Franklyn Andrew RUSHBY

Franklin Andrew Rushby (60): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Tracy Rushby, wife; Jonathan Holly, step-son; Kieran Holly,  step-son; Tony Rushby, brother;  Helen Borst, sister-in-law; Emma Kiteley-Connon, niece; Jenny and Bill Morley, mother-in-law and father-in-law; Ann Rushby, sister-in-law; David and Leanna Morley, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Ian Kiteley, brother-in-law; Maureen Surfleet, aunt; Eileen Rushby, aunt; Samuel and Joseph Morley, nephews; Jonathan Connon, nephew-in-law; David Rusby, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Lorna Sharp; Ruth Foster; Steve Barnes; Gary Peck; Neil Offiler (also rep. Alyson Offlier); Nicola Ebbs; Catherine Coleman (also rep. Helen Young); Barbara and David Charles;  Irene and Alan Train; Noreen and Ken Bates; George and Sarah Day; Ray Emmerson; Geoffrey and Annie Cutting; Patricia and Barry Simpson; Harry Burgess; Ann Campbell; Rachel and Dave Codd (ex- work colleagues); Tracey Willis (ex- work colleagues);  Chris Meyer (ex- work colleagues); David Bell (ex- work colleagues); Jen Lyons; Tony Chapman; Nick and Christine Jackson;  David Limbert; Philip and Cheryl Rudd; Andrew and Christina Rudd; Spencer Willis; Peter and Cathy Watson; Walter Hodkinson; David Taylor; Graham and Pauline Sharpe;  Mike Sanderson; Janis and Paul Cook; Karen Thompson (also rep. Thompson and Durrant Family);  Lesley Jones; Rose Read; Lynn Frame (also rep. Frame Family, Binbrook); David Cardy; Heather Jackson (District Nurses, Care Plus); Julie Shaw (also rep. John Shaw); George and Wendy Hallett; Keith Bratley; Ann Cutting.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Ronald TurnerRonald Turner (82): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Sylvia Turner, wife; Ann Rogers, daughter; Colin Turner, son; Joanne Turner, daughter-in-law; Fred Rogers, grandson; Nicholas Spence and Olivia Mason, grandson and partner; Natalie Turner and Jordon Wadsworth, granddaughter and partner; George (Pug) and Kit Turner, brother and sister-in-law; Charles Blanch, brother-in-law; Irene and John Pattersen, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Audrey Cowie, sister-in-law; Eric and Margaret Blanch, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. Steven and Caroline Blanch); Sarah and Jason Kirk, niece and husband (also rep. India Kirk); Graham Cowie, nephew (also rep. Sue Cowie); Mike Turner, nephew (also rep. Debbie Turner and Dudley Smith); Graham Turner, nephew (also rep. Libby, Hermione and Phoebe); Tracey Cooper and Mike Hubbard, niece and partner; Hayley and Darren Clipson, niece and husband; Chloe Gresham, great-niece; Edward and Susan Sayers, cousin and wife; John and Joyce Blanch, cousin and wife; William Seyers, cousin; Joan Pickston, cousin  (also rep. Maureen Briggs, sister); Eric and Sandra Burrell, cousin and wife;  Christopher Sayers, great-cousin; Nicola and David Spence, ex-daughter-in-law and husband; Alan Leeman; Linda and Eric Bowell.

