Philip Richard SMITH

Blue FlowersChris, Richard and Julie would like to express their sincere thanks to relatives, friends and neighbours for their very kind and thoughtful messages, cards and sympathy, donations and floral tributes received during their very sad loss of Phil. Special thanks to Julie – daughter for reading the Eulogy and Mike Tombs for his professional and caring help, also to Sentiments Funeral Directors and staff (Chantry Lane) for their professional and caring funeral arrangements.

Brenda JACKSON (nee Warwick)

Brenda Jackson Christine, Marion and Family wish to express their sincere thanks to all relatives, friends and neighbours for the kind messages of sympathy, cards and generous donations to British Heart Foundation. They would like to thank The Pelham Singers for their beautiful voices at the service, Sheen’s of Immingham for the beautiful floral arrangements and to Immingham Golf Club for their hospitality and wonderful buffet. Also a big thank you to the Reverend Julie Donn for her help, kind words and comforting service and to Su and the Team at Sentiments Funeral Home for their care, understanding and professional arrangements.

Eunice Lilian BEEL

flowers in a vaseDavid and Susan wish to express a sincere thank you to all relatives, friends and neighbours for their kind messages of sympathy, cards, beautiful flowers and generous donations to the Brain Tumour Charity. They would also like to thank Ace Care Agency, Mrs Olga Short for her kind words and comforting service. To The Spiders Webb for their hospitality and excellent buffet and finally to Simon and all the Sentiments Team for their care, kindness, understanding and professional arrangements.

Ellen Elizabeth CAMPBELL

Ellen CampbellThe family of the late Ellen would like to thank all family, friends and neighbours for all their kind messages, cards, floral tributes and donations. They would also like to thank the staff at The Grove for their care. Also, thank you to Rev. Katie Deakins for her help and comforting service, lastly we would like to thank Gary and his colleagues at Sentiments for their professional funeral arrangements.

Rita Doris LE-ROY

flowers in a vaseKeith and his family wish to express a sincere thank you to all relatives, friends and neighbours for their kind messages of sympathy, cards, beautiful flowers and generous donations to St Andrews Hospice. A special thank you to the District Nurses for the care given to Rita, to Tony Jewitt for his kind words and comforting service. To the Toby Carvery (Hainton Inn) for their hospitality and excellent buffet and finally to the Sentiments team, for the care, kindness and professional arrangements.


Enid Blackburn 1Mr Blackburn and son Carl would like to thank all who attended the funeral of Enid at the Crematorium on Thursday 9th March and for all the cards and flowers. She would have been proud of you all. God bless her, Terry and Carl

David Jackson YOUNG

David YoungDavid’s family, June, Iain, Carolynne, Jeanette and families would like to thank all family, friends and neighbours for all their kind messages, cards, beautiful floral tributes and donations. They would also like to thank the staff on Amethyst Unit/Ward, Haven Team and Marie Curie Nurses for their care. Also, thank you to Joan Jones for her help and kind comforting service. Lastly we would like to thank Gary and his colleagues at Sentiments for their professional funeral arrangements.

Alison Jayne DENTON

Alison Denton Alison Denton 2Alison Jayne Denton (46): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Mike Tombs.

