Daniel Webster (61): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

 Family mourners attending; Barbara and Mick Redgrift, sister and brother-in-law; Steve Webster, brother (also rep.Tich Webster); Val and Ted Charles, sister and brother-in-law; Rob Webster and Jackie Skinner, brother and sister-in-law; Pat Webster and Fran McKerracher, sister and brother-in-law; Sharon Webster and Steve Brack, sister and brother-in-law; Scott Perrin, nephew; Ryan Charles,  nephew; Kerrie Charles and Reece Philips, niece and partner; Jodie Webster, niece; Ashlie Webster and Kristina Jensen, nephew and partner; Becci McKerracher, niece; Roxanne McKerracher and Phil Stocks, niece and partner; Kieran McKerracher, nephew; Paul Shreeve, nephew; Doreen Blanchard, cousin; Eileen Sanderson, cousin; Kate Wilkins,  cousin.

Other mourners attending; Neil Barber; Graham Surfleet; Kev Surfleet (also rep. Tony Surfleet); David and Linda McCarthy; Joy Rowen; Stephen Thompson; Mandy and Derek McGuire; Linda Robinson.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

David Raymond WHITLOCK

David WhitlockDavid Raymond Whitlock (71): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover.

 Family mourners attending: Roberta Whitlock, wife; Richard Whitlock, son; Dee-Marie Whitlock, daughter-in-law; Stuart Whitlock, son; Tony Whitlock, son; Crystal Wesley, granddaughter; Cameron Whitlock, grandson; Chris Whitlock, sister-in-law; Peter Bishop brother-in-law; Michael Whitlock, nephew; Craig Bishop and Emma Hynam, nephew and partner; Laura and Paul Appleton, niece and husband; James Bishop and Verity Ellison, nephew and partner; Kerry-Ann and James Bullock, niece and husband; Darcy Appleton, great-niece; Dawson Appleton, great-nephew; Denver Bishop, great-nephew, Lewis Bullock, great-nephew; Grace Bullock, great-niece; Florence Bullock, great-niece’Lynne and Mick Connell; Paul Mosley; Mandy and Tony Wesley.

Other mourners attending: Coral Moore; Laura Trick and Richard Anderson; Ann and George Davy (also rep. Jenny Brewett and Di and Dave Willett); Tracy Betteridge (also rep. Jason Betteridge and children); Gill Smith; Darren Hurley; John Schofield; Sylvia Cain; Gill Smith; Allison Parkinson and Ian Robinson; Jitt and Janice Walmsley (also rep. Susan Walmsley); Alice and Roger Maidens (also rep Marshchapel Methodist Church); Pat Grubb; Gill Preston; Marjorie Smith; David and Angela Rudd; Angela Bilbe; Yvonne Allen; Doreen Woodward (also rep. Russell Woodward); Joan Hewson (also rep. Marlene and Dave Hardy); Alan and Pat Peart (also rep. Kevin and Fiona and family); Sandra and Ray Hopper; Kerry and Paul Jacklin; Ann Frith; Doreen Jarvis: Judy Burgess; Pat Pardy; Daniel Sims; Gary Sims; Steven Sims; Joanne Bramley and Caroline Thursby (also rep. Citizens Advice Bureau); Trish Brewer; Julie Wells (Carer); Stephen Wells; Roz Nesbitt; Susan Hayles; Jan Irving (also rep. Roger Irving); Linda McEwan; Marjorie and Julian Jackson; Rick Longcake; Catherine Tibberts (Lives First Responder); Christine Henderson (Church Warden St Marys); Arthur Henderson; Jill Whitsow (Marshchapel Chapel); Heather Kitchen; Anne Marie Hargreaves.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Maisie Picking 2Maisie Picking (90): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending; Michael Picking, son; Sally Durkin, daughter-in-law; Charlotte Picking and Ash Varley, granddaughter and partner (also rep. Vinnie and Lincoln Varley, great-grandsons); Matthew Picking, grandson; Joe Durkin, step-grandson(also rep. Sam Durkin and Anna step-grandson and partner); Margaret Dickson, sister; Norma Wallwork, sister; Pete and Christine Whitworth, brother and sister-in-law; Lorraine and Steve Murray, niece and husband; Sara Whitworth, niece; Ian and Michaela Dickson, nephew and wife; Mark Wallwork, nephew; Tracey and Keith Simpson, nephew and wife; Henry Dickson, great-nephew; Pollyanna Dickson, great-niece; Emma Wallwork great-niece; Aaron Thompson ,great-nephew; Beth Thompson, great-niece; Craig Dickson, great-nephew.

