Raymond John WILSON

Raymond John Wilson (77): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Nick Oldfield.

Family mourners attending: Colin and Kath Wilson, son and daughter-in-law; Karina and Luke Holesworth, granddaughter and husband; Carole Wilson, sister-in-law; Shaun and Diane Webster, stepson and wife; Danny Webster and Danielle Lawson, step grandson and girlfriend; Richard and Sarah Gwaspari, step grandson and wife; Michael Gwaspari, step grandson; Michelle Alston, step granddaughter; Simon Webster and Holly Benham, step grandson and partner; Maureen Harvey, sister-in-law; Bev Preston, Jackie and Toni-Jane, sister-in-law, niece and great niece; Andrew and Michelle Preston, nephew and wife; Stephen Raven, nephew; David Lund, nephew; Ricky and Tracey Morgan, nephew and wife; Andy and Michelle Preston, nephew and wife; Mark and Vivian Carne (also rep Ros and Pete Carne); Mandy Beedie; Wendy and Paul Morgan; Emily Morgan; Charlotte Morgan.

Other mourners attending: Harry Finning; Ivan Chalk; Keith and Pat Farmery; Brian and Maureen Willey; Lesley Codd; Elaine Murray; Joy Beasley; David and Gloria Raper; Marie and Len Smith (also rep Sadie Cross); Brian Allen; Alan Heppleston; Ron Shaw; Shirley and Charlie Hodson; Peter and Elizabeth Bateman; Peter and Janet Moor (also rep Nick, Rachel and Alice Gregory); Barry Flegg; Alan and Julie Tofton; James Tofton; Stephanie Cappindal; Kate Tofton; Mandy Boden; Marlene Turner; George Wraith; Nigel Mumby (also rep the Westlands Club); Tom and Millicent Foxon; Pete and Sue Roberts (also rep Kiera and Georgia); Tracey and Keith Simpson; Lynne Thompson; Pete Lovelock; Colin Broadhurst; Paul Howden; Kathryn Austwick; Louise Austwick; Doreen Willow.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk


Jayne OxtonJayne Oxton (51): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Paul Oxton, husband; Joseph Oxton, son; Hayley and Dean Jebson, daughter and son-in-law (also rep. Lewis and Oliver, grandsons); Dawn Simpson, sister; Susan Walden, best friend; Diane Thompson, sister (also rep. Rebecca Critten, niece, Sam Thompson, nephew, and Edith Critten, great niece); Trevor and Lyn Griffiths, step brother and wife; Marie Oxton and Richard Camm, step daughter; Rita Brocklebank, aunt (also rep. Karen, Richard and family); Peggy and Gordon Turrell and families, aunt and husband (also rep. Sheila, Pat, aunts, and families); Jade Simpson, niece; Amy Simpson, niece; Colin Bentley, nephew; Shaun and Caroline Kirman, cousins; Angela Powell, cousin (also rep. Sheila Wakefield, aunt); Stephen Plaskitt, cousin; Andrea Broughton, cousin; Cathy Smith, cousin (also rep. Mr Neil Smith and family); Julie Pedersen, cousin; Coleen Warne, cousin; Ken and Donna Bentley, cousin and wife; Pam and Jebbo Jebson.