Other mourners attending: Joan Wilson (also rep. Pauline); Joyce Bartrip; Pete Allam; Lorraine Burnett (also rep. Paul Burnett); Margaret Bemrose (also rep. Barbara Sparks); Ken and Christine Dennis (also rep. Royal Marine Association); Dean Miskelly; Jim and Jenny Walton; Pat and Jenny Miskelly;  Dave Parry (ex-work colleague); Deborah Cook; Pete Miskelly ; Gemma Miskelly; Wally Davis; Paul Rogers; Tracy and John Cran; David and Marilyn Overton; Ross Tomkins (Bugler); Mick Loftus (also rep. Ann Loftus); Russell Kime; Victoria Cooper; John Mauer (ex- work colleague); Rodney Craven; Roy and June Martin (ex-work colleague);  Jim Cooper (ex-work colleague); Roy Owen (ex-work colleague); Barrie Kime; Lily Browne; Malcolm and Jane Cannon;  Michael and Della Meek; Barry Merrison (also rep. Carol Merrison);  Alan and Christine Chesman (ex-work colleague); Helen Hyldon (also rep. Byron Hyldon); Carol Howard (also rep. Keith and Greg Howard) ; Pauline Smith; John and Norma Atkinson (ex-work colleague);  Gordon and Anne Beckett; Andrew Rogers; Clare Jervis; Helen Spencer; Stanley Sparks;  Wendy Hasthorpe (also rep. Ian, Christian and Emily);  Sandra Charlton; Svetlana Mickevica;  Rachel Fawcett (also rep. Andrew and Louise Coulbeck); Andrea Littlewood; Fiona Barber (also rep. Steve Barber); David and Vanessa Mackie; Tom and Avis Charlton (ex-work colleague); Marion Piggott; Barbara Rendall; Paul Schubert; Colin Stanley; Terry and  Lorraine Johnson; Lily and Julie Starkey; Peggy Pattinson; Martin Ramsay; Michael Harrowing; Andrew Whittaker (also rep. Humberside Police); Darren Horton; Derek and Linda Laverick; Barry Adkins; Eric and Pauline Lawson; Pat Hawkey; Denise and Jack Catley; Laura Rimmer (also rep. Church View District Nursing); Carol Horsley (also rep. Laura and Emma); Malcolm and Diane Fleet; Vanessa Marley-Harris (also rep. Pleasant Family); Mike Pleasants; Pete Halliway.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Joan Irene IVATT

Joan IvattJoan Irene Ivatt (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Linda and Michael Freer, daughter and son-in-law; Julie and Brian Goodwin, daughter and son-in-law; Mark and Paula Ivatt, son and daughter-in-law; Andrew and Helen Barlow, grandson and wife (also rep.Lola Sue Barlow,great granddaughter); Kevin Barlow, grandson; Craig Goodwin, grandson; Leanne Goodwin and Gavin Cannon, granddaughter and partner; Claire Ivatt and David Needham, granddaughter and partner; Becky Freer and Andy Holmes, granddaughter and partner (also rep. Danielle Freer and Daryl Edwards); Holly and Lee Fishwick, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Sienna, great granddaughter); Shirley and Ralph Riggall, sister and brother-in-law; Martin and Sharon Riggall, nephew and wife (also rep. Emma and Matthew, great niece and nephew); David and Tracey Riggall, nephew and wife (also rep. Johnathon, Daniel and Charlotte, great nephews and niece); Graham and Linda Barlow, son-in-law and partner; Rena and Gordon, friends; Avril and Brian, friends; Lynne Habgood, niece (also rep. Alan and Margaret Habgood); Ann Swinburn-Beesley, niece (also rep. Brian Beesley); Sheila and Bob Goodwin, niece and husband; Keith and Linda Thompson, nephew and wife; Theresa Goodwin, great-niece (also rep. Robert Goodwin); Peter Goodwin, great-nephew; Drew and Di Swinburn, great- nephew and wife; Victoria and Adrian Pearce, great-niece and husband; David and Angela Swinburn, great-nephew and wife; Sue Storr, cousin; Margaret Walsh, cousin (also rep.Tina Coulam, Birds Eye); Nicole and Joe Shepherdson; Janet Goodwin (also rep. Barry, Lindsey and Victoria Goodwin); Dennis Goodwin and Maggie Vickers; Nicola Jamson, step-granddaughter; Linda Ivatt ex-daughter-in-law.

