Brenda JacksonBrenda Jackson (85): a service took place at St Andrews Church, Immingham and was conducted by Reverend Julie Donn.

Family mourners attending: Christine Jackson, daughter (also rep. James Bowlstridge, grandson); Marion Hill and Steven Brickett, daughter and partner; John Cottingham and Joy de Croot, nephew and wife; David Cottingham and Dot Burrows, nephew and partner; Rowena Fallaize, great niece; Bryony Chestnut, great niece; Matthew and Diana Cottingham, great nephew and wife; William Cottingham, great nephew; Bill and Sandra Warwick, nephew and wife; Betty Jackson, sister-in-law; Mavis Welch, sister-in-law (also rep. Margaret Broddle, sister-in-law); John and Kath Avison, nephew and wife; Alan and Kathleen Avison, nephew and wife (also rep. Joanne and Jane, great nieces); Rodger and Ann Warwick, nephew and wife; Ralph and Pam Avison, nephew and wife; Dawn Warwick, niece; Alan Warwick, nephew; Kathleen Woad, niece.

Other mourners attending: Andrew Hill (also rep. Julie Wright); Glenys Pocklington; Carol Gordon (also rep. Tom, and Nick and Jean Day); Elaine Dix; Mary and Alan Hill; Janet Starkie (Pelham Singers); Wendy Pankhurst (Organist and Pelham Singers); Susan Rands; Madge Hughes; Jean Stoten (also rep. Kim and Fern, Pelham Dingers); Derek and Doreen Hinds (also rep. Martin and Margaret Hallett and Rosemary Day); David Holmes (also rep. Julie Holmes and Mr and Mrs G Dobbs); Barbara Fews (also rep. Mavis Newham); Maxine Humberston (also rep. John); Veronica Fox; Peter Sadd; Linda Ladlow (also rep. Pilgrim Rambling Club); Kaye Pool (also rep. Philip, David and Stephen Pool); Fran Bowden (Pelham Singers); Edna Laud; Ann and Chris Gaunt; Doris and Terry Simco; Janet Bruce; Gwen Willbourn; Bernice Webb;  Laura McNally (also rep. Erika McDonald); Eileen Horton (also rep. Dave and Maureen Thompson); Helen Fenwick; Eileen McCready (also rep. Wendy Plumtree); Heather Simpson (also rep. David and Maud Knighton); Di Smart; Lynn Campbell; Shirley Prestwood (also rep. Norman and the Prestwood family); Susan Harris; Eileen Gamwell; Pamela Chesney; David Branton; Joan Cousins; June Kirby (also rep. Brian); Joan Kent; Lilian Johnson (also rep. Stephen and Sam);Walter Thompson (also rep. Margaret Richardson); Susan Hutterby (also rep. Ellis Wilson); Pat Cook (also rep. Bessie Griffin); Sharon Rutland (also rep. Joan and Geoff Moffatt); Elizabeth Ladlow; Annie Holden;  Catherine Davis; Lesley Shaw (also rep. Jeff); Judith Smithson (also rep. Jenny Warwick); Dorothy Cruddas; Joy Marshall (also rep. Heather Simons); Sandra Phillips; Brenda Cottingham; Carol Croft ;Laura Croft; Janet and Jeremy Chapman; Dr. Saha; Brenda McGregor (also rep. Richard and Anne Elford); Raymond and Jane Overton; John Overton (also rep. Sue); Valerie Tuxford (also rep. Martyn); Audrey Kennedy (also rep. Margaret Messey); Pearl Larkman; Fran Gowshall; Diane Hollows; Rose Staples; Sarah Hill.

Eunice Lilian BEEL

Eunice Lilan Beel (83): a service took place at Grimsby Crematoruim and was conducted by Olga Short.