Family mourners attending: Ian Denton, husband; Jacob Denton, son; Beth Denton, daughter; Roger and Sandra Lockwood, parents; Ian Lockwood, brother; Betty Denton, mother-in-law; Stephen and Sharon Denton, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep. John and Sue Denton, family in Australia); Christine and David Holden, aunt and uncle; Betty and David Campbell, uncle and aunt; William and Ann Wragg, uncle and wife; Emma Thompson, niece: Nathan and Laura Denton, nephew and wife; Simon Denton, nephew; Sam Lockwood, nephew; Jordan Lockwood, nephew; Jay Lockwood, nephew; Peter and Maxine Wragg, cousin and wife; Kathryn and Johnathan Wheeler, cousin and husband; Fiona and Jim Sutton, cousin and husband; Dean and Michelle Lister, cousin and wife; Darren and Lucy Lister, cousin and wife; Kerry and Tracey Wragg, cousin and husband; Kathryn Royston, cousin; Ben Wragg, second cousin; Alex Royston, second cousin; Rachel McClean (also rep. Scott, Myra, George and Fraser McClean, and Pauline and David Lee); Stephanie McClean; Paul and Rachel Murphy (also rep. William, Ruby and Isabella); Clare Black and Clive Furness; Scott and Angeline Partridge; Simon and Lisa Nearney; Allison and Andy Moore; Dr Karin Severin (also rep. Birkwood Medical Centre); Richard Dixon and Lisa Arnold (also rep. T. Dixon and Son, and Sue and John Frodsham); Katie Blissett and Ashley Foster; Sue and Simon Blissett (also rep. Danny Newman); Carla Clyburn (also rep. Evette Shaw and Mark Cummings); Matthew and Daniella Steer; Remi Clyburn; James Mumby Croft and Emma Thomas; Richard and Michelle Wilde (also rep. Susan Morris); Kerry Victory-Faulkner (also rep. Neil); Polly and Spencer Mumby-Croft; William Mumby-Croft; John, Julie and Joseph Leam; Amanda Regan (also rep. Harriet, William and Joseph Woolliss); John Regan (also rep. Martin Clark); Gary and Amanda Sewell (also rep. Sandra Marshall); Garry and PaulineChapman (also rep. Colin, Mandy and Betsy Moore); Kate and Jamie Cook; David and Katrina Carroll (also rep. Amelia Carroll); Harrison Carroll (also rep. Toni and Brian McVeigh); Liz and Dave Starkey; Alex Starkey; Andrew and Jayne Cox; Danielle Cox; Jason and Mel Playford; Jill and Stan Harrison-Frean; Lily Harrison-Frean (also rep. Janice and Ches Chesman); Tanya Smith (also rep.Terry); Debbie and Graham Cartwright (also rep. Robert and Tammy Brownlee); Angela Gale (also rep. Guy Wood and Mandy Baldwin); Lucy Burgess; Tracy Milner (also rep. Charlotte Saundby); Amanda and Brian Nearney (also rep. Susan and Graham Smith); Brian Nearney; Jane and John Coldron; Andy Burke and Nicola Dawes; Amy Pawson; Lorraine Laird; Nancy Laird; Fiona and Jerry Griffiths (also rep. Bob and Jeanette Reynolds); Kim and Martin Dowling (also rep. Debbie Priestley); Charlotte Newell; Natalie Newell; Reece Newell; Marcus Newell (also rep. David Newell, Dianne and Olivia Newell); David and Ann Barratt; Christopher and Rachel Burgess; Chris Burgess Jr; Nicola Germany; Imogen Miller; Oscar Miller; Bradley Miller; Jack Campbell (also rep. Kelly and Mike Gillin); Charli Skudder (also rep. the Skudder family); Paul Royston; Shelly Lockwood.