Other mourners attending; Delta Robinson (also rep. Maurice Robinson); Graham Frosdick and Rebecca Baker; Mandy Sewell (also rep. Gary); Andrea Shepherd; Dennis Barley; Peter and Karen Sparks; Bethany and Luke Sparkes; Lorraine Picking; Marlene Howell; Tony and Helen Shearsmith; Angela Aisthorpe; Karen and Simon Cook; Tina Tyler (also rep. Allan Tyler); Pat Hirst (also rep. Angie Boyd); Sarah (Clarendon Hall); Hayley Sanderson (Clarendon Hall); Stella and Hans Taylor.

Brian Edward CLARKE

Brian ClarkeBrian Edward Nobby Clarke (74): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover.

Family mourners attending: Cindy and Russell Watts, daughter and son-in-law (also rep. Andrea Clarke, daughter Peter, Daniel, Tanya Paris and Jordan, grandchildren); Maxine Clarke,    daughter; Rebecca Clarke and Christian Love, daughter and partner; Claire Nichols and Paul Markham, granddaughter and partner (also rep. Liam Markham, great-grandson); Danielle Nichols, granddaughter; Bethany Watts and Dale Leathley, grand- daughter and partner; Reece Clarke and Melissa Freeman, grandson and partner; Donna and Paul Fitzgerald, step-daughter and husband (also rep. Leanne Newell, Shane and Scott Fitzgerald); Ann Mussell, niece (also rep. Abbie Gallagher); John Clarke, nephew (also rep. Shirley Clarke); George Clarke, cousin (also rep. Edie, cousin).

Other mourners attending: Shaun Murtagh; Brian Nichols and Susan Ingham (also rep. Glen McAteer); Lance Larn; Sarah Barber; Scott Barber; Doug Riggall (also rep. Ralph) Bill Stark); Brian Riggall; Bridget Hunter (also rep. Tony); Denise Hunter (also rep. Hunter family); Frank and Paula Watts; Bob Cheffins; James Cheffins; Ray Cullum; Charles Withers; ‘Satch’ (also rep. Shirley Gallagher); Mandy Barber (also rep. Glennis Barber); Coleen Ruspin; Dawn Holdsworth; Luke Beecham (also rep. Steve and Emily Beecham); Brian Hunter; Roly Sullivan ;Cliff and Sally Barber; Reg Smith; Paul Wright (also rep. Jayne Osborne and Jimmy Rowe); Jack and Lisa Evison; Kelly Wood (also rep. Christine Wood); Rob Metcalf; Geoffrey Mullins; Mike Dalton; Peter and Pauline Hewson (also rep. Arthur Hewson); Michael Smith.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Susan ‘Sue’ WOOLSEY

Sue Woolsey (58): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Steve Woolsey, husband; Lee Woolsey, son; Jade Woolsey and David Kirman, daughter and partner; Richard Woolsey, step-son (also rep. Isaac Woolsey, step-grandson); Becky Woolsey and David Rowett, step-daughter and partner; Jake Rowett, step-grandson; Mark Simons and Maggie Handley, brother and partner; Harry and Nick Woolsey, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Helen and Boyd Mawer, sister and brother-in-law (also rep. Elysha Mawer, niece); Alison and Martin Holmes, sister and brother-in-law; John Simons, father; Audrey and Jim Brooks, mother-in-law and father-in-law; Richard and Sarah Cheffings, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Margaret Russell, aunt; Tom Woolsey, nephew; Zac Mawer, nephew; Issy Woolsey, niece; Samantha and Chris Houldsworth, niece and husband ;Will Holmes, nephew; Ben Cheffings, nephew; Andy and Nicky Russell, cousin and wife.