Other mourners attending: Jackie and Bob Jackson; Anne Thompson; Jimmy and Pauline Green; Valerie Peck; Margaret and David Quantrill (also rep. Sheila Shaw); Sandra Abbott; Joan Dennison; Audrey Patrick (also rep. Mr and Mrs Salmon); Amanda Bray; Janet Firth (also rep. Terry Firth, Jenny Stuk and Brenda Plumtree); Angie Chaplin (also rep. Mike Chaplin); Rob Angove Walton (also rep. James Angove, Ashley Lidgard and Ashbourne Hotel and Brackenborough Hotel); Mick and Maria Hodson; Sid and Jen Smith; Audrey and Ken Barnard; Mick Mason; Neil, Chris and Paul Barlow; Paul and Kim Handsley; Jenny Halt (also rep. Chris Halt); Rob and Marion Braithwaite (also rep. Kat and Tom Richardson); Pat Kirk; Tess and Teresa Drury; Maureen Gowan (also rep. Hazel Crockart); Alex Summers: Becky Summers; Elizabeth Summers; Vicky and Jim Bavin; Granville and Janet Norburn; Cheryl Bacon;June Green; Vicky Ottley; Lorraine Stimson (also rep.Kay Saxon and Shelly Pursglove); Gill Thompson; Joyce Salters; Gill and Carl Blakley; Chris Bell; Pauline Johnson; Michele Cook (also rep. Tracy Farr); Steve and Beth Priestley; Paul and Karen Wakefield; Steve Wakefield (also rep. Harold Wakefield); Ian Robinson (also rep. Claire Stansbury); Paul Cowie; Sarah Bullock.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd


Roy JollyRoy Jolly (77): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Vicky Jolly, wife; Susan, daughter; Helen, daughter; Steve, son-in-law; Cliff, son-in-law; Darcy, Harvey, Ruby and Oliver grandchildren; Topsy and Fred Brett, sister and brother-in-law; Pat Vause, sister; John and Dot Jolly, brother and sister-in-law; Kath and Keith Boldock, sister and brother-in-law; Brian Jolly, brother; Mick and Ellie Jolly, brother and sister-in-law; Beryl Brett, sister; Fred and Jill Brett, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep.Freddy Brett, nephew); Robin and Sally Robinson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Keith and Wendy Brumby, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Les and Diana Springall, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Sue Gardener, sister-in-law; John Freear, uncle; Richard Baldock, nephew; Kay Lewis, niece (also rep. Martin Lewis and Kelly Lewis); Angie Moore, niece (also rep. Andy and Ryan); Allyson Brett, niece; Jane Spotton, niece (also rep. Dave); Dave and Christine Holness, nephew and wife (also rep.Katie Serls, great niece); Lynn Rothwell, niece (also rep. Neal, husband, Tom, great- nephew and Sophie, great-niece.); Luke and Sarah Gardener, nephew and wife; Karen and Steve Bristow, niece and husband; Karen and Ian Whittaker, niece and husband; Linda McRae, niece; Christopher Robinson, nephew; Richard Robinson, nephew; Zoe Gledhill, great-niece; Lucy McRae, great-niece; Jo Goulby, great-niece; Chloe Moore, great-niece; Louise Blyth, great-niece; Sam Shirley, great-niece; Stevie Smith, step-granddaughter; Christine Holness (also rep. Darren Holness, nephew ).

Other mourners attending: Sandra Marwaha; Annette Taylor (also rep. Bruce); Chris Plant (M.B.E); Derek and Pamela Meggatt; Raymond Evison; Elaine and Glyn Atkinson (also rep. Neighbourhood Watch); Dave and Anita Banks; Annie Downs; Sid and Sheila Blanchard; Joan and Walt Smith; Pauline Blythin; Jean Beecham; Lynn Hawker; Bob Oxley (ex-work Colleague); Carl Rushby; Tracy Gibbett (Eaton Court); Kerry Barnard (Eaton Court); Paul Newens; Joan and Geoff Brown (also rep. Brown Family); Sue Goeminne (also rep. Wendy Secker); Lou Goeminne; Sue Tippler (also rep. Mike Tipper); Debbie Beckett; Denise Dales; Sherry Steel; Mark Wilkins; Rebecca Wood (also rep. Mary Wilkins and Stijepo Stuk); Lindsay Evans; Pat Liles; Michael Triffitt; Roger and Evelyn Baldock; George Lee; Steven Osborne; Frank and Pat Owen; Barbara Hodgson; Alan Charlton (also rep. Christine Charlton); Pat Burman (also rep. Burman Family); Diane and Garry Waddingham (also rep. Waddys News); Sheila and John Rhodes; Rodney Curtis (also rep. Steve Morley); Rachel Goeminne; Fred and Pat Yull; Arthur Evison; Katie Chatburn (also rep. Stroke Association); Ann Lyon; Jim T (also rep. Helen, Mike and Tony); Maureen Traill (Carer); John Sadler; Ken Crofts (also rep. Sue Crofts); Susan Crofts; Angela Triffitt; Valerie Lyon; Barrie and Kay Trueblood; Barbara Vince (also rep. John Vince); Mark Vince; Rob Booth (ex-work Colleague also rep. Dave Bryan); John Robertson; Bob Walker; Dave Nixon; Len Harvey; Errol and Nicky Gordon; Teagon and Tilly Gordon; Keith Ellis.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd

Mavis Joan HEWSON

Mavis Hewson 1Mavis Joan Hewson (78): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Jason, husband; Lulu and Steve Barton, daughter and son-in-law (also rep. Lachen Leigh, Grandson); Gary and Warren, sons (also mother of the late Zigi); Hayden, grandson; Timothy, grandson; Lego, grandson; Ricky, grandson; Katie and Channie, granddaughters (also rep. grandmother of the late Carrie Anne); Kevin Medex, nephew; Julie Fairbanks, daughter-in-law; Jolene and Phillip Last, granddaughter and husband; Bailey Last, great-grandson ;Ida Johnson, sister (also rep. Roger); Lesley and Jennifer Ling, brother and sister-in-law (also rep. Tammy and Rob Brownlee niece and husband, Dwayne, Nephew and Lisa. Gordon and Marion Ling, brother and sister-in law (Netherlands); Alan and Tina Hewson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Christine Saville, sister-in-law; Carol Hewson, sister-in-law; Susan Hewson, sister-in-law; Rose Ling, sister-in-law; Brian Hewson, brother-in-law; Christine Hewson, sister-in-law; Glen Hewson, nephew; Andy Hewson, nephew; Susan Hewson and Simon Austin, niece and partner; Kimberley Ling, niece (also rep. Daniel Walton); Donna Johnson, niece; Michelle Ling, niece; Claire Pickett, niece; Craig Hewson, nephew; Carol and James Perry, niece and husband; Brian Hunter, cousin (also rep.Michael and Tony Hunter); Linda and Alec Widdowson, cousin and wife; Chrissy and Pete Turner, cousin and wife; Janice Fay (also rep. Elaine Hutchinson, Tracy Fisher and Denise Hunter);

Other mourners attending: Kelly Green (partner of Lego); Kelly Day (partner of Hayden); Kalli Day; Rachel Day (partner of Timothy); Ian Hewson (also rep. Ivan Hewson and the late Margaret); Elouisa West; Samantha West; Annette Wright; Ann Gracie; Brenda Day; Terry Barton; Friends Debbie and Pampla; Mavis’ best friend of all Chintzi.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Dorothy Ethel ‘Dot’ JAMES

Dorothy Ethel James, Dot (76): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Ted James, husband (also rep. Family in Malaysia and Canada); Stacie Barker and Michael Wright, granddaughter and partner; Mick and Carol James, brother and sister-in-law; Joan Rowe,       sister; Garry and Pauline Barker; Kerry and Graham Wright; Barry Allenby, brother-in-law; Nicholas and Rosemary James, nephew and wife; Chris and Harry Hall, niece and husband; Kayley Taylor-Moore, great niece; Emma Allenby, great niece; Claire Allenby-Thorpe,    great niece; Stanley and Jane Price, cousin and wife; Alan and Susan Yearing, cousin and wife;  Ron Sleight, cousin; Ann Plowman, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Nick, Chris and Louie; Jean and Tom Monteith (Regimental Association); Christine Potter (also rep. Norman Potter); Ann Willerton and Dave Needham; Roy Bonnett (Wednesday Bingo and Cartergate Social Club); Valerie Campbell; Pauline Letch; Shirley and Jock Marshall (also rep. Wendy and Kevin Shepherdson); Linda and Dick Rostron; Stephen Rostron; David Craik; George and Margaret Craik; Linda Stewart; Katie Stewart (also rep. Angela Dent); Jo Carling and Simon Sutton; Lynda and John Hyldon; Ron and Kate Fairweather; Lucy and Susan George; Pete and Diane Waters (Chairman of Cartergate Social Club also rep. Cartergate Social Club); Anne Burchell; Karen Scattergood (also rep. Michael Jacombe); Julie Turner (also rep. Ken Turner); Joy and Chloe Spreadborough; Martin George; Julie Harper; David and Chris Stead; Jayne Bartlett (also rep. Steve Bartlett and the Bartlett Family); Anne Reed (also rep. Reed family); Anne Stafford; Anne Roche (also rep. John Roche); Bren and Jenny Watts; Ian Studholme; Eric and Maureen Jacombe; Paul and Dianne Sharman; Mike Sanford; Mandy Barker (also rep. John Barker); James Bartlett; Pam Crook; Charles Long (also rep. Heather Long); Ray and Sue Starkey; Dennis Williams; Helle Williams; Tony and Ann Wallace; Colin and Lisa Wright; Ivan Pannell (also rep. Vikki, Charlotte and Niomi ); Janet and Norman Littlewood (also rep. Julie and Graham Taylor); Sheila Wray (also rep. Robert and Lynne Wray); Jennifer Hewitt (also rep. Andy Hewitt); Jean and Colin Short (also rep. Chris Danvers).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