Other mourners attending: Trevor and Maureen Woods; Rachel Walden; Michael Walden; Gareth Haynes; Dawn Croft (also rep. Louise and Danielle); Sue and Des Ward (also rep. David, Daniel and Kirsty Power); Kirsty Booth (also rep. Louise Fox); Katie Sykes (also rep. Pete); Angela Coddington (also rep. the Harrisons); Kerrie Louise Laws; Tina Laws; Charlie Laws; Vickie Langton; Lesley Barwood (also rep. Rachel Winfarrah); Kelly Jebson and Lee Edgar (also rep. Shab); Rachel Rettie and Jon Cresswell; Sarah Marshall; Mandy Bennett; Samantha Piggott (also rep. Esmai and Lola Johnson); Debbie Soames; Laura and Liam Woodley; Jamie-Leigh Woods; Rachel Hurst; Denise Baker; Callum Baker; Fiona Wharton; Stephen Aisthorpe; Jade Wharton; Samantha Wharton; Lisa Duran; Lesley Craig (also rep. Nigel); Trevor Waters; Tamsin Glasspool; Sam Tuppin; Philip and Tracey Manders; Kealy Mumby (also rep. Mark Etteridge, cousin); Pat and Barry Simpson (also rep. Steven and Martin Simpson); Caroline Ellis (also rep. Danny Hunter); Carole Jackson; Lesley Sleeth (also rep. the Sleeth family); Hayley Jewitt (also rep. Amanda Barker, and District Nurses); Steve and Trish Moore; Daniel Gartwaite; John and Susan Roscoe; Carol Wright; Eloise Stokes; Mike Wakefield; Scott Kirman; Lewis Kirman; Yas Chadli (also rep. Steve Simpson); Tom Langford; June and Keith Watkin; Lindsay Vincent (also rep. Donna Vincent); Lauren Appels; James Appels; Julie Appels; Patricia Appels; Jackie Freeman; Vanessa Lawton (also rep. Jason Lawton, cousin); Ashlea Jebson (also rep. Luke Jebson); Shirley Madin (also rep. Gordon Booth); Connor Etteridge; Donna Rispin; Coleen Rispin; Rebecca Wells (also rep. Tim Scott, and Leah and Rhys Jebson); Nikkie Woolliss; Chris and Brian Dellow; Alan Sanderson; Pete Moon and Angela Hudson; Sarah Childs; Sheila Childs; Diane Bateman; Sue Bateman; Tracey Jones; Craig Toftegaard; Kirstie Jones (also rep. Mary Jones, Karen Jones, Amanda Jones and Linda Mumby); Annie Mills; Katie Oldman; Richard Walden (also rep the staff at B.W. Manufacturing).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk

David Walter NICHOLLS

David NichollsDavid Walter Nicholls (61): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Olga Short.