Family mourners attending: Brenda Witts, sister- in- law; Steve Witts and Sharon Sharman, nephew and partner; Emma and Ian Chapman, great niece and husband; Vince and Pam Featherstone, cousin and wife; Norman and Anne Featherstone, cousin and wife; James and Kelly Rendall, great nephew and wife; Gail and Graham Little, cousin and wife; Mrs June Laverick, cousin (also rep. Alison and Paul Speed); David Beel; Susan Beel; Valerie Ward; Roy Ward; Pat Beel; Bernard Beel; Mavis Trenthem.

Other mourners attending: Sylvia Miller; Dorothy Larder; Hazel Fisher; Jim and Edna England; Joan Quantrill; Lindy Lovett; Debbie Brown; John and Dorothy O’Mahony (also rep. Richard, Rebecca and Beth Peck); Jenny Sharman; Joyce Dyas; Ann Smalley; Joan Hinch (also rep. David Hinch); George Davis (also rep. Jane Davis); Paula Coppin; Lyn Clark; Marie and Pete Dumbleton; Lynne and Dave Marsden (also rep Ev Baldock); Helen Carlile; Janet and Bernard Phillips; Ken and Christina Denniss (also rep the Royal Marine Association); Evelyn Harrison (also rep. David); Richard and Liz Shillito; Tony and Jan Cox; Amanda Edwards; Audrey and David Jacklin; Janet Rhind; Maureen Price; Ted and Mavis Cullum (also rep. the Cullum family); Arthur and Patricia McUrich; Norman and Doreen Lovis; Joyce Parsons; Ken and Gwen Johnstone; Lou Stevens (also rep. Dick); Margaret and Harry Parsons; Neil Parsons; Norma Lund; Jodie Ireland; Joe and Margaret Bett; Margaret McLellan; Pia McLellan; Eden McLellan (also rep. Joanne); Keith Dean; June and Barry White; Maxine Cooper; Sheila Lamb; Fred and Pam Scarratt; Vanessa Siveyer (also rep. John Siveyer, and David and Sue Pearson); Geoff and Chris Lamb; Sheila Thompson (also rep. Maureen Smalley); Des and Nita Hostad; Joyce Dixon (also rep. the Dixon family); Kathleen Baumber; David and Debbie Baumber; David and Audrey Hutchinson; William and Jackie Toyne (also rep. William); Andy and Carol Skelton; Eddie Wright; Pete Foster; Tony Ewart; Lou Murray; Ginny Samuels; Carrie Samuels; Maria and Steve George; Ann Stones; Susan Jervis (also rep Chris); Elizabeth Jervis (also rep. Lewis and Laurence); Margaret (Slatter); Jan Habelman; Danielle Garrett (carer); Kathleen and Terry Robinson; Brian and Pauline Applegate; Richard Mallett and Suzanne Camber; Donna Johnstone and Karl Widowson (also rep. Lord Street News); Julie and Sonny Ollie (also rep. Rachel and Claire); Paul Daddy (also rep Rachel and family); Jo Woods and Jamelia- Jo (daughter).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. 

Mark Arthur ‘Caveman’ SMITH

Mark Smith 1Mark Arthur Smith (53): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Laura Thompson.

Family mourners attending: Angela, wife; Harry, son; Mary, mother; Ian, brother; Gary, brother; Neil, brother; Shirley Gray, mother in law; Barbara Smith, sister in law; Christine Pinchbeck, sister in law; Beccy Smith, sister in law; Andrew Gray, brother in law; Chris and Sharon Gray, brother in law and sister in law; Nicholas and Sharon Gray, brother in law and sister in law; Edith Cordell, grandmother; Les Smith, uncle; Robert and Linda Cordell, uncle and aunt; Ann and Richard Wright, aunt and uncle; Billy Barnet, nephew; Katie Smith, niece (also rep.Emily Smith, niece); Leah and Ross Milson, niece and husband; Brandon Barnet, nephew; Ross Barnet, nephew; Philip Gray, nephew; Rebecca Gray and Chris Partinton, niece and partner; Lewis Gray, nephew; Jamie Gray, nephew; Wayne Oglesby, cousin; Dawn Linton, cousin; Sharon Cordell, cousin; Pauline and Dennis Porter, cousin and husband; Hazel Grimbleby, cousin; Diane Fish, cousin (also rep. Susan Smith, cousin); Louise and Tina Cook, cousins; Michael Gray, cousin; Joanne Martin, cousin; Matthew Wright and Hayley Matthews, cousin and partner; Emma Wood; Kim and Gwen Oglesby; David Oglesby; Brian Gray.