James Brian FREER

James FreerJames Brian Freer (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt.

Family mourners attending: Shirley, wife; David Freer, son; Brian Freer, son; Susan Stephenson, daughter; Andrew Stephenson, son-in-law; Abby Stephenson,granddaughter; James Freer, son (also rep. Jessica Freer, granddaughter, Canada); Louise Freer, daughter-in-law; James and Loren Freer, grandson and wife; Diane Freer, daughter (also rep. Leighanne O’Mahony, granddaughter, Martyn O’Mahony,grandson,(Australia) Mary Diana O’Mahony, great-granddaughter); Gregory Bligh, grandson (also rep. Sharon Freer, daughter, (New Zealand) and Robyn Bligh, granddaughter (France); Steve Rimmer, great nephew; Julie Rimmer, great-niece; Frank Rimmer, nephew (also rep. Lyndsey and Irene); Martyn and Vera Shepherd, nephew and wife; Paul Rimmer, nephew (also rep. Carol Rimmer); Peter Rimmer, nephew (also rep. Deborah, wife); Dennis and Lesley Rimmer, nephew and wife; Ron and Gillian Shepherd, nephew and wife; Maureen Linford and Dave Westhead, niece and partner; Yvonne Morrice, niece; Matt Dutton, nephew (also rep. Janet Dutton, sister and Paul Dutton, nephew); Pearl and Bill Kirk; Frank and Dee Pritchard.

Other mourners attending: Alan Clarke: Wayne Patterson: Dennis Atkinson (Bluebird Care): Dawn Geddes (also rep. Doug and Sharon): Jenny Shaw (also rep. Julie and John Gresham): Captain Malcolm Mathison (Parade Standard, also rep. David Knighton): John Seawolf (Escort to The Standard, also rep. George Shirley and Seafarers of the Merchant Navy Association, Immingham): Frederick Thompson (also rep. Beryl Thompson): Marlene Ward: Frank Thompson: Simon and Sarah Godbold: Boots (also rep. The Walton Family): Sue Stiff (also rep. Julie Kingston): Danielle Wilson (also rep. Wilson Family): David Barratt: Ted Jervis: David Ingamells (also rep. Jack Allitt): Brian Larsen (Work Colleague): Norman Dibbert (Work Colleague): Graham Hussey (also rep. Steven Sheppard, Monogirl and Spurn Haven): Drew Thompson: George and Maggie Freeman: Gemma Boulter (Bluebird Care): Amanda Burton (Bluebird Care): Lorna Merryweather (Bluebird Care): Mel Coultas (also rep. Lynda Coultas): Roy Courtney (Shipmates): Neil Courtney (Shipmates): Wally Wheatley: Marianne and Martin Rowles; Nicola Bailey (Bluebird Care); Harry Drury; Ken Bellamy; Richard Jebbett; Wayne Drury; Eric Jacombe: Eddie Smith (also rep. Mr and Mrs Pat Smith).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. 