Other mourners attending: Rachel Cox; Kirstie Arnold (also rep. John Arnold); Sharon Bloomfield; Les, June and Kevin Smith (also rep. Alan Smith); Tony Trigg; Gary Grantham also rep. Louise Grantham, Artie Robinson and Brian Fisher); Clare Eddington (also rep. Paul Eddington); Jo Anderson (also rep. Pete Ross, Louise Lamb and Nicola Wood); Matthew Whelpton; Simon and Esther Dame (also rep. Sandra Marshall); Michele Cook; Paul Cowdery; Fiona McVeigh (also rep. Jane Rose); Emma Wilson (also rep. Paul Wilson); Jackie West (also rep. Amanda Baldwin); Rachael Bateman (also rep. Think Bubbles); Melanie Smith (also rep. Adrian Smith and Jane Farquharson); Danielle Pratten (also rep. Sharon Pratten; Paris Fox; Toni Harrison; Lisa Mitchell; Sally and Paul Tilby; Kate Stockwood; Mark and Machaela Stuart (also rep. John and Vi Stuart); Darren Turner; Simon Robertson, “Ginge” (also rep. Michelle Robertson); Olwyn Lorrison; Laura Brown; Ann McClean (also rep. Steve McClean); Deana and Marie Needham; Sharon Abraham (also rep. Joyce Abraham); Helen Catlyn; Caroline and Mark Nearney; Andy Dixon (also rep. Liz and family); Samatha Mawer; Ian Stephenson (also rep. Charlie Stephenson); Ashley Taylor; Kim Kurz (also rep. Carla Austin and Leigh Near); Lesley Tyler (also rep. Lee and Sam Kirwin); Jo Blakey; Sue and Neil McCrae; Paul Fenwick; Victoria Parks (also rep. Lesley and Katy Reeves); Vikki Leworthy; Ryan Leworthy; Linda Vasey; Joanne Burton; Rick Wales (also rep. Nikki Wales and Swinton Commercial Insurance); Tracey Durkin (also rep. Lloyds Bank); Claire and Brad White; Jon Teanby; Jon Parker; Deri and Mark Sawyer; Margaret Henson; Nick and Mandy Gallagher (also rep. Ron and Lorraine Gallagher); Estelle Frankland (also rep. Caroline Draper); Dawn Butler (also rep. David Butler);Tanya Coupland (also rep. Tim Cattell); Lois Grayson; Natasha Blythin (also rep. Sarah Thomas and Sarah Mattheson); Kayleigh Hughes (also rep. Katherine Hughes); Courtney Brambles; Sophie Jeffrey; Andrew Cox (also rep. Tim and Aee Oxley); Russell Grant; Lynn Gray (also rep. Kevin Gray); Stacey Critchley Emma Watts (also rep. Thaine family); Haley Jones (also rep. The MacMillan teams); Caroline Jones (also rep. Steve, Thomas and Luke, Martin and Jean Ashton, and Claire and Dave Dalby); Carol and Ian Stenton; Julie Chapman; Caroline Fleming; Ashley Connor; Kevin and Nicola North; Darren Spencer (also rep. Rachel Spencer and Jazz clothing); Abbie Ashton; Tracey Paton (also rep. Gary Paton); Nicholas Robinson; Rick Tunney; Rebecca and Christian Hislop (also rep. Paul and Sheila Meech); Anne-Marie Kelly; Pete Gibbs (also rep. Lynn and Nick Gibbs); Hayley and Richard Dainty; Alison Mills (also rep. Shaun Holgeth); Jemma Moody; Donna Thompson (also rep. Rob, Bethany and Reece Thompson); Kevin and Liz Darwood; Paul and Laura Priestley; Wendy and Malc Launder; Margaret and Tony Jones; Olivia Topliss (also rep. Sam Topliss); Rachael Robinson (also rep. Jo Beckett); Jo Topliss (also rep. Dave Topliss, Shed and Tracey Mckay and family, and Helen Spencer); Simon Allenby; Jane Allenby (also rep. Jon Cox); Jennifer Gamble (Alison’s ex teacher at Humberston School); Alex Badger-Young; Allan Young (also rep.Christine Young); Alex McKenzie (also rep. Chloe Taylor and the McKenzie family); Vinnie Thomas (also rep. Mia Champion, and Keith and Vonnie Thomas); Julie, Shaun and George Hawkey; Rod and Brenda Bradley (also rep. Leanne Scianhamea, from the USA); Julian Sephton; Kenneth Laird; Dave and Melanie Blanchard (also rep. Roger Kurz and Jenny Hotson); Rachel Hull (also rep. Richard Hull); Janis Goodwin (also rep. Natalie Oxley and Jim Goodwin); Sarah Bullock; Colin and Susan Black (also rep. David Black); Sophie Cartwright; Christine Harrison (also rep Ian