Family mourners attending: Colleen Nicholls, wife; Erika Gibbins and Jon Winter, daughter and partner; Terri Nicholls and David Blair, daughter and partner; Roy Nicholls, brother; Julie Nicholls, sister; Jean Fox, aunt (also rep. Billy and Andy Metcalf); Mark and Simone Goodwin, nephew and niece; Brian Goodwin, nephew; Lindsay Goodwin, niece; Kristen Hardy, niece; Melanie Nicholls, niece; Heather and David Clay, niece and nephew; Gemma and Andrew Newell, niece and nephew; Adrian Chowler, nephew; Jennifer and Barry Golby, cousins; Margaret and Graham Ward, cousins; Tracy Fox, cousin (also rep. Ade and Vicky Fox); Kerry Yarborough, cousin; Jason Meggitt, cousin; Denise Jackson, cousin (also rep. Shane Jackson); Trevor Fox, cousin (also rep. Kerry Fox); Ken and Sue Goodwin, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Mick and Sue Goodwin, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Terry and Annette Goodwin, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Roy and Thelma Goodwin, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Other mourners attending: Pamela Hayllar (also rep. Trevor Hayllar); Sandra Lait (also rep. John Lait); Jayne Charlesworth (also rep. Tracy Collins and Mo Foreman); Jenny Laker; Joy Krogh; Heather Steer; Carol Kirk; Phil Kirk; Richard Kirk (also rep. Anastasia Johnson); Michael Foster (also rep. Maggie Foster); Claire and Alastair Blair (also rep. Robbie, Luisa and family); Barbara Coxon (also rep. Ken); Norman Kent (also rep. Pamela Kent); Paul Robinson (also rep. Emma Winchester); Shelagh Page; Christine Brown (also rep. Shaun Brown); David Bingham (also rep. Carol Bingham); Glyn Davies; Robert and Elaine Hoggarth; Dave and Ellie Payne; Christine Sylvester; Evelyn Broadbent (also rep. the Broadbent family); Wayne Tucker; Pat Tully (also rep. The Conservative Club); Mick Goodwin; Leanne and Shaun Cornell; Rosie and Malc Bell; Tracey Burrows (also rep. Nick Bell); David and Helen Pow; Bob and Carol Mumby; Tony and Ann Smith; Beverley Nicholls (also rep. Michael Nicholls); Michele Delaney; Sally and Steve Wilkinson; Paula Stones; Julie Smith; Emma Barrett; Glenda Pennell; Raye Lumby; Jim Lumby; Donna Gladding; Hayley Oxer; Marie Shaw (also rep. Malcolm and Lorraine Shaw); Hannah Carr; Ann Thorley; John Thorley; Kevin and Cynthia Rowson; Susan Bessey; Carol Cooke (also rep. Sue Cowling); Sue Rock; Linda Kitson; Geoff Parkinson; Chris Granger; Steven Guntrip; Simon Stanford; Anthony Garrett; Michaela Reeves; Harriet Ferrier; Ian Felton; Audrey Hallett; Malcolm Parker; Harry Hinesman (also rep. Mary Hinesman and Lisa); Keith Cordy; Caroline Hardie (also rep. Elliston Primary Academy); Shirley Booth; Sarah and Gareth Thomas; Alan and Anne Rowson; Mick and Janet Graves; Tony Marfleet (also rep. John Marfleet and Andy James); Martin Wray; Jo Vince (also rep. Dave Vince); John Clark and Tanya Thomas; Carol and Ernie Thomas; John and Linda Sargent; Ruby Hilditch; Charlie Fawn (also rep. Elaine Fawn); Graham Richman (also rep. Dave Campling); Lorraine and Erl Kitchen; Maxine Dixon; Rebecca Weir; Trudy Sharp and Ray Martin; Lorraine Crampton and Keith Holmes; Elizabeth Dade; Samuel McLaughlin (also rep. the McLaughlin family); Christopher and Simone Kuhlman; Lyn Bridge (also rep. Louise Bridge); Claire Hancock; Lorraine Mackie; Danielle Collins; Oliver Genney; Leanne Genney; Mark and Sue Aziobon; Priscilla Taylor (also rep. Edna Birkett); Val and Brian Wilkinson; Tina Wilkinson; Jane Mills; Carol and Trevor Hardy; Mick and Marlene Robinson; John Midgley; Bradley Bevers; Rosanne Winterburn; Helen Coxon (also rep. Friends at Yarra); Lynne Glenton; Lisa Yeoman; Jean Sivinger (also rep. Richard Sivinger); Shell Stevenson; KJ and Philip Lynn; Graham Ross; Danny Burke (also rep. Catherine Burke, Mr and Mrs P. Smith, and A. Foster); David Shutt (also rep. Ramsdens and David Christy); Michael Sargent; Michael Bridge (also rep. Julie, Dave and Mary Bridge); Shaun White (also rep. Julie White); Stuart Lidgard; Steven Durrant; Peggy and Ron Beasley (also rep. Karen, Patrick and the Beasley family); Justynn Podsiedruk (also rep. Chapmans Seafoods); Linda Gibbins; Samantha Wright.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk

David Robert LETCH

David Robert Letch (74): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Pauline Letch, wife; Darren Letch and Jill Parkinson, son and partner; Erron Slingsby, daughter; Cameron Letch, son; Tina Hastie, daughter; Joanne Louise Cook, daughter; Chris Cook, son-in-law; Krista Harvey, daughter; Marlene and Harry Burley, sister and brother-in-law; Andrew Gunn and Lauren Haywood, step son and partner; Richard Gunn, step son; Ellis Gunn, granddaughter; Jace Gunn, grandson; Marc Gunn and Abbey Clark, grandson and partner; Marley Gunn, granddaughter; Harry Dunnion, grandson; Jack Dunnion, grandson; Will Hastie, grandson; James Hastie, grandson; Valerie Campbell, sister-in-law; Ann Mawer, sister-in-law; Robert Wigfield, brother-in-law; Shannon Bell, niece; Sam Short, niece; Michael Smith, nephew; James Mawer and Paula Capes, nephew and partner; Mick Gunn, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Jenny Spauls; Daphne Dunks; Freda Limon; Iris Limon; Kerry and Graham Wright (also rep. John and Donna Wright); John Wright; Arthur Young; Michael Wright and Stacie Barker; Colin Wright; Jean Finch; Edwin James (also rep. Dot James); Tracy Ramsbottom; Linda Wall; Mary Masterson; Yvonne Beasley.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk

Doreen Beatrice HAWKINS

Doreen Beatrice Hawkins (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by the Reverend Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Karen Hawkins and David Hammond, daughter and partner; Judith and Steven Jackson, daughter and son-in-law; Angela and Carl Webster, daughter and son-in-law; Denise Gibbon, daughter; Michael Hawkins, son; Gary and Trish Hawkins, son and daughter-in-law; Tracey and Peter Gaze, daughter and son-in-law; Rachel Jackson and Brendon McGowan; Mathew Carter; Abbey Gibbon; Lee Hawkins; Dale Hawkins; Luke Webster; Jonathan, Adam, Christopher and Hannah Gaze; Hazel and Kenneth Chapman, sister and brother-in-law; Carol Chapman, niece; Debbie Rispin, niece (also rep. James Rispin, great nephew).

Other mourners attending: Michael and Kayleigh Hammond; Andrew Hammond; Janice Bagley; Brian Jolly; Brian and Sandra Cartwright (also rep. Anne and Brian Wilkinson); Beryl Brett (also rep. the Jolly family); Patricia Vause; Christine Grant; Christine Thompson (also rep. the Thompson family); Melanie Burton (also rep. the Burton family); Tina Jordan (also rep. Geoff and Kyran); Gary Sellers; Joanne and Kevin Yates; Craig Turrell; Mandy Webster; Maggs Brown; Vanessa Jones (also rep. Simon, Ben and Sam); Barrie Darsley (also rep. Gina and Amos); Rachia Lyon.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk


George LadlowGeorge Ladlow (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Olga Short.

Family mourners attending: Stuart Ladlow and Beaty Samuels, son and partner; Elaine and Bryan Smith, daughter and son-in-law; Sarah and Mark Atkins, daughter and son-in-law; Russell Atkins and Leanne Dykes, grandson and partner; Richard and Sophia Atkins, grandson and wife; Brigitta Ladlow and Jake Lawson, granddaughter and partner; Paige Ladlow, granddaughter; Joshua Ladlow, grandson; Cameron Smith, grandson; Frazer Smith, grandson; Drew Smith, grandson; Evie Ladlow, granddaughter; Marian Perrin, sister; Billy Perrin and Lynn Perry, nephew and partner; Ken and Ann Hall, brother-in-law and wife (also rep. Dave and Alison Hall and family, brother-in-law, Tony and Sylvia Hall and family, brother-in-law, Sue and Bill and family, sister-in-law from Canada, Neil and Julie Hall, nephew from New Zealand, Maria and Steve Oleisky, niece, and Pam and Tony Wilkinson, niece); Ken Clark, cousin (also rep. Betty Clark); Chris Clark, cousin (also rep. Elaine Clark, Joanne and David); Dawn and Graham Mosley, cousin and wife; Albert and Jean Lepley, cousin and husband (also rep. Douglas and Sheila Williams, cousin and husband); Martin and Tracey Ladlow, cousin and wife; Paul and Victoria Douglass, cousin and husband; Maureen North, cousin; John and Eileen Jackson, cousins; Anna Gould; Andrew Hunter (also rep. Jeremy Hunter).

Other mourners attending: Isobel Hayes; Charlie Barber; Harry Hayes; June and Jim Holmes (also rep. Michael Holmes); Lisa Eames (also rep. Adrian); George Cartwright (also rep. Shirley); Louise Greenough; John Smith (also rep. Laceby Royal British Legion); Margaret and Derrick Scott; Sheila Reynolds; Keith Jobling and Val Gardner; Eileen Perkins; Mark and Karen Tutty (also rep. the Tutty family); Janet Tutty; Christine Rodwell (also rep. Claudia Dixon and Liz Moran); Bill Morgan; Gary Morgan; Pauline and Terry Gray; Joe and June Tuplin; Peter and Yvonne Courtney; Barbara Hutton; Jason Hall; Stephanie Greenough; Ann Johnson (also rep. the late Tony); Fred Popplewell; Greg Smith; Glyn and Theresa Askam; Caroline Hale; Carol Morton; Amanda Hall; Jean and Ray Cordingley; Christopher Procter; Maureen Procter; Debbie Parkinson (also rep. Tony Ross and Harvey); Bill Gorrod; Colin Goodwin (also rep. Sylvia); Denis Watts; Julie Bryan (also rep. Barbara Eratt); Roy and May Townsend; Mr and Mrs Olive and Michael David Samuels; Mr and Mrs Dobbs; Mr and Mrs Boulton; Chris Hinson; David Smith (also rep. Karen Smith); Maureen Smith (also rep. Bob Smith); Graham Smith; Eddie Wilkinson (also rep. Ruth); Paul and Karen Tutty; Joan Gray; Esther Dawber; Mark and Debbie Wright; Mr and Mrs Malcolm and Pat Kitt; Stephen Plaskitt; Pat Plaskitt (also rep. Michael Plaskitt and Jayne Greenough); Jean Greenough; Pauline and Garth Atkins (also rep. Michelle and Michael Smaller); Darren Atkins; Val Grundy (also rep. Sue Swan and the Laceby Bowling Club); B. Tutty (also rep. the Tutty family); Larry and Wendy Hyde; Kathryn Rhoades (also rep. Nicholas Rhoades); Tom and Shirley Mackrill; Carol Beck (also rep. Gary Beck); Barry Chambers (also rep. Laceby Royal British Legion); Jean Francis (also rep. the late Mr Peter Fletcher); Jenny Whitehouse; John Collis; Joy Eames (also rep. Fred Eames).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk


flowers in a vaseJoyce Rose-Green (89): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Jeannie Steel, daughter; Trevor and Linda Rose, son and daughter-in-law; Tony and Sharon Rose, son and daughter-in-law; Tony and Julie, grandson and partner; Tracey and Rob Samuels, granddaughter and husband; Sarah and Ruby Cook, granddaughter and great granddaughter; Rebecca Rose, granddaughter; Toni and Robert Wraith, granddaughter and husband; Danny Samuels and Jade, great grandson and partner; Ben Steel and Owen Steel, great grandsons; Robbie, Billy and Harry Samuels, great grandsons; Shanon Wraith, great granddaughter; June Clarke (also rep. Mally), niece; Derek Brown, nephew; Sharon Pratten, great niece; Carl and Rebecca Gooseman, great nephew and wife; Jack and Gladys Dalgetty, cousin and wife; Elsie Barber, cousin; Cherry James, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Andrew and Ann Flinn; Peter and Christine Bellamy; Julia Gibson (also rep. Mark); Betty Sanford; Anne Tonks; Vera Trick (also rep. Mrs John); Pauline Hojbjerg; Brenda Ogle; Debbie Mills; Pauline Baxter; Julie Rushby; Julie Borrell (also rep. St Andrew’s Hospice); Stephen Brewer (also rep. Sue); Byron and Yvonne Steel; Mike Steel (also rep. Carmen); Ann and Roy Wilson; David Hughes; Sharon Montgomery (also rep. Care For All); Patrick Kireja (also rep. Care For All); Dougie Bouch-Ashley (also rep. Care For All); Margaret Clifford; Sheila and Ray Parks.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk


Sheila ClarkeSheila Clarke 1Sheila Clarke (72): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Brian Clarke, husband; Debra Secker, daughter; John Secker, son; Donna Fitzgerald, daughter; Mark Secker, son; Becky Clarke, step daughter; Fay and Robert Macdougall, sister and brother-in-law; Kath and Pete Roberts, sister and brother-in-law; Angela Davison and Nick Scott, sister and partner; Susan and Dave Bevers, sister and brother-in-law; John and Linda Davison, brother and sister-in-law; Celia Davison, sister-in-law; Debra Secker, daughter-in-law; Paul Fitzgerald, son-in-law; Andrea Gallagher, step daughter; Cindy Watts, step daughter (also rep. Maxine Clarke, step daughter); Leanne Secker, daughter-in-law (also rep. Betty and Ronnie Loukes); Laura Secker, granddaughter; Amy Secker, granddaughter; Leanne Newell and Sean Gafney, granddaughter and partner; Scott Fitzgerald, grandson; Shane Fitzgerald, grandson; Kyle Secker, grandson; Yasmin Secker, granddaughter; Lee Secker and Sarah Burton, grandson and partner; Daniel Thompson, grandson; Gemma Secker and Jacob Sharp, granddaughter and partner; Jack Gafney, great grandson; Sean Barley, nephew; Paul Gardner, nephew (also rep. Jon Alston, nephew); Lee Gardner, nephew; Janine Davison and Keith Northen, niece and partner; John Davison, nephew; Maria Plumpton, niece; Alan Davison, nephew; Gavin and Lianne Davison, nephew and wife; Jade Davison, great niece; Christine and Dave Stead, cousin and husband; Tony Avison, cousin; Rita and Doug Tomlinson, cousin and husband; Steve Bonner, cousin; Trish Bonner-Croft, cousin; Julie Gower, cousin (also rep. Kevin, Paul and family); Colin Fitzgerald; Terry Secker; Veronica Newell.