Bertha Ann MARSH

Bertha MarshBertha Ann Marsh (67): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: David Marsh, husband; Caroline and Stephen Lightfoot, daughter and son-in-law; Michael Marsh, son; Hannah Marsh and Ryan Willingham, daughter and partner; Victoria Lightfoot, granddaughter; Harry Lightfoot, grandson; Margaret and Derek Miller, sister and brother-in-law; Chris Kevan, sister-in-law; Roy and Karen Miller, nephew and wife; Heather and Ian Ingham, niece and husband; Andrew and Jeannie Gilding, niece and husband; Andrew and Sharon Kevan, nephew and wife; John Marsh, cousin; Simon and Patricia Prendwille, cousin and wife; Byron and Myra Adams; Louise Leah, god-daughter; Jo Drean, god-daughter; Jennifer and Alistair Snow, god-daughter and husband.

Other mourners attending: Angela Nickson; Liz and Keith Harris; Frances Winterford; Patrick and Valerie Kelly; Natasha Welford; Katie Hart; Sarah Parker; Kate Atkinson; Neil and Terri Batey; Diane and Rick Broddle; David and Lee Willey (also rep. Alan and Bev Tyrer); Brian Jois; Tom and Rose Evans; Jacqueline and Douglas Scott; Geoff and Denise Leah; Katie Leah-Ell Georg- Ell and Ottilie Leah- Ell; Margaret Marelli; Jackie Parker; Phil England; Annette and Ron Bibby; Andrea Westerberg; Patrick Glennon; Alwyne and Chris Bell; Liz and John Bishop; Kay and John Evans; Martin Lawton; Clive Young (ex- teaching colleague); Freddy White (ex- teaching colleague); Marlene Castledine (WI); Heather Wilson (McMillian Nurse, also rep Winetta Coin); Kaye Clarke; Sylvia Nightingale; Simone Clements; Mark Dring; Emma Clarke; Deirdre Clarke; Kristian and Louise De-Ste-Croix; Les Belk (Walkwell and Bowls); John Semple (Walkwell); Kim Tristmager (Bosom Buddies); Laura Peacock and Richard Philpott; Kay Hoyle (Lakeside WI); Val Barlow (also rep. Christine Cornthwaite and Diane Bond also Walkwell Friends); June and Brian Fowkes; Patsy Cooper (also rep. Russ, Paul Matthew and Stuart); Julie Whitelock; Lee England; Ali Baker (ex- Teaching Colleagues); Nick Brown (ex- Teaching colleagues); Sue Burham (Bosom Buddies); Pam Omond-Tong ( Bosom Buddies); Carol Cromack (Bosom Buddies); Janey Kay (Bosom Buddies); Lisa Fox (Bosom Buddies); Graham Crompton-Howe; Lawrence Crompton-Howe; Mark and Rachael Hinkley (also rep. Jeff and Lynda Hinkley); Richard and Jennifer Hedley; Paula Dunn; Becky, Dave and Bradley Fish; Gemma and Robert Hall; Sarah Gibson; John and Sheila Hewson; Pat Chesman (WI); Frances Rimmington (also rep. Lakeside WI); Sarah and James Parkinson; Lyndys and Shaun Jacklin; Karen and Jonathon Stevenson; Sue and Simon Onyou (ex-Teaching Colleagues); David Marsh and Peter (Bowls); Maurice Kendall; Anne Kitchen; Liz (St Andrews); David and Christine (Neighbours); Mike and Enid (Neighbours); Tony and Julie (Neighbours); Phil and Keeley Broddle; Jim and Margaret Kirman.

Dave and Family would like to sincerely thank all mourners who attended.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


John Smith (69): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Reader Ken Richardson.

Family mourners attending: Marilyn, wife; Ian, son; Angela, daughter; Joyce, daughter; Colin, son-in-law; Kayleigh, granddaughter; Toni, granddaughter; Paula, granddaughter; Katie, granddaughter; Dot, aunt; Andy, nephew; Margaret Hignett and Alan Stanley, sister and partner; Tommy and Angie Rooney, brother and wife; Henry Craigie, brother-in-law; Theresa Craigie and Geoff Harrison, sister-in-law and partner; Fiona Harrison, niece; Sam and Alan Young, niece and husband; Richard Moore and Angie Williamson, nephew and partner; Louise and Philip Pykett, niece and husband; Andrew Campbell, nephew; Pauline Harrison.