Dickson); Ian McGarrity; Irene Coulson (also rep. James Coulson); Lydia Moore (also rep. Henry Moore) Vicki Collins Pat Hobson; Tracy Stratford;  Liz Carter; Jemma Bullivant; Charlotte Hall (also rep. Dianne Shiplee); Margaret Welsh; Steven Wilde; Charlotte Chaplin; Sue Lamming; Claire Hickling (also rep. Chloe Hickling);  Alison Edwards (also rep. Gillian Kemp); Chris, Suzanne and Harriet Cox (also rep. Bobby, Pauline Cox and Ross Grant); Cath Margetts; Jo Shelton (also rep. James McBride); Bernard Keeble (also rep. Jean and Alison Keeble); Claire Skudder (also rep. Gavin Skudder); Rachael Hawes; Olivia Hawes; Marie Smith (also rep. Tony Smith); Karen Easton (also rep. Bella Easton); Carol Elwood-Clarke (also rep. Bob Clarke and Bev Pattinson Guy Keeble and Clover Matthews); David Sparnon; Owen Sparnon; Kelly Sparnon; Kate Wright; Gerard and Zina Buckle (also rep. Mark Buckle, Lynsey Kerr and Lucy Taylor); Frank Boyd (also rep. Linda Boyd); Janice Foster (also rep. Cate and Les Moore); Martin Fisher (also rep. Ian Moore); Kate and Simon Hewitt (also rep. Bev Middleditch and family); Alison Crossley; Hayley Hargreaves (also rep. Seaview News); James Siddle; Tracy Forster; Valerie Hinchcliff; Kristy Masterson (also rep. Shaun Watson): Angie and Matt Omley (also rep. Debbie and Jim Soady, and Jane and Dave Hill); Joanne Noton; Natalie Smith; Louise Frost (also rep. Simon Lingard and Jon Spencer); Mark Beckett; Rebecca Braithwaite (also rep. the Braithwaite and Haines families); Rachel Hanley (also rep. Stephen Hanley and family); Lisa McAdam; Dawn Coates (also rep.Veronica Newell, Charlie Lavelle and David and Diane Newell); Ian Barratt; Lisa Cruickshank; Maxine Pexman (also rep. Marie Creer and Tracy Sutherland); Trena Kell; Samantha Glendinning (also rep. Marcus Joel Glendinning-Forrester); Merle Piggott; Nigel Black (also rep. Helen Black); Carol Dixon; Kate and Mark Ellis (also rep. Dennis and Janice Duffield); Louise Coulbeck (also rep. Andrew Coulbeck); Della Draper (also rep. Craig, Daniella and Holly Draper); Carl and Roberta Jacklin; Elaine and John Craig; Sally Starkey (also rep. Tommy and Heather Mackay); Sheila Starkey (also rep. the late David Starkey); Jo Hobson (also rep. Tony Ellis and Mandy Hobson); Pat Hobson;  Lisa Mathews;  Lisa Lister; Sarah Lister (also rep. Carol Holmes); Jodie Lofts; Les and Ann Phillipson; Sam Egarr; Joanna Metcalf; Kevin and Tess Doyle; Helen Norris (also rep. Gary Ramsden); Sonya Miles (also rep. Russ Swan); Margaret Walker; Lorna Ross (also rep. Graham Ross); Air Marshall; John and Mary Thompson; Anita Butler; Mandy Butler (also rep Karen and Craig Hales); Linda Butler; Moyra Edwards; Janique Edwards; Beverley Fulcher (also rep. Geoff Fulcher); Nassia Fulcher; Jodie Newman (also rep. Boots Newman); Anna Brown; Steve and Mandy Laister (also rep. Andy and Sally Drakes); Sharon O’Reilly; Julie O’Reilly; Sara Pickett; Lisa Germaney; Amber Germaney; Holly McGrath; Dianne McGrath; Mark Bull; Rod Fletcher (also rep. Humberston School); Angela Allen; Caroline Jack; Bella Cook; Julie Catlyn; Julia Fairfield (also rep. Lee Fairfield); Mel Washington (also rep. Neil Washington); Mike Egarr (also rep. Wendy Egarr); Peter Billam (also rep. June Billam and staff of Betty McKenzies); Ted and Dot Etheridge; Tim and Jenny Mercer; Mark and Tracey Rae (also rep. Lesley and Mark Mosley); Joanne Low (also rep. Nick Low); Mark and Debbie Waumsley (also rep. Andy Cody); Clive Adlard; Barbara Swann; Jo Cowan (also rep. Barnets Hair Salon and Marples Tea Rooms); Danielle Johnson (also rep. Andrew, Mary and Mike Johnson); Lisa Hind; Karen Watkiss; Alan Rutter; Anthony McGrath and Andrea Revell; Russell and Helen Simmons; Sue and Glenn Lepley; Elaine Cook; Lucy Cook; Natalie Cartwright (also