Other mourners attending: Gary Horton; Andy Kinnaird; Mick Hornsby “Dick”; Matthew and Sharon Hewitt (also rep Sam Hewitt); Alan Mudd; John Meadows; Keith Johnson; Paul Walker; Darren Shelton; Dave Croucher; Lee Whotton; Spike; Steve Withers (also rep. Neil Gallagher); Fisho; Paul Peacock; Robbo; Ian; John; Richard Bass; Craig; Tony Glover; Steve Mitchell; John Smith; Rick Stemp (also rep. Shell Stemp); Charlie Rising; Darren Bleasdale; Mark Burton (also rep. BP Classic Cars); Nicole Peacock; Paul Peacock; Mandy Borrill; Tim Radcliffe; Steve Carlberg; Lee Plunkett; Leanne Scott; Tim and Sue Fletcher (also rep. Jon, Kelly and Hannah Fletcher); Sarah Jane Thomas; Graham Scoffin; Jane and Ian Sharp; Joe Sharp (also rep. Sam and Richard Sharp); Paul Wood and Caroline Hazel; James Young and Nicola Pattinson; Ann-Marie Goodhand (also rep. Bradley Goodhand and Bodhi); Donna Knights (also rep Dave Knights); Guy Aisthorpe (also rep. Louise); Simon Bottomley; Kim and Adrian Major; Robert Wilkinson; Robert Stewart; John Barton: Trevor Jennings; Rod Jones; Andy Rose; Marcus Drinkall; Emily Clark; Dane Stocks; Geoff Sutton; Ray Pell; Paul Johnson; Keith and Beverley Collins; Richard and Trudie Mann; Samantha Goodale; Simone Barr; David Glover; Susan Broddle; Hannah Pearson; Andy Chadwick; Andy Knapton; Richard Pearson; Ray Corry; Gill Ramsden; Tracy and Darren Grimble; Chrissie McEvoy; Kerrie and Gary Lambert; Debbie and Paul Walker; Hazel and Russell Cooper; Mark Cooper; Maria Jaines; Harrison Jaines; Tracey and Tony Gallyer; Rick and Angela Oxton; Susan and Gary Horsfall; Chris and Helen Whotton; Darren Ayres; Julie Ayres; Vanessa Kirk; Pete and Jules Holmes; Stephen Frizzell; Tony Jackson (also rep. Alan Milburn); Andy Todds (also rep. Mark Fitzgerald); Colin Barber; Malcolm Wadd; Dean Hutton; Chris Hughes; Paul Crawford; Michael and Elaine Bass; David and Joanne Greenside; Mel Wall; Lisa and Shaun Bracey; Jim and Sheila Cook; Martyn and Debbie Matthews (also rep. Mark and Julie Thompson); Lee Williams; Dennis Williams; Nik Hutchinson; Julie Nichols; Steve Craigie; Karen Smith (also rep. Paul Smith and Olivia Kavanagh); Helen Melin; Vanessa and Keith Proctor; Glenn and Diane Bracey; Pat and Barry Simpson (also rep. Carole); Steven Simpson (also rep. Martin); Jessica Teanby; Valerie Teanby (also rep. Jordan and Katie Teanby); Owen Cherrell; Tracey Blackburn: Dave and Gil Baumber (also rep. Jessica and Joel); David Sutherland; Wendy Horsfall; Shihab Alghowail; Mollie Masters.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Brenda MillerBrenda Miller (84): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Reverend Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Gillian Chappell, daughter; Gary Miller, son; Michael Miller, son; Trevor Chappell, son in law; Lorraine Gillbanks-Miller, daughter in law; Chris Lond, grandson; David Miller, grandson; Tommy Chappell, grandson; Lucy Gillbanks-Miller, granddaughter; Alex Gillbanks-Miller, grandson; Zara Denny, granddaughter (also rep. Archie and Charlie, great grandsons); Pete and Diane Waters, brother and sister in law; John and Pauline Waters, brother and sister in law; Barbara Waters, sister in law; Steven and Deborah Nowell, nephew and wife; Steve and Sue Brewer, niece and husband; Johnathon and Kate Waters, nephew and wife; Tara Waters, niece; Sarah and Christopher Brodie, niece and husband; Ginny Waters, niece; Michelle Waters, niece; Jane Helsten, niece; Sharron and Sam Hewitt, niece and husband; Mary-Lou Nowell, great niece; Kelly Brewer, great niece; Jasmin Brodie, great niece; Macy Brodie, great niece; Samantha Hewitt, great niece; Matthew and Christine Hewitt, great nephew and wife; Pat and Tony Brown, cousin and husband; Daisy Bell, cousin (also rep. the late Tony Bell); Pam and Len Goodfellow, cousin and husband (also rep. Neil, Nicky, Karl and Kyle); Ann Chappell (also rep. Frederick and Margaret Chappell); Sheila Kavanagh; Lee Popham; Lisa Gillbanks (also rep. Mr & Mrs DG Gillbanks); Karen and Richard Whiteoak; Debbie Wells; Beverley Wells; Mike and Tracy Thompson; Pam Hunter; Pete Benn (also rep. Helen); Min and Ken Bartle; Jenny Whitehouse (also rep. Daniel, Maegan and Cameron); Pat Giles (also rep. Vic and Carol Darbon); Roger Brown (also rep. the late Kathleen Robinson); Paul and Joanne Kirk; Paige Kirk; Jackie Eddington (also rep. Bob); Joan De St Croix; Sharon and Alistair Houghton; Ann Young (also rep. Maureen and Ray Revell); Ann Finch; Noni Hoe (also rep. Adrian); Claire Kendall; Mark Denny; Muriel Carratt; Vida Carratt; Jackie Wright; Carol Taylor; Susan Marriott (also rep. David); Chris King: Diane Maddison: Alan Mudd and Rebecca Rogers-Thomas; Darren Shelton (also rep. Callum and Leanne); Tony and Sharon Rose; Julie Harner; Jenny Leeman.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Thomas Edward SMITH

