Teresa Howes, sister-in-law; Aaron Hickey; Joanne Piggott, sister-in-law (also rep. Shelagh Stevens and Garry Stevens); Bethany Piggott, niece; (also rep. Ben and Harrison Foy, nephews); Robson McKeon, nephew (also rep. Kirsty, Rob and Morgan Emerson); George and Cath Edwards, in-laws; Daniel Edwards, brother-in-law; Helen and Glenn Watson, sister-in-law,

Other mourners attending: Joe Short; David Smith (also rep. Steve Baker); Jane Moulds; Wayne Jagger; Delta Hickey (also rep. Sheila and Howard Hurst); Sheree Cardy; Gary Cook; Justin Saleh; Helen Byatt; Matthew McVeigh; Scott Jackson; Beth Klug; Alan Ebbs; Keith Hallibone; Eric Wilson; Shaun Bratley; Shaun Wraith (also rep. Dick Townsend and Tony Robinson); Steve and Sue Brewer (also rep. Sharon and Tony Rose); Pamela Ender and Jim Benson (also rep. William Acklam); Sue Acklam (also rep. David Acklam); Trisha Braithwaite; Tony Acklam; Chris Wood (also rep. Joe Denney); Craig Harwood; Ashley McKenzie; Rod Fleet; Sam Fleet; Russ Pask; Paul Lancaster; Roger and Linda Pursglove; Stacey Pursglove; John Robinson (also rep. Michael, Holly and Abby Robinson); Pete Penketh (also rep. Nicola Porter); Sonny Norton; Keith Cremen; Danny Cremen; Michael Regan; Danny Regan; Kiel Jagger; Dave Russell; Kevin Wood; Teresa Jackson (also rep. Jayne Winterburn); Rick Bowers; Wayne Bowers (also rep. Susan Bowers, Albert Whiffen Snr and Albert Whiffen Jnr); Adrian McKenzie and Julie Anne; Maureen and Gary Teanby; Shelly and Phillip Pursglove; Karen Hewson; Jason Sadler; Keith and Carol Howard (also rep. Lizann Dukes); Dick and Lou Stevens (also rep. Paul and Hilary Nicholls); Andy Deans (also rep. Lewis Emmerson, nephew); Andy and Sandra Page (also rep. Ben Oaten and Mark Kavanagh); Teresa Brand (also rep Sue Oswin nee Murray); Bernadette Butler; Steve Page; Andy and Bev Arnold; Duncan Nielsen; Carl Lyons; Brian Nichols; Susan Ingham; Fred Lawson; Steve Bakes; Tony Hines; Robert Mackie; Alan Playford (also rep. Trebor); Susan Blendell; Andy Ryan (also rep. Ryan Family); Paul Pritchard; Paul Mathews; Geoff and Michelle Putland; Lindsey Robinson; Dave Roberts; Paul and Jo Kitchen; Matt Taylor; Jenny Henderson; Geoff Arnold; Jim Bird and Maria Coleman; Ian and Jane Foster; Bob Hanley; Mandy Riley and Nigel Connon; David Burton and Carol Curtis; Paul Mackay; Tony Brown; Robert Cardy ‘Rupert’ (also rep. Willy Acklam); Alan Green (also rep. Jill Green); Bob Bent and Ruth Clark (also rep. Greg, Lauren and Josh Morter); Tony Cox (also rep. Alan Cox); Alex Scales (also rep. Garry Scales); Mick Mason; John, Debbie and Lucy Carpenter (also rep. Rachel and Charlie Campbell); Stevie Wright; Ian Kershaw; Terry and Wendy McIntyre (also rep. Chris and Cliff Brace); Tim Brace; David Herriott; Steve Riley; Alex Stockley (also rep. Max Stockley); Carlton Stead; Steve Whitby; Pete and Joy Stockley; Raymond Jackson (also rep. Carole