Other mourners attending; Graham and Sarah Frankish; Dean Mawer; John and Chris Hill (also rep. Karen); Ben Barber and Selina Ho; Val Rowell (also rep. Rowell family and Grimsby Alexandras and Dolphins Swimming Club); Helen Johnson; Donna, Robert and Matthew Kirman; Andy and Christine Saville; Morag Doughty ;Graham Brake; Nick Mellor; Terry and Elaine Holmes; Philip Bond (also rep. Tollbar Academy Trust); Joanna Heweth; Joy Hill (also rep. Robert Hill); Rebecca Taylor; Jack Williamson; Danielle Souter; Rachel Rushmer; Ann and Noel Akester; Andrea Page; Kim Briggs (also rep. Tony, Darren, Ryan and Leanne Briggs); Mick Parker (also rep. Mr and Mrs P Croft and the late Grant Thorold Bowling Club); Peggy and Pete Turner; Irina and Ken Sturdy; David and Angela Hampson; Kevin Blake; Sally Kemp; Dawn Robins; Pauline Miller (also rep. Scouting); Chris Newell; Jenny Hodson; Kath and Terry Graves; Paul and Sharon Freer; Sharon and Andy Fountain; Jane Seagrave; Tony Keogh (also rep. Keogh family); Florence Smith (also rep. Colin Smith, Karen and Mario Dingli and Jodie and Craig in Malta); Danielle Gilchrist; Melissa Gilchrist (also rep. Michael Gilchrist); Stephen Fenwick (work colleague);Charlotte Kidd; Marie Allen; Jessica Chapman; Courtney Hinchcliff; Beth Scattergood; Holly Cornford; Mike Hoyle (also rep. Kay Hoyle); Albert Mawer (also rep. Jean and Joanne); Elaine Baxter; Ted Cavill; Tim Cavill; Angela Smith; Colin Pepper.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Dorothy Muriel MEACHEN

Dorothy MeachenDorothy Muriel Meachen (94): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler.

Family mourners attending: Angela and Roger Marsh, daughter and son-in-law; Sheila and Dave Cowley, daughter and son-in-law; Linda and Jeff Ley, daughter and son-in-law; Julie and Buzz Allenby, daughter and son-in-law; Brian and Tracy Meachen, son and daughter-in-law; Stuart Meachen and Zoe Hall,  grandson and partner; Robert Meachen, grandson; Louise Meachen, granddaughter; Wesley Allenby, grandson; Michaela Dauvilliers,      granddaughter; Kelly Dougherty, granddaughter; Katie and Dave Whitehead, granddaughter and husband; Tina Gillies, granddaughter; Jaysea and Susan Cappindale, grandson and wife; Pam and Dave Selby, niece and husband (also rep. Louise, Elaine, Claire and James); David and Helena Hebson, nephew and wife; Pauline Meiszner, great-niece (also rep. Ann Dobbs, niece).

Other mourners attending; Len Rook (also rep. Ken Pocklington); Julie and Alan Wright; Joan Bloomfield (Rivan Grove); Diane Brocklebank (also rep. Brocklebank family); Jayne and John Saunders (also rep. Saunders family); Jackie and Gerald Howes; Margaret Winship; Dave and Jeanette White; Stan Burdass; Frank and Vesta Bailey.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


George RobinsonGeorge Robinson (91): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Julie Reddington and David Evans, daughter and partner; Stuart Reddington and Sara Hill, grandson and partner; Joanne Chester and Johnathan Till, granddaughter and partner; Louise Reddington and Mitch Fahey, granddaughter and partner; Megan Chester, great-granddaughter; Rhys Chester, great-grandson; Sheila Duffield, niece (also rep. the late Ron Cross, nephew and Pam Cross, wife); Richard and Pam Cross, nephew and wife; Tony and Anna Robinson, nephew and wife (also rep. Gary and Sarah Robinson); Dennis and Ann Mackrill, nephew and wife; John Mackrill, nephew (also rep. Deyanra, partner); Sharon and Frank Holland, niece and husband; John Hill, nephew (also rep. Christine Hill); Susan Cocks, niece (also rep. John); Tom and Shirley Mackrill, nephew and wife; David and Christine Mackrill, nephew and wife; Nigel and Debbie Robinson, nephew and wife; Anne and Colin Vivins, niece and husband; Julie Robinson, (also rep. Steve Robinson, nephew); Joy Hill (also rep. Robert Hill, nephew and Kath Hill); Laura Mackrill, great-niece; Susan Mackrill.