Thomas SmithThomas Edward Smith (Tom, 77): a service took place at All Saints Church, Waltham and was conducted by Reverend Laurence Price.

Family mourners attending: Pat, wife; Angela and Steve Wilson, daughter and son-in-law; Sue and Ian Baxter, daughter and son-in-law; Keith and Maxine Smith, son and daughter-in-law; Ashley Smith and Josephine Turner, grandson and partner; Emma Smith, granddaughter; Ian Baxter, grandson; Tom Baxter, grandson; Rebecca Baxter, granddaughter; Rachael and Jason Norfolk, granddaughter and husband; Elizabeth Norfolk, great-granddaughter; Hannah Smith, granddaughter; Robert Smith, grandson; Steve Smith, brother (also rep. Anne Smith, sister-in-law); Michael and Alma Prescott, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Richard Smith and Clair Lindley, nephew and partner; Graham Smith, nephew; Roger and Mary-Anne Snell, cousin and wife; Judith and Alan Vickers, cousin and husband; Jean and Russell Laking ,cousin and husband; Julie and David Greaves, cousin and wife; Josie Grantham; Vicky Stanham; Rita Grimmer and Michael Douglas (also rep. Gordon and Pat Smith, brother and sister-in-law); Geoffrey Grantham; David and Elaine Baxter.