rep. Ian, Ellis and Harvey, also Steve and Kelly Bell); Katie Smith; Jenny Tiffney; Debbie Cutler (also rep. Darren Cutler); Sarah and John Ireland;  Helen Riley (also rep. Mark); Georgia and Amber Riley; Angela Docherty (also rep. Irene Harris and Charlie Docherty); Stacie Barnsley (also rep. Alistair Barnsley); George Farr; Jayne Tumber (also rep. Holly Tumber and Value For Money); Claire Howe (also rep. Adrian and Grace Howe); Lee Brennan-Wood; Ellis Wood (also rep. Andy Wood); Maria Meenaghan; Jackie Meenaghan; Zowie Fussey; Pam Swithenbank; Hollie Gale; Lucy Brown; Abigail Burgess; Paul and Beverley Green; Sean Johannsen; Mick Guntrip; Rob and Marion Braithwaite (also rep. Jen and Chris Holt, and Katherine Braithwaite); Simon and Nicola Parkin; Denver and Vicky Jacklin; Jackie Woods; Emily Woods; Richard and Caroline Cook; Jo Peart; Julie Smith (also rep. Nigel Smith); Josie Hallam; Karen Fowler (also rep. Mick Fowler and Carley Rawcliffe); Wayne and Helen Pawson; Sam Sutton; Debbie Brooks (also rep. Sarah Smith); Jayne Stephenson (also rep. Emily Stephenson and Chris Wood); Jayne Fytche; Sarah Davy; Lynne and Eric Sorensen; Ian and Susan Redfern; Mark and Kate Appleyard; Neil Tague; Dave and Lisa Collins (also rep.Lewis and Daniel); Sally Lumby (also rep. Fred, Ed and Archie, Oasis Academy Wintringham); Beckie Doughty (also rep. Toni Hunter); Claire and Jamie Freer: Marie Moore; Jim Altoft (also rep. Capital Collection and Oscars); Rene Darnell (also rep. Henri Beene); Pete Anset; Paul Tisdswell; Andrew Starkey; Nigel Eve (also rep. Adele Eve and Susan, and Andrew Bates); Richard Smith; Liz Taylor (also rep. Yvonne Wade and Alicia Taylor);Jeff Neller; John Wickman (also rep. Lesley and Natasha Wickman); Dawn White; Tracey Wood; Jocelyn and Chris Moore (also rep. Steven and Kate Jones); Michael and Pat Lister; Craig and Liz Hunt; Yvonne Heath (also rep. Robbie); Anne Robinson; Kirstie Blackburn (also rep. Andrew); Rachel Holmes; Alanagh Holmes; Helen, Bill and Sam Heeley; Abbey Burlison; Molly Abernechie; Stuart and Debbie Cox; Dennis Graves (also rep. Warvills); Amy Maxwell (also rep. Glen); Kate Maxwell (also rep. Stuart); Brett Smith; Jo and Pete Dannatt (also rep. Donna Boston, Lisa Stansfield and Guy, Clare and Dawn Glaves); Carole and Paul Hadfield (also rep. Lynne Gammon); Sonya Malone (also rep. the Malone family); Sandra Bojen-Taylor; Faye Saunt; Shirley Clennett; Ryan and Mave Ellis; Gary and Lisa Kerr; Niko and Lynsey Constantinides (also rep. Sally Riley); Jo Turner (also rep. Sara Venney); Owen and Julie Cherrell; Ian and Julie Button (also rep. Marlene Button); Anna Darnell (also rep. John Goughan); Martin and Donna Crossley (also rep. Alan Armour); Ann Shepherd (also rep. Mandy and Katy Kellett, and Clare Hewstone); Jane Prest; Georgia Prest; Sarah Myers; Alex Loughborough; Jane Powell (also rep. Trev Powell, also Sheryl Lever and Tracey Brown); Karen Stephenson; Christopher and Lynn Allott (also rep. Steve and Kay DeHalle).

Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.

Thomas Edward ‘Tom’ SMITH

Thomas SmithPat and her family wish to express a sincere thank you to all relatives, friends and neighbours for the kind messages of sympathy, cards, beautiful floral tributes and generous donations to Alzheimer’s Research UK and Prostate Cancer UK. A special thank you to Karen, Sarah and Neil of the I.T.U. Diana Princess of Wales Hospital for their care and support of Tom. To Rev Laurence Price for his lovely caring service, to The Royal British Legion, Waltham for their hospitality. To Julie and Lisa for their excellent buffet and finally to Simon and all the Sentiments team for their care, kindness and professional arrangements.

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