Other mourners attending: Pauline and Ian Bentley; John Smith (also rep. Jean Ann Smith and Laceby British |Legion); Michael and Ann Anderton; Michael Robinson (also rep. Jeanette); Ralph and Margaret Gorman; Matthew Chambers; Becky Lowe; Jean Robbins; Carol and Graham Chester; Barry and Jenny Chambers (also rep. Grahame Needham and Becky and Kevin Scott); Kathleen and Norman Waby; Michael and Christine Blow (ex- Philips Lane, Laceby, also rep. Blow Family); Barbara Eratt; Mabel and Geoff Hudson; Tony and Barbara Burgess; Joan and John Smith; Roy and Marion Jones; Diana and Les Olley (also rep. Cloverdale Nursing Home); Carol Woodcock; Maurice Bell; Ann Bryant (also rep. Peter MacPherson) ;Marie Nuttall (dancing friends); David and Dorothy Hurton (dancing friends); Ron Wilson (also rep. Karin); Vanessa Wiseman (also rep. Ian); Anne Scott; Madeleine Dobbs (also rep. Alaistair and Denise Dobbs); Angela and James Robinson (also rep. Ian and Alicia Robinson and Amy and Geoff  Hume); Jane Waterson; Beryl Rowlinson (George’s Dancing Partner, also rep. Mr and Mrs Swift and Eileen Borman; Tara Robson (Carer); Denise Thompson (Carer); Yvonne Money (Carer); Joyce. Julie and Barry Dixon); Bridget Everett (also rep. Kevin Rimmer); Vivian Jackson); Angela Dulieu (also rep. Simon and Tracey Bartrum).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Gwendoline May MANN

Gwendoline MannGwendoline May Gwen Mann (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Roy Mann, husband; Neil and Hilary Mann, son and daughter-in-law; Jane and Ian Greenbeck, daughter and son-in-law; Victoria Mann, granddaughter; Elisabeth Mann, granddaughter; Nicola Greenbeck, granddaughter; Suzanne Greenbeck and Anthony Bentley, granddaughter and fiancé; Michael Johnson, cousin (also rep. Joan Needham, Joyce Fisher and Sylvia Butterwick, cousins); Wendy and Raymond Proudlock, niece and husband; Dave and Gill Blakey, nephew and wife (also rep. Denise Thickett); Diane and David Grainger, niece and husband; Veronica Wilson and Jim Privett, niece and partner; Susan Harman, great-niece; Ralph and Julie Pinder, cousin and husband; Sue Hall, cousin; Anne and Michael Fitzgerald, cousin and husband; Andrew Holden, great-cousin; Malcolm Holden, great-cousin (also rep. Joyce and Allan Holden); Pete Holden, great-cousin.  

Other mourners attending: Harry and Pat Lewis; Evelyn and Ted Bennett; Di Thompson; Di Turner; Sue and Barry Green; Patsy and Anthony Bryant; Glynis and Terry Robinson; Terry and Marlene Sullivan; Allison Rawling; Ann and John Harrison; George Nuttall also rep. Keith Nuttall and family); Joyce Paddison-Hinch (also rep. Lynne Greaves and family); Mandy Burnett (also rep. Neville Burnett); Marie and Michael Watson (also rep. Louise Firth and Wendy Tutass); Colin and Janice Lusby); Shirley Pexman; Catherine McDermott; Angela Greedy (carer); Jayne Parker; Robert Gillie; Sandra Henderson; Len and Jean Holman (also rep. N.E.L Photographic Society); Jean and Ken Brumby (also rep. N.E.L Photographic Society and Dan Fenwick); Raymond Mitchell (also rep. N.E.L .Photographic Society); Phyllis Scales; Julie Gough; Julie and Steve Sweeting; Dot and Derek Smith; Carol Johnston (also rep. Angela and Lee Vickers); Alan Ashworth; Sharon and Steve Bloomfield; Edna Webster; Charlie and Mandy Anderson

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Michael JAGGER

Michael JaggerMichael Jagger ‘Mike’ (75): a service took place at St Augustine’s Church, Grimsby and was conducted by Alan Walmsley.

Family mourners attending: Wendy Jagger, wife (also rep. Mark Thompson, step-son and Mary Burton); Michael Jagger, son; Susan Jagger, daughter-in-law (also rep. James and Lewis Jagger, grandsons); Lynne Leeman, step-daughter; Lance Leeman, step-son-in-law; Mark Leeman, grandson; Tom Leeman, grandson; Emma Pinchbeck: Tracy Baker, step-daughter (also rep. Michael Baker, grandson and Katie): Lisa Thompson granddaughter: Shannon Thompson,  granddaughter: Wendy Thompson, granddaughter: Chris Thompson, grandson; Sam Baker, grandson (also rep. Freya); Robert Thompson, son-in-law; David and Tarina Thompson, step-son and wife; Luke Thompson, step-grandson; Lily Thompson, step-granddaughter; June Miller, sister (also rep. Peter Miller, brother-in-law); Pete and Jenny Thompson, step- son and wife; Audrey and Ken Barnard, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Patricia Roberts, sister-in-law (also rep. Gary and Jane); Kay Houlder, niece (also rep. David); Theresa Barnard, niece; Martin Barnard, nephew; Dennis Coppin, nephew; Susan Barnard, niece; Linda Miller and Eric Parkinson, niece and partner; Georgina Kirchen, niece; Angela Beecham, niece; Carl Barnard, nephew;

Other mourners attending: Jane Gjertsen and Ian Firmstone; Iris Young; Maureen Winn; Michael and Margaret Floyd (also rep. Alexander and John Semple); Violet Race; Fiona Wright (also rep. Sally Gunby); Phil Chessman; Tracey Townsend; Debbie Beckett (also rep. Isola Best); Michelle Hopkin (also rep. Denise and Trevor Burwood and Jean and Frank Davidson); John and Vere Conolly; Ivor and Ann Appleton; Judith Gilliland; Tony Ashworth; Mike Gooch; Sally Wilkinson (also rep. Abbeys Wine Bar and Nicola  Dennis); Cindy Waumsley.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Anthony RobertsonAnthony Robertson (84): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt.

Family mourners attending: Warwick Robertson, son; Angela Robertson, daughter-in-law; Tony Robertson, son; Hulda Whitehead, partner of son; Shiralee Montgomery, step -daughter; Steve Montgomery, step-son-in-law; Bethany Robertson, granddaughter; Warwick Robertson jnr, grandson; Ava Robertson, granddaughter; Isabella Montgomery, granddaughter; Natalia Woollock, granddaughter; Irene Pearce, sister; Rod and Carol Pearce, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Susan Pearce, niece; Samantha Furnell, niece; Lesley Smith, niece; Stephen and Julie Pearce, nephew and wife (also rep. Pete and Sue Dennis); Maureen Molgaard, ex-wife; Reg and Diane Smith (also rep. Mandy Forrester and Jason Smith); Stephen Rodger and Diane Brown.

Other mourners attending: Carol and Phil Kershaw (also rep. Scott Watson and Mary Cuthbert); Rex and Dorothy Vickers; Tracey Glover; Lynne Parrish; Valerie Rook (also rep. Bernard Rook); Brenda Bennett; Phyllis Cunliffe; Denise Stobbs; Kate and Steve Cowie (also rep. Alfie and Archer Rodgers); Paula Hunt (also rep. Ross and Danny Cook); Nicky Claridge (also rep. Susan Rodgers, partner of Tony); Ian Maver; Norman Humpherys; Jackie Johnson; Margaret Gillies (also rep. Wayne Muress); Bert Shelton; Nick Low; Byron Martin; Dave Jones (also rep. Diane Jones); Barbara Mackie; Ann Mussell; Terence Wood; Dave Kitchen; Robin Hunt; Jack Hunt; Charlie Bass; George and Maggie Freeman; Richard Gough (also rep. Jacquie Gough).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. www.sentiments-grimsby.co.uk

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