Other mourners attending: Claire Jackson; Anita and John Nutton; Philip Middleton (also rep. Middleton Family); Martin and Suzanne Bennett; Lynn Cawkwell (also rep. Hutson Family); John James (also rep. Phyllis James); Janet and Ian Fox; Simon and Louise Fowler; Colin Markham; Matthew Barrow; Kevin and Joanne Bennett; Pete Fowler (also rep. Pearl); Pam and John Sinclair (also rep. Carolyn and Tony Roberts); Gary Naulls (also rep. Caroline Naulls); Gordon and Joyce Coulling; John Illingworth; Andrew and Gina Appleyard; Mike and Barbara Fox; George and Karen Johnstone; Gordon and Muriel Grantham; John Shepherd; David Wright; Paul Wright; Jim Sargent; Jean Bond; Susan Benn; Owen Parkinson (also rep. Cathy); Betty Meakin; Georgina Ablett; Marilyn Todd.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Jean Miller (67): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Rev Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Michael Miller, husband; David Miller, son; Gillian Chappell, sister-in-law; Trevor Chappell, brother-in-law; Zara Denney, niece; Kelly Bowers, niece; Thomas Chappell, nephew; Gary Miller, brother-in-law; Lorraine Gillbanks Miller, sister-in-law; Lucy Gillbanks Miller, niece; Alex Gillbanks Miller, nephew; Sophie Deeks, cousin; Sally Gray, cousin; David and Lynn Carey, cousin and wife; Susan and John Carey, cousin and wife; Elaine Carey,        cousin; Garry and Joan Saunders, cousin and wife; Richard Deeks ,cousin-in-law (also rep. The late Irene).

Other mourners attending: David and Carole Tucker; Alastair MacDonald (also rep. Sally-Ann MacDonald and Owen Taylor); Bob MacDonald (also rep. Margaret MacDonald); Michael Campling (also rep. Market Traders, Cleethorpes); Stephen Hogan; Steve and Bev Elahi; Davina Elahi; Dave Walmsley (also rep. Janet Walmsley); John Norburn; William McArdle; Johnathan and Debbie Dacombe (also rep. Oliver and Sam); Paul Campling; Chris Sykes (District Nurse); Ross and Mike Lingard; Roy Walsh; Jenny Lloyd; Bernard and Sheila Stafford; Andrew Boothby; Colin Spencer (also rep. Carol, Marc and Kelly); Jacqueline Sheeran; Dorann Manders.

 Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.


Don HarrisDonald Harris (87): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Rev Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Jean Harris, wife; Rob and Pam Harris, son and wife; Kev and Bev Harris, son and wife; Belinda and Nathan Parkinson, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Seb and Oscar); Iain and Michelle Harris, grandson and wife (also rep. Grace and Sophie); Ben and Louisa Harris, grandson and wife; Mathew and Vikki Holt, grandson and wife; Katie and Mat Robbins, granddaughter and husband; Courtney and Megan Holt, grandchildren; Jordan and Finley Robbins, grandchildren (also rep. Maci); Bernard and Doris Harris, brother and sister-in-law; Marina and Gordon Willerton, sister and brother-in-law; Ella and Chris Sargent, sister and brother-in-law; Pauline Harris, sister-in-law; Frank Rudderham, brother-in-law; Martin Willerton, nephew; Nick Willerton, nephew; Jennifer Harris, niece; Paul Harris, nephew; Johnathan Harris, nephew; Sarah Pyrah, niece; Simon and Angela Harris, nephew and wife; Deborah Rudderham, niece (also rep. Dawn and Alan Thornhill, niece and husband); Gill and Bill Altoft, niece and husband (also rep. Sarah, Jon and family);  Eileen Dugglesby; Sue Anderson (also rep. Martin and Jemma Anderson); Mike and Angie Parkinson; Jack and Andrea Kendrick.