Other mourners attending: Tracey Holdsworth; Julie Braithwaite; Pam Robinson; Lesley Sadler; Anita Burnett; Gladys Goodwin; Malcolm Renison; Marie Renison; Gwen Blythin; Bill Baldwin; Jean Precious; Jackie Precious; Danielle Precious; Craig Jones; Jean Cooper (also rep. Lynne Parish); Nicola Cooper; Andrew Cooper; Tommy Gibney; Linda Robinson; Nicki Robinson; David Newell; Janet White; Rachel Jones; Jeanette Garrod (also rep. John Garrod); Mo Mussell; Jayne Sullivan (also rep. Rory Sullivan and Andy Rivett); Brian and Pauline Hunter (also rep. the Hunter family); Becky Hulatt; Diane Edmonds; Gill Cox; Chris Wood; Kelly Wood; David Nixon; Lynn Clarke.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk


Janet SmithJanet Smith (57): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Olga Short.

Family mourners attending: Mr Tom Smith, husband; Adam Smith and Kelly, son and partner; Victoria Taylor, daughter; David Taylor, son-in-law; Harry Holliday, father; Patricia Samson, sister; Paul Samson, brother-in-law; Rachael and Jonny Hoyle, niece and husband; Daniel Samson, nephew; James and June Smith, brother and sister-in-law; David and Marion Hewitt, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Babs Smith, sister-in-law; Roy and Pat Best, uncle and aunt; Chris Holliday, aunt (also rep. Robert Holliday, cousin); Pauline Clifford, aunt; Gillian Trim, niece; Tim and Susan Horsewood, nephew and wife; Gerald and June Horsewood, nephew and wife; Frank and Natalie Rutherford, nephew and wife (also rep. Graham and Christine Rutherford, brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Anna Maria Firth, niece; Kirsten Gibbon Brooks, niece; Steve and Melanie Harrison, cousin and wife; Andrew and Pam Harrison, cousin and wife; Sheela Fisher, cousin; Kevin and Barbara Best, cousin and wife; Claire Whittaker, cousin; Lesley Ashmore, cousin; Jacqueline Morgan, cousin; Luke Morgan, cousin; Phoebe Morgan, cousin; Owen Morgan, cousin; Shirley and Brian Harrison, cousin and husband; Sandra Kinch; Colin and Miriam Taylor; Elaine Shadlock (also rep. Robert and Nicky, family, and Michael and Emma Shadlock, family); Dave Shadlock (also rep. Victoria Lambley, family and Abigail and William Shadlock, family); Louise Taylor.

