Pre-Paid Funeral Bonds

Worried about funeral costs?

Our pre-paid funeral plans will help

When we look into the future, we realise the importance of preparing for the time when we are no longer here. Most of us want reassurance that everything will be taken care of when the time comes, and we would like to think that we could reduce the burden to our loved ones. The funeral pre-need plans have been designed with this is mind. They offer either pre-set plans or you can tailor make your own plan to suit your individual needs. Pay for your own funeral at today’s prices in one payment or monthly installments. There are no hidden extras, no medical is required and there is no age limit.

Prepaying now will save you, your family or your estate a great deal of money. Bought now at today’s prices, every detail is guaranteed no matter when it is needed. There is also no need to worry about the safety of any monies paid, as we use a company called “Golden Charter”, who will set up a secure, independently managed trust for your funeral plan.

Why Pay Now?
The cost of funerals have historically increased above the normal levels of inflation and this is a theme that is predicted to continue. A funeral costing just £1,295.00 ten years ago, would cost nearer £3,500.00 now. It is impossible to say what that cost might be in five or ten years time. What is certain is, with the help of Sentiments Funeral Home a plan bought now at today’s prices or paid for in convenient monthly instalments will guarantee you the quality of service expected whilst ensuring peace of mind in respect of your planned wishes.

To choose a plan at the level of service you require please fill in your name and address below to receive a free information pack. You can visit the Golden Charter website at

“My Choice” Funeral Arrangements

A free, comprehensive funeral planning service

Most people would like to have a say in the way that their funeral is carried out after they have gone, and most families would be grateful for the removal of “wondering what they would have wanted” at a time that is stressful enough already.

What We Do
Sentiments solve the problem by providing a straight forward but comprehensive funeral pre-planning service “My Choice” absolutely free of charge. The eventual cost of the funeral would be met by the family at the time of need, but the actual arrangements are pre-determined by you.

How It Works
Sentiments staff will sensitively and expertly sit down and guide you through the arrangement form and write down all your planned wishes. This enables you to consider now what sort of arrangements, ceremony, tributes, flowers, donations contributions and many other aspects of your funeral you would like to pre-determine. If these things are unplanned they can cause a great deal of additional uncertainty and distress to your loved ones at a time when they least need it. There is no need to pay for your funeral now, and Sentiments will supply you with the certificates which you can hand out to your family and friends so they know who to contact when the time comes. Of course, if you wish, you can pay some money towards these arrangements and that money will be kept safe and then put towards the cost of your funeral when the time of need occurs.

Special Offer Voucher

Get £75.00 off a funeral bond with our special offer voucher below. Please print it off and bring it to one of our Sentiment Funeral Homes or post to us to redeem your voucher.

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Bond Voucher


Please note: Only one voucher can be used per household.

Time to plan?
We are here to help and only a phone call away 24 hours a day. Call (01472) 242783/601498 serving Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding villages.

“Say goodbye the way you want to”

Guaranteed Protection against the rising costs of funerals will give you peace of mind.
For a full information pack, please fill in and submit.

Guaranteed Protection against the rising costs of funerals will give you peace of mind. For a full information pack, please fill in and submit.