Other mourners attending: Norma Zitman; Liz Dransfield; Joyce Charlton; Sandra Charlton; Bob Read (also rep. Mike Read); Stuart Arundel; Gwendoline Leggett; Linda Stow; Arthur Parker (also rep, Courtaulds Sports and Social Club and Geoff Buckle); Barry and Sylvia Everett (also rep. Wold Vets); Trevor and Wendy Brewitt); David and Pat Langley; John and Ann Howard; Ralph and Carol Greenbury; Vanessa Wiseman (also rep. Ian Wiseman); Wanda Oxer; Patricia Atkin; John and Diana Ashurst; Maureen Carter; Jeffrey and Lynda Hinkly; David Coxon (also rep. Christine Coxon, ex colleague Nickerson Seeds); Tony Parrott (also rep. Grimsby Sunday Football League); Steve Laister (also rep. David Laister); Doug McCully and Alan Park; Tom Parker (also rep. Parker Family); John Connolly; Dileepa Ranawake;Tim Keeble (also rep. Jane Revell); Diane Keeble (also rep. Nola and Richard Smith); Dick King (Green Staff, Grimsby Golf Club); Tom Leonard (Green Staff, Grimsby Golf Club); Roger Lockwood; Jackie Powles (also rep. Hilton, Sophie and Ellis); Gillian Buckby (also rep. Michelle Turner and Joan Scott); Barbara Collins; Ray-Anna Collins; Kris Falconer; Terry Williams; Scott Vincent (also rep. Doug McCully); Brian and June Kirkby (also rep. John Clayton); Jane Seagrave (also rep. George, Sentiments); Harry Smith; Tommy Watson; Sybil Carpenter; Ken and Betty Goodhand; Linda Dellow (also rep. Keith); Doreen Collins (also rep. Helen Collins); Dave and Jenny Clark (also rep. Carol Hall); Josie Revell (Cleethorpes Athletic Club); Jim and Carol Green; David Lambert; Judith Revell (also rep. Ian Townsend); Jerry Ward; Ian Stephenson (also rep. Dave Ellis and Freetime Football Team and Humbertherm Sports); Tony Mitchell (Former Secretary, Courtaulds Sports and Social Club); Maurice Foxon; David Frayne; Ernie Meek; Ray Walker (also rep. Robert Johnson); Craig Shrosbee; Paul Weeks; Stuart Wiseman; Michael and Lynda Ellis; Paul Chester (also rep. Mandy, Ruby and Peter); Max Clarkson; Brian Bagnall; Andrew Bagnall (also rep. Wendy and Family); Keith Dent; Sam Kielty; Liz Meikle; Alan Burnett (also rep. Nick Jackson); David Mann; Tommy Watson (also rep. Cleethorpes Town Football Club); Barbara Battison (Marie Curie Nurse, also rep. Julie, Rosie and Sandra); Gillian Connor (Marie Curie Nurse); Joanne Lander; John and Jasmine Powell; Tina and Pete Layzell.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd. 


Edna CoulbeckEdna May Coulbeck (90): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Rev Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Mrs Susan Lawson, daughter; Mr Leslie Lawson, son-in-law; Mr Timothy Lawson, grandson; Mrs Sally Watson, granddaughter; Miss Joan Lonnon, close family friend; Mr Gordon Hill, cousin; Dylan and Katy Watson, great grandchildren; Anna Broadburn, granddaughter-in-law; Kevin Watson, grandson-in-law; Patricia and Peter Kirkby, cousin and husband; Noel Newby; Leigh Newby.

Other mourners attending: Brian Haughie; Lynn Brown; Ann and Malcolm Bell; Frances Hodson (also rep. Forgetmenots); Jennifer Lawrence; Michael and Marie Watson (also rep. Lucy and Jaimie Holbrook); Margaret Hoe; Janet Thompson; Roy Sykes; John and Joan Ellwood; Martyn and Barbara Teanby; Pam Thompson; Leo and Margaret Solomon; Brenda Dickenson; Janet Andrews; Michael Reed; Christine Reed (also rep. Joan Appleyard); Thomas and Betty Mackle; Sue Phillips; Lillian Hanslip; Raymond Duffy; Colin and Susan Black (also rep. Sarah Bullock, nee Black); Audrey Dixon (also rep. Alec); Pamela Jackson (also rep. Foregtmenots); Katherine Johnstone; Ian Millard; Terry Cooper; Tracey Webster (also rep. Wayne Webster); Mark Wheatley; Janet Young (nee Stubbs); Fiona Cave; Benjy Taylor (Lincolnshire House); Gary Wilson (Carer, Lincolnshire House).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

David Jackson YOUNG

David YoungDavid Jackson Young (72): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Joan Jones.