Other mourners attending: Olga Short (also rep. Lesley Baker); Eileen Scrimshaw; Betty Page; Sheila Dickson; Gill and Glynn Clappison; Paul Kirton-Watson (also rep. The Diana Princess Of Wales Hospital); Heather Wilson (also rep. Jane Brown and Macmillan Palliative Care Team); Jill Turner (also rep. Haley Jones); Alison Midgley; Michelle Tilling; Linzi Brace; Amanda Young; Andy Quigley; Maria Tomkinson; Megan Ashwell; Robin and Tracey Ashwell; Lucy Welbourne; Lisa Revell; Lynda Dalton; Anne Allenby (also rep. June Allenby and Dawn Gibson); Paul and Jean Swaby; Wilf and Sue Statham; Kathy Collinson (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Sharon Lee (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Hayley Wrightam (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Annie Clark (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Gill Firth (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Jan Berry (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital, and Noelle Williams); Rachel Johnson (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Maureen Bourn (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Ellie Robertson (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Pauline Parsons (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Ann Chappell (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Karen Fowler (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Jackie Gill (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Elaine Gurbutt (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Elaine Bunting (also rep. St. Hugh’s Hospital); Liz Nixon (also rep. Community Therapy Team); Donna Hill (also rep. Care Plus Group); Sylvia Jennings (also rep. Care Plus Group); Sharon Stead (also rep. Care Plus Group); Liz Reeves (also rep. Care Plus Group); Val Carpenter (also rep. Care Plus Group); Nina Hanslip (also rep. Complex Care Team, Diane Richardson, Rita Martin and Pat Briggs); Rachel Palmer; Julie Engledow (also rep. 360 Grimsby Community Nurses); Chris Sykes (also rep. Complex Care Team); Sue Crawford (also rep. Community OT); Sue Over (also rep. Community Adult Learning Disability Therapy Team); Neil Hallett (also rep. Susan Hallett); Jo Gibson (also rep. Jac Whotton); Gill Dunthorne; Brian and Jean Ashwell (also rep. Sally Ann Ashwell); Julie Almond-Bell (also rep. Debbie Dean and Donna Foxley); Lily Isaac; Joan Hackfath; Chris Holt; Clare Rockall; Adrian Good; Carol Chesman; Donna Cameron (also rep. Brian Page and Lee Parr); Janice Hines; Pat Briggs; Fran Smith; Margaret Simons (also rep. Klever K9s); Malcolm Fleet (also rep. Diane Fleet); Richard Caunt; Helle Clarke; Julie Coombs; Jean Nejrlip, née Love (also rep. Michelle Brown, née Ridall, and Barbara Walker); Sid and Sheila Blanchard; Anne Frejiszyn; Pat Owen; Judi Green (also rep. Sarah Spooner); Debbie Humphrey (also rep. Helen Chicken); Hayley Payne; Nicola and Peter Scrimshaw; Joy NcNamara; Tina Clifton; Susan Bacon (also rep. Yvonne Sandford); Debbie Tucker; Liz Nixon; Susan Braithwaite; Elaine McDougal (also rep. Helen Jagger); Graham and Sue Crossley; Julie Hardy; Fran Couling (also rep. Arthur); Megan Brunnenkant.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk


Evelyn MarrowsEvelyn Marrows (87): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Carol and Peter Draper, daughter and son-in-law; Janice and Allen Bennett, daughter and son-in-law; Richard and Natalie Bennett, grandson and wife; Jonathan and Amy Ellis, grandson and wife; Andrew Bennett and Nettie Hamlett, grandson and fiancée; Toni Bennett, granddaughter; Daniel Bennett, grandson; Lucy and Albert Holmes, step daughter and husband (also rep. Ian Holmes, step grandson); Mickayla Holmes-Wells, step granddaughter (also rep. Stuart Wells and Elizabeth Wells, great granddaughter); Nathan Wells, step great grandson; Linda and Christopher Beeby, niece and husband; Janet Taylor, niece; John and Sandra Taylor, nephew and niece; Rachel Beeby, great niece; Kenneth and Diane Marrows, step son and wife; Carol Marrows, step granddaughter (also rep. Antony Marrows, step grandson and Kyle Marrows, step great grandson); June Armstrong, niece.

Other mourners attending: Denise Langridge; Felicity Chandler; Stuart and Diane Hickman (also rep. Mrs Pam Fisher); Mike Bates; Sidney and Maureen Bates; Joanne Boniface; Margery Dixey; Trevor and Sandra Brooks (also rep. Jonathan Brooks); Byron and Pat Simpson (also rep. Howard and John Simpson); Valerie Naylor; Jack and Pam Freshwater; George and Carol Moloney; Terry and Jane Anglin; Barry and Borgny Danby; Diane Bojen; Susan Grundy (also rep. Derek Grundy); June Stevens; Carol Stevens (also rep. Tyler Stevens); Craig and Annie Stevens; Christine Clapham (also rep. Mike Clapham); Diana Glentworth (also rep. Courtney Glentworth); Laura and Simon White (also rep. Jordan, Ellys and Aimee); Elaine Allen (also rep. Gary Allen); John and Penny Abbott; David Bellwood; Anna Bellwood (also rep. Jason and girls); Fiona Gamble; Paul Scattergood; Matt and Chris Sheader.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk

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