Other mourners attending: Allan Snape; Ian and Marion Richardson; Mike Sleight (also rep. John Cole and Dave Ferguson); Dusty (HGV); Carl Drant; Richard Bartczak; Eric and Dawn Coleman; Denise McKenzie (also rep. Dave McKenzie); Sylvia Fox and Trevor Dunsten; George Miller; Paul and Ann-Marie Tuplin; Colin and Judith Lond; Darryl Thwaite; David Docherty; Pete and Barbara Coulam; Councillor Sue Bailey (Humberston Parish Council, also rep. Val and Dave Hyde); Malcolm Simonds (also rep. Humberston Allotment Association); Graham Smith (also rep. Humberston Allotment Association); Nigel and Judith Bell; Jeff Chafer; Anne and William Hetherington; Jean and Bowge Negrup (also rep. Mr and Mrs Mike Payne); Robert Harrison and Miriam Hendry; Fred Bendall; Brenda and Brian Green; Jeffrey Johnson; Sandra and Harry Mitchell (also rep. Tracey and Easton Duff); Stephen Jones; Neil Jennings; Justin Timmerhues (also rep. Countryman Pub Staff and Customers); Bill Margraves; Joyce and Bob Biggs; Mick and Margaret Brown (also rep. Rob and Angela, USA); Pat Hawken; Ross and Anne Allen Janet Willmer (also rep. Shirley Portess); David and Joan Willmer; Ian Dalton (also rep. Louise); Rosie and Harry (Plot 70); Paul and Iris Tuplin; Fay Smith; Ann and Dennis Archer (also rep. Mr and Mrs Keeble); Chuck and Linda Johnson (also rep. Paul and Lorraine Johnson); Les Low; Sean Postlethwaite; Christine Wood (also rep. Marie Maskell); Angela Rogers and Mike Denton.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Joyce Elsie PICKING

Joyce PickingJoyce Elsie Picking (91): a service took place at St Michaels Church, Great Coates and was conducted by Reader Jennifer Roberts.

Family mourners attending: Marilyn and Graham Walker, daughter and husband; John and Maureen Cubbison, son and wife; Lisa Nolloth, granddaughter; Alan Nolloth, grandson; Danielle Nolloth and James Faulkner, great granddaughter and partner; Liam Nolloth, great grandson; Laura Nolloth, great granddaughter; Sophie Nolloth, great granddaughter; Dorothy Jarvis, sister; Ann and Roger Walker, sister and brother-in-law; Shirley Clarke, sister-in-law (also rep. John Clarke and Family); Jean and Pete Lonsdale, sister-in-law and husband (also rep. Jackie and Malcolm Midgely); Marion Venney, sister-in-law; Bob and Wendy Walker, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Carol and Ian Templeman, niece and husband; Pete and Sara Venney, nephew and wife; John and Karen Venney, nephew and wife; Richard and Carla Venney, nephew and wife; Steve and Chris Jarvis, nephew and wife; John Jarvis, nephew (also rep. Julie Jarvis); Phillip and Amy Venney, nephew and wife; Julie Jarvis, niece; Marie Carter, niece; Linda and Geoff Gale, niece and husband; John and Karen Venney, nephew and wife; Richard and Carla Venney, nephew and wife; Sheila Laking, cousin; Nicola Jarvis; Clarice Brown.

Other mourners attending: Joyce Hanson; Christine Topham; Valerie Smith; Janice Hines; Heather Austin; Marjorie and Paul Humphery; Julie and Joshua Green; Frances Mobbott; Sid and Sheila Blanchard; Les and Dawn Baker; Andrea Beeley; Tracey Clarke;  Julie and Tony Whitley; Ann Croucher; Norman Brooks; Patricia Vause; Shirley Crew; Pete Kyme; David and Julie Youle (also rep. Chris and Terry Wright); Rita and David Kelk.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

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