Family mourners attending: June, wife (also rep Ellen, Mam); Ian and Mia, son and daughter-in-law (also rep. Libby, granddaughter); Carolynne and Darren, daughter and son-in-law; Jeanette and Ryan, daughter and son in law (also rep. Mason, grandson); Mitchell and Callum, grandsons; Ryan grandson (also rep. Jasmine); Roger and Barbara Tilby, brother and sister-in-law; Wendy and Mark Gibbins, niece and husband; Kevin and Claire Tilby, nephew and wife; Andrew Tilby, nephew; Nicola Tilby, niece; Martin Campbell, step-brother; Nigel and Shirley Campbell, step-brother and wife (also rep. Duncan and Alexander); Ian Campbell, step-brother; Barbara and David Cooper, step-sister and husband; Andy Aisthorpe, cousin (also rep. Glenys and Anya Aisthorpe); Kathleen Rouse, cousin; Martin and Vanessa Aisthorpe, cousin; Graham and Heather Aisthorpe, cousin.

Other mourners attending: Harold and Joan Blanchard (also rep. Mark also Sally and Brian Collaren); Sue Smith; Linda Dugard; Linda and George Frisby (also rep. Mary Trask); Julie Read (also rep. Mark, Dan and Ben); Gill Poland; Linda and Dave Frame; Mike and Karen Hart (also rep. Gemma and Gavin Johnson, James Hart and Pauline Gill and Family); Gordon and Pauline Sylvester; Peter and Lesley Matthews (also rep. Martin and Phillip Matthews); Claire Wright; Andrea Bradshaw (also rep. Barrie Bradshaw and Grimsby Harriers); Maureen Tissington; Barry and Jennifer Golby; Natalie Justice; Ray Hudson; Danielle Greensmith; Joanne Shrosbee; Julie Button (also rep. Ian Button); Derek and Pat Connell; Ann Cass; Valerie Drury; Jacky Gibbons (also rep. Grimsby Harriers); Susan Carroll (also rep. Bruce Carroll and family); Ann Hall; Jane McKinnon (also rep. Andrew, Iain and Lewis); Sylvia Baker (also rep. Katie Baker, Richard Pearson and Suzanne Thompson); Debbie Potter (also rep. Trevor Potter, Rebekah and Harry Waller and Claire and Luke Potton, also Sainsburys Pharmacy); Helen Carlile; Susan Rhynyk (also rep. Marie Hughes); Denise and Byron Coulbeck (also rep. Janice Tartellin); Glen and Debbie Hughes; Ken Sunley (also rep the late Sandra Sunley and Chris and Wendy); Colin Forester; Maxine Ireland; Elaine Johnson; Rachael Booker (also rep. Phil Booker).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Frank Raymond KETTLEWELL

Frank Raymond Kettlewell (86): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Rev Terry Atkinson.

Family mourners attending: Linda and Graham Davey, niece and husband; Julia and Kenneth Pounder, niece and husband: Sylvia and Brian Tumber, niece and nephew; Betty Moncaster, niece; Michelle Moncaster, great niece (also rep. Lynsey Peters, daughter): Debbie Moncaster and Nigel Robinson, great niece and partner (also rep. Dominic, Courtney and Bayleigh); Stephen and Deborah Dixon, great nephew and wife.

Other mourners attending: Bill Fox; Ian and Jennifer McKay; Joan Hewson; Keith Neilson; Hilary and Terry Hopwood; David and Pat Langley; Angela Hill (also rep. The Fountains Nursing Home); Derek Sykes.

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

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