Jackson); Lisa Naylor (also rep. Rhea and Asha McIntyre); George Hallam ( ‘Ged’); Dennis Elliott (also rep. Julie Elliott and Tony Barber); George Gough; Molly Gough; Deryk and Andrea Jewitt; Archie Richardson; Jane Clark (also rep. John and Sandra Philips); Andy Chaplin; Scott Mcatteer; Danny Hargrave (also rep. Danny Reid); Decky; Mark Storr; John Forsythe; Mark Gallagher; Trevor Cass; Rob Phillipson; Andy Ganson; Steve Farman; John Spencer (also rep. Phillipa Martin); Grace Pougher; Tony Wood; Graham Arnold; Pete Barlow and Sharon Starkey; Andy Wright; Andy Donald; Boots; John Bygott; Ray Bore; Cliff Brown; Dave Croft; Dean Fletcher; Gary Hunter; Glenn Naylor (also rep. Julie Evans and Neil Riggall); Graham Gale; Brian Foy; Mike Green; Stewart and Helen McIntyre; Wayne McIntyre; John Jarvis; Jim Bacon; Michael Kelly (also rep. Liam and Ashley Kelly);Steve and Chris Jarvis; Jason and Tracey Blackburn; Young Buzz; Heike Nielsen-Hallam; Andy Walmsley (also rep. Neil Richardson); Matt Gale; Eddie Gray; Chantelle Bell; Buzz (also rep. Jackie Swallow); Jeny Black (also rep. Lizanne Dukes, Ontario, Canada);Joseph Aitken; Gail Clayton; Wayne Pullan; Sharon Atmore; Charles Miles; Andrew Maughen (also rep. Jess Riley); Miles McFadden; Christa Dent (also rep. Sue and Tom Dent); Ian Oaten (also rep. Tivoli Tavern); Bob Lawless; Jodie Danes; Daz Lawton (also rep. Tony Hunter); Steve Austin (also rep. Charlie Gerrard and Billy and Graham Austin); Tina Crichton; Josh Austin (also rep. Danny Read); Barry Goodwin (also rep. Janet Goodwin); Sonja Braithwaite; Tom, Tommy, Leigh and Josh Devaney; Kris Pinyoun; Christine Pinyoun; Paul and Pauline Mountford; Chris Tattersdale (also rep. Tattersdale Family); Linda Robinson; Allan Snape; Chris Elkjar; Mandy Woolsey Leanne Brown; Glenn and Annie Oaten; Steven, Luke and Gareth Beecham (also rep. Daniel and Family); Rob Blythe; Joe Baldock; Megan Newland; Chris Goodwin (also rep. Chris and Debbie Goodwin; Aaron and Kerry Smith; Callum Byrnes; Craig Forsythe Colin Mills (also rep. Alan Logan); Steve Rispin; Mick Tams (also rep. Phil Rogers); Loll Lawson; Kooie; Kev Moore; Lana; Sue, Pip and Christine Sellers (also rep. Sid and Julie Swallow); Ian Sutherland; Wayne Foden; Danny Morton; Brad Burrell; Owen Abbs; Steve and Helen Cragg; Bob Auty; Simon Auty; Chris Bodger; Steve Powers ‘Swish’ (also rep. Danny Bowers); Keith Smith (also rep. Phil Smith); Wayne Neve (also rep. David Finn); Daniel Nilsen; Marc Moncaster; Ryan Sanderson; Nathan Coulam; Daniel Frosdick; Danny Metcalfe; Paul McGuire; Nick Barber; Darren Barraclough; Kris Haith; Vicky Kershaw; Charlie Lavelle; Jane Tuson; Sally Campbell; Daniel Hill; Paul Irvine (also rep. Brian Rook); Michael Rutherford; John Billings; Kim Samwell; Andrew Gale; Cooie; Dave Dobbs ;Darren Hill; Steve Bacon; Steve McLaughlan (also rep. McLaughlan Family and Michael Bain).

 Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd

Jacqueline Gay BROWN

Jacqueline Gay ‘Jackie’ Brown (56): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Jan Vassey.

Family mourners attending: Rob and Janet Bovill, father and mother; Rebecca Louise Brown and Nik, daughter and partner; Neil and Elaine Bovill, brother and sister-in-law; Thelma and Mike Daniels, aunt and uncle (also rep. Beverley Munoz, cousin and family); Frances Bovill, aunt; Kelly and Joe Clark, niece and husband; Lisa Baxter, niece; (also rep. Ruby, Alfie and Bertie); Leigh McKenna, nephew (also rep. Gracie Mai and Riley); Alex Scales, cousin (also rep. Garry Scales); Debbie Melkis, cousin; Ian and Lesley, cousin and wife; Marlene and Norman Robinson; Julie Robinson (also rep. Keith).

Other mourners attending: Christine and George Watkinson (also rep. Mr and Mrs Almond Bell and Mr and Mrs Bott); Pat Payne; Wendy Gammons; Julie Grimble (also rep. B7 and Sian Nicholson); Rachel MalyckyJ (also rep. B7); Pat Thundercliffe; Eileen Rooke; Rebecca Wood; Ann Willerton; Dave Needham; Claire Boyd; Cathy Greensmith (also rep. Jini Watts); Elayne Metcalf; Charlie and Heather Long; Cerys Long; Peter and Julie Elshaw; Andrew Elshaw; Dave and Chris Stead; Norman and Christine Potter; Terence Cummings; Pete Wilkins (also rep. Alan and Jill Wright and Colin and Jean); Dave Booth; Janet Copass; Maureen Wood; Wanda Oxer (also rep. B6 and Sue Pickett); Kate Abbott; Samantha Phillipson (also rep. B4); Jackie Keys (also rep. Jean Shaw); Mandy Oliver (also rep. Pearl and Barry Cox); Teresa Yould; Jacqueline and Adrian Brocklesby; Ron Anderson; Ria Anderson; Paul Allington; Glenn Ornsby; Dave Ornsby; Linda Storr; Chris and Wendy Shillito; Mike and Kim Birkett; Ralph and Margaret Gorman; John and Pauline Waters; Roy and Jean Bonnett; David Telford; Julie Murray (also rep. District Nurses and GP’s at Woodford Medical Centre);Sharon Walton; Susan Neil; Helen Asquith (B2); Mary Stuart; Shirley Cook (B4); Dawn Schofield (B4); David Bakes (also rep. Peter Bakes); Patricia Sarjantson; Gwen Davies; Joyce Attia; Adrian Marklew; Eric Atkinson; Pat Karlsen; Sally Simcock; Pat Lewis; Marie Gaughan (also rep. Jill Rendall, B6, Maggie Tulley, Claire Hanton and A and E Department); Melvin and Pam Suddaby; Fellina and Steve Hilson; Amy Milson; Arlo Delaney; Carol Ebbs (also rep. Richard); Jakub Sobczynski; Warwick Hattle; Kevin Dick; Josie and Ken Hill; Tracy Ibbotson and Perry Burgess; Diane Booth (also rep. Nick, Eleanor, Jess and Mike); Teresa Jackson; Lewis Scott; Alison Sarbutt; Katy Rayner; John Stocks (also rep. David Stocks); Ramesh Thambiah; Carolyn Davis (former work colleague, also rep. Sarah Williams); Helene Davis (work colleague also rep. the Davis Family, Sarah Holmes, Carol Wakefield and Jenny Birks); Fred and Sandra Wilkins; Gill Norvock; Mary Wilkins; Julie West (also rep. Orthopaedic fracture clinic and plaster room); Sue White (also rep. Jaimie Pridgeon); Gemma Hogan (work colleague); Tim Middleton work colleague); Dominique Lord (ex-work colleague, B4); Mary George (B3, also rep. Carol Sidney, Lesley Freeman, and Chris Melton); Angela and Christopher Cummings; Pat and David Corn (B3); Lisa Gilchrist (B4); Andrea Benson (B4); Chantelle Gladding; David and Jean Hammond; Carol Sidney (ex-B3); Lesley Houlden (B4); Alan Harvey and Maureen Jackson; Fay Cerrino (also rep. Aaron Hawkesford and Mia); Megan Hawkesford; Gillian Anderson (B4); Ernie Draycott; Kerry Bielby; Carol Powles (B4); Hannah Swaby (B4); Catherine Turner (also rep. Sarah Rushby); Catherine Fisher; Stephen Rudd (also rep. Denise Rudd); Sharon Walker (also rep. Tracy Rae); Debbie Bagley (also rep. Jane Worrell and Surgery and Critical Care); Maggie Cox (also rep. Sarah Langley, ex-B2); Jean Robbins; Gwyneth Morris (B4); Pete and Diane Waters (also rep. Cartergate Social Club); Angela Hicks (also rep. Graham Hicks);Pat Pountney; Kylie Mussell; Jillian Rennie; John Ashton and Sue Forth; Mike and Wendy Ornsby; Kirstie Robinson; Kim Brown; Bethany Brown; Kath Barker (B3);Donna Maynard (B4); Trish Brett (B4); Sue Brightmore (B3); Penny Gregory and Jane Deighton.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd

Ronald Albert DAY

Ronald DayRonald Albert Day (84): a service took place at St Michaels Church, Grimsby and was conducted by Reverend Ann McCormick and Reverend Peter Mullins.

Family mourners attending: Mavis Day, wife; Geoff and Julia Day, son and wife; Michael and Elisha Day, son and wife; Conall Day, grandson; Cameron Day, grandson; Kathryn Day, granddaughter; Chris Day, grandson; Mark and Victoria Townsend, nephew and wife; John Townsend, nephew; Mary and Ken Asquith, niece and husband; Sheila and Len Wright, cousin and husband; Janet and Carl Jennings, goddaughter and husband; Andrew Beeken; Bridget Biggs (also rep. Garry Biggs); Betty Leeson.

Other mourners attending; Jacqui Cook; Bryan Jeyes (also rep. St Nicholas Church); Edna Greenacre; Joan and Matt Hackfath (also rep. Stephanie Eggerton and Carole Stamp); Emma Greenacre; David and Josie Tappin; Kathleen King; Jean Wallwork (also rep. Robin); Sonny and Ann Moran; Margaret Walker; Deborah Mullins; Mary Parker; Lily Isaac; Dave and Edna Pettitt; Irene Wood; Helen King (also rep. Broddle Family and St Michaels Lunch Club); Christine Plant (M.B.E, also rep. Ches Brocklesby and 19th Grimsby Scout Group); Pat Thompson (also rep. Grimsby and Cleethorpes Scout  District); Pete and Margaret Wheatley; Marion Piggott; Jim White; Val Sadler (also rep. Gaye Croft); Keith and Shelagh Whatley (also rep. Art Class); Joyce White; Barbara Fields (also rep. St Andrews Hospice); Fred and Babs Brown; Sue and Barry Davies; Jane Green; Neil Bennett; Gordon Rogers; Liz Hudson (also rep. St James Tuesday Club and Coralie Hudson); Doreen Hall; Caroline Reeve; Sue Graham and Tracy Crossley; Pam Chapman (also rep. Jean and Brian Ashwell and Ken and Betty Clark); Sheila and Zoe Stafford (Punch Bowl);Christian and David Marshall; Shaun Robson; Brian and Shirley Seddon; Jessie Page; Gayle Evans (also rep. Celia and Phil Evans); Phil Waller (also rep. Mr and Mrs Waller); Steve Mortlock; Wayne Tucker; Pat Tully (Cons Club); Lynda and Alec Scott; Steve Burton (also rep. Scout Fellowship); Dave and Margaret Smith; Roy and Sheila Ellis; Louise Bowyer (also rep. John Bowyer); Pamela Batram (also rep. Paul, Charlotte and Matthew); Kenneth Richardson; Guy and Cheryl Hodgins; Barbara Sparks; Ruth Petch; Ann Parkinson; Sarah Parkinson; Shirley Kinson (also rep. The Beacon); June Smith (also rep. The Beacon); Jean Harns (also rep. The Beacon); Sandy Riley; Phoebe Jones (also rep. Stephanie); Ann Wilkin; Chris Harness; Janet and John Hughes; Heather Gledhill; Gloria Needham; Sue and Trevor Matthews; Roy Syer; Monica Ferrier (also rep Ferrier Family); Geoff and Peggy Beasley (also rep. Craig Beasley); Cath Dobbs; Mark Needham; Henry Taylor; Robert Creese; Shirley Dunford; Graham and Angela Hanson; Derek Pulford; Edith and Reg Boyall; Samantha Scott (also rep. David Scott); Jean Scott (also rep. David and Debbie Scott and Rosemary Brown); Dawn Mosley; Anne Allenby; Annette Rowlands; Mary Smith; Lynn Leeman; Sid and Sheila Blanchard (also rep. John Ann and Neil); Mike and Moyra Gresham; Mike Sanderson (also rep. Ellis and Adele Sanderson); John Abe (also rep. John Semple); Lily Gostling; Anitra Cuningham (also rep. John); Margaret Saville; Geraldine Topliss; Caron and Fred Cartwright (also rep. Fred Joseph Cartwright); Kath Stuart (also rep. Dave Stuart and June and Ray Herrick); Sandra Queen; Mary Lofthouse; Elizabeth Simms; Janet and David Treacher; Lynn Brierley (also rep. John and Jane)

 Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Leslie Mortlock 2Leslie Mortlock (70): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Debbie and Richard Stringer, daughter and son-in-law; Abby and Ben Mortlock, grandson and granddaughter; Tessa Lyll, daughter-in-law; Maxwell Stringer, grandson; Lee Mortlock and Sarah Ruscue, son and partner; Jacob Mortlock, grandson; Gemma Strickland, granddaughter; Grace and Thomas Ornsby, granddaughter and husband; Josie Ornsby, great-granddaughter; Bob Mortlock, brother; Anne Mortlock, sister; David Ryley, brother-in-law; Brian Ryley, brother-in-law; Dawn Mortlock, sister-in-law; Rena and Brian Crowe, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Cheryl Mortlock, niece (also rep. Brenda and families); Jordan Rodger; Laura Stringer and Scott Sweetman; Nathan Stringer; Steve and Michelle Ornsby.

Other mourners attending: Lucy and Ben Ballentine; Veronica Ballentine; Luke Ballentine; Pat and Russ Jones; Dianne Bradley; Barry and Pat Kirk; Rick Bass; Dawn Croft; Beth and Mike Norvock; Amy Phillips; Steve Tuck; Ian Ballentine; Vivien Done (also rep. Kendall Girls); Pete Law (aka ‘Greetings at Royal Mail); George Hardy (work colleague); Jane and Peter Mills; Paul Brown.  

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Bessie Jennings 2Bessie Jennings (91): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Chuck and Kath Turner , daughter and husband; Pete and Val Foster, daughter and husband; Mark and Pauline Jennings, son and wife; Andy and Louise Turner,         grandson and wife; Lauren Turner, great -granddaughter; Alex Turner, great- grandson; Diane Kelly,    granddaughter; Molly Kelly, great- granddaughter; Daisy Kelly, great- granddaughter; Karen and John Denford, granddaughter and husband; Mathew and Jayne Jennings, grandson and wife; Gary Foster and Jessica Bingham, grandson and partner; Wendy and Tim Found, granddaughter and husband; Michelle and Craig Acquorff, granddaughter and husband; Tony and Marie Jennings, grandson and wife; Jessie Foster, sister; Kenneth Overan, brother-in-law; Rhona and Keith Lewis, niece and husband; Eddie and Linda Jackson, nephew and wife (also rep. Ian Jackson);

Other mourners attending: Paul and Linda Foster; Chris and Albert Bromley; Jane Mason (also rep. Jim Mason); Dianna Otley (also rep. Cloverdale Nursing Home); Marie Parrott (also rep. Cloverdale Nursing Home); Ann Wilkin; Samantha Lord; Eileen Cook; Delwyn and Tony Joachim; Janet and Roger Hall; Ron and Chris North; Helen Rowston; Jeannie Troop (also rep. David Troop); Chris and Fiona Dunn; Rachel Harvey; Pamela Holman.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Tina Stocks (59): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Kelvin Stocks, husband; Shane Stocks and Keri Moore, son and partner (also rep. granddaughter Freya); Steven Stocks, son (also rep. Claire Doore, Leon, grandson and Chloe, granddaughter); Tom and Sue Stocks, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Paul and Sue Ayre, brother and sister-in-law; Callum Ayre, nephew (also rep. Lauren, niece); Lisa Warrender, niece; Norman Ayre, father; Julie and Allan Jackson, sister and brother-in-law; Sharon Rose, aunt; Val Bowden, aunt; Christine Franks, aunt (also rep. Muriel); Kerry Svendsen, niece; Gary Stocks, nephew; Craig Stocks and Kayleigh Saxon,   nephew and partner; Paul Stocks, nephew; Michelle Stocks, niece; Julie Pearce, cousin-in-law;

Other mourners attending: Friends and Neighbours; John and Dawn Tidswell; Carmen and Stephen Leonard; Shaun and Alison Kirwin:  Pat and Lew Jones: Dawn Piggott; Tony Kirwin; Lisa Piggott; Julie Sunlay; Carol Kelson; Lorraine Thornton; Angela Appleton; Lewis Penny (also rep. Gary); Susan Snell and Peter Wierny.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Michael Paul HAWKINS

Michael Hawkins 1Michael Paul Hawkins (58): a service took place at St Peters Church, Cleethorpes and was conducted by Reverend Paul Hunter.

Family mourners attending: Steve and Judith Jackson, sister and brother-in-law (also rep. Rachel Jackson, niece); Angie and Carl Webster, sister and brother-in-law; Denise Gibbon, sister; Karen Hawkins and David Hammond, sister and partner; Garry and Trish Hawkins, brother and sister-in-law (also rep. Lee and Rachel Hawkins, nephew and wife, Megan, Mia and Imogen, great-nieces and Dale Hawkins and Hayley, nephew and partner);Adam Gaze, nephew (also rep. Daniel, great-nephew); Chris Gaze and Stephanie Taylor, nephew and partner (also rep. Tracey and Pete Gaze, sister and brother-in-law, Jonathan and Claire Gaze, nephew and wife, Hannah Gaze, niece, William and Charlie Gaze, great-nephews); Mathew Carter, nephew; Abbey Gibbon and Tom Furnell, niece and partner; Luke Webster, nephew; Hazel and Ken Chapman, aunt and uncle (also rep. Deborah Rispin and Carol and Alan Chapman);

Other mourners attending: Jenny Croft; Jordan Croft; Melanie Burton; Christine Thompson (also rep. Tracey Thompson); Jim Sprack; Paul Snowden; Lesley Webb (also rep. Mr and Mrs Hugh and Pat McCarry); Kevin and Cynthia Rowson; Garry Sellers: Trev McIlveen; Michael Steel (also rep. Jane Steel); Pamela Sheridan; Kevin McDonald; Darren Jaines; Steve Whitehead; Tony Capindale; David Howard; Brian Jolly (also rep. Jolly family); Lydia Welbourne; Steve Walker; Bev Howard (also rep. Ash and Adam Howard); Gina Smith; Paula Wright; Keith Footitt; Steve Howard; Niddy Brookhouse; Barrie Darsley (also rep.Gina, Ashley and Amos); Richard Kerghtley; Craig and Glynis Turrell; Michael Morgan; Raymond Hovell (also rep. Val); Andy and Linda Blake; Chris and Diane Ashton (also rep. family); Gail Kellitt; Stephanie Wilkin (also rep. Garry Gresham); Chris and Pete Marshall; Malcolm Bailey; Mark Avison; Alan Rowson; Christina Bell; Sam Gregory; Annette Darnell (also rep. Colin Darnell); Alan Snape; Bob and Wendy Walker; Geoff and Tina Jordan; Robert Fairbanks (also rep, Janice and Coleen Fairbanks); Dale Johnson (also rep. Teddys Bar); Janice Gregg; Mary Riley; Ian Stewart; Michael and Margaret Court (also rep. Court family); Vic and Anne Swann; David Steel (also rep. Jennifer Steel and family and Carlo and Tracey Robinson); Andy Browning (also rep. Julie Browning); Gary MacDougall; Janice Cox (also rep. Christine Grant, Jamie Grant and John Grant); Vanessa Jones (also rep. Simon, Ben and Sam); Steve Davies; Robert Barry.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Douglas ROWELL

Douglas RowellDoug Rowell (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Val Rowell, wife; Helen Wright, daughter; Michael and Susan Rowell, son and daughter-in-law; Andrew Rowell, son (also rep. Josh and Jake Rowell, grandchildren); Alison Kargbo and Chris Bates, daughter and partner; Aaron Wright, grandson (also rep. Lauren Bone,partner); Naomi Kargbo, granddaughter; David Rowell, grandson; Sue and Trevor Matthews, sister-in-law and husband; Pat and Barrie Dales, cousin and husband (also rep.Violet Fleming, aunt and Colin and Jean Saunders, cousin and husband); Glenys and Graham Cook, cousin and husband (also rep. Janet and Tommy Dawson, cousin and husband).

Other mourners attending; Helen and Tony Read (also rep. Jackie and Eric Johnson); Amanda French (also rep. Alan French, Grimsby Alexandras & Dolphins Swimming Club and Jane Millington); Dave Raworth; Joe Black (also rep. Black Family); Sally Jackson (also rep.Simon Jackson and Pam and Andy Clipson); Becky Smith (also rep. Katie Smith); Karen Smith; Julie and Pete Turner (also rep. Glenton Girls); Martin Steel (also rep. senior swimmers of Grimsby Alexandras and Dolphins Swimming Club); Mollie MacKenzie; Peter Winchester (M.B.E, President of Grimsby and Cleethorpes A.S.A and Life Member of Grimsby Alexandras & Dolphins Swimming Club); Vera Winchester (also rep. Gary Winchester); Bev Crolla; Emma Dewires; Dawn Dewires; Alan and Carole Thomas; Sheila Houghton; Evelyn Broadent (Lincs Inspire); Sandra Shotton (also rep. Kevin Shotton, Lincs Inspire); Jane Hill (also rep. Lincs Inspire); Nicola Keetley; Emma Over; Rebecca Raworth; Bethany French; Marian McCormick; Biddy Rowe (also rep. Grimsby and Cleethorpes A.S.A); Steve Craggs (also rep. Jackie Craggs); Annette Gorringe (also rep. Mr and Mrs Annette and Bernard Truman); Karen Hart (also rep. Mike Hart); Val Howard; Ethel and Ray Beer; Fiona Tarrant; Martin and Carol Blondeau; John Illingworth; Tina Hooper (also rep. Adult learning Disability Team); Helen Otter (also rep. Grimsby Courts); Yvonne Sadler; Andy Tappin; Ann Wheatley (also rep. Kevin Wheatley); Sid and Sheila Blanchard (also rep. Lynn Leeman and John and Neil Blanchard); Iris Wright; Irene Lynn (also rep. Steven Lynn); Maureen Tissington (also rep. Gail Hamilton and Family); Marie Almond (also rep. Hops Travel Agency); Louise Bass (also rep (Retreat Beauty Salon).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd


Betty Mazingham (90): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Norman Mazingham, husband; Christine and Steve Potter, daughter and son-in-law; Emily and Ash Dixon, granddaughter and husband; Craig Potter and Amy Lewin, grandson and partner; Jayne Goddard; Maureen Potter; Fred Harrison;

Other mourners attending: Irene and Terry Wood (also rep. Mr and Mrs R Wallwork); Pam and Les Smith; Eileen Kersey (also rep. Sylvia Bell); Peggy Pattinson (also rep. Sandra Needham); Peter Needham (also rep. Graham Douglas, Peter Matthews and Grimsby Bowling and West End Club); Ann Boardman; Mike Needham; Dennis Robinson; Reg and Edith Boyall; Lily Isaac; Janet Warman; Shirley Lynn; Denise Ashworth (also rep. Ernie); Fred Harrison; Dave and Linda Yarborough; Rebecca Baker; Gloria Sarjantson; Karen Tomlinson (also rep. David Tomlinson and Mr and Mrs Roan); Pam Peart (also rep. St Margaret’s Nursing Home); Dave Raworth; Hamish and Janet Mills; John Morgan; Sid and Sheila Blanchard (also rep. Dave and Edna Pettit); Gill and Neil Baker (also rep. Tracy and Family); Eileen and Paul Thorpe; Pat Stiff; Linda  Cudmore; David McIntyre; Jean, Bill and Alan Stringer; Byron and Patricia Simpson (also rep. Grimsby Bowling and West End Club); Barbara and Pete Hobson; Julie Mann-Ballard; Tina and Steve Dixon; Janet Scott (also rep. Renee Scott); Ann Dawson (also rep. Chris Dawson); Joyce Dixon; Linda Nicholson; Sarah Tuffnell (also rep. Jeff  Tuffnell); Ernest Bacon; Sarah Culham (Carer).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Donald Bennett 2Donald Bennett (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Eileen Bennett, wife; Allen and Janice Bennett, son and wife; Teresa and Chris Humberstone, daughter and husband; Mark and Carol Bennett ,son and partner; Sally and Mally Morton, daughter and husband; John Bennett, son; Anna and Phil Taylor, daughter and husband; David Bennett and Sam Mantle, son and partner; Ella Bennett, granddaughter; Willow Bennett, granddaughter; Chloe McCluskey, granddaughter; Tia Bennett and Adam Wesselby, granddaughter and partner; Shannon Bennett, granddaughter; Chantelle Bennett, granddaughter; Andrew and Nettie Bennett, grandson and wife; Toni Bennett, granddaughter; Daniel Bennett, grandson; Richard and Natalie Bennett, grandson and wife; Michael and Lauren Humberstone, grandson and wife; Jack Humberstone, great-grandson; Rachael and Gary Westerby, granddaughter and husband; Cheryl Morton and Kyle Leggott, granddaughter and partner; Teresa and Walter Freeman, sister and brother-in-law; Maria Creed, niece; Michelle Pawson, niece; Carol Draper (also rep. Peter Draper).

Other mourners attending: Steve Welsh; Sarah Dinsdale; Ian Harrison; Kerry Sellen; Michael Harrison; Gary and Linda Stafford; Tina Jakes; Dawn Staples; Ray and Colleen Blake; Susan Bryan; David Dunkley ;Pat and Mike Denson (Nunsthorpe Tavern); Mary Godfey (also rep. Jenny and Gary Kinnaird); Diane Godfrey (also rep. Craig); Brian Playle; Darren Powell; Tom McNaught; Alan Horsfall; Paul and Dawn Mason; Mark Connor; Harley Connor; Luke Connor and Ellie New; Ian and Sharon Lammiman; Julia Connor; Nigel